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{ THEATRE Hanging On Your Every

Wor *** How to survive suicide

Sitting cross-legged in an intimate theatre watching a series of set pieces about suicide may not strike you as light entertainment, but writer/director Suze Allen's play isn't all doom and gloom. In the aftermath of her real-life lover's death, Allen set up discussions, interVIews and art projects with suicide survivors and sufferers of depression, upon which she based her work. Performed With no room for mawkish sentiment, Hanging. . . powerfully portrays the myriad faces of depression. With only one problem: you don't sing about suicide. Especially not musical numbers reminiscent of OliVia Newton John mourning the loss of her Summer Love. Very strange, but thankfully not enough to totally blow it. (Betty Offerman)

5.: Hanging On Your Every Word (Fringe) California Travel Troupe,

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mixture of ethereal music 1.‘ and drum & bass, the cast manage to i go some way to conveying the terror and disorientation suffered during a plane crash. They also tackle the subject of cannibalism with humour and verve. Unsettling and grotesquely comic. (Dawn Kofie) u The Ballad Of Bobby Francois (Fringe) Shunt, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 28 Aug (not Tue) 2.30pm, f7_50/£8.50 Sarah McGuinness proves she's not all (f6 50/f7_ 50). front in Whacked!