Five thingsto do in Edinburgh Boothby Graffoe

See Steve Frost . . . loads He wasn’t coming to Edinburgh in June and now he’s domg three different shows, and he can easily be found at the bar of Bannerman’s most nights too.

See Owen O'Neill I saw Shouting From The Scaffold a few years ago, which was one of the best things I'd ever seen, and his new one, It Was Henry Fonda ’5 Fault will be undoubtedly as good. Enjoy a full-length comedy set On the circuit in London you see so many comedians performing twenty-minute sets. In Edinburgh they get an hour so you have a chance to see them develop and try a variety of material. It's a real test for them but more rewarding for the punters.

Lose money In order for so many of the venues to survrve they have to skimp on what they pay comedians. So it usually ends up

perfect festival

with many comedians losing money to play. It’s a depressing situation but it’s the only way to do it sometimes.

Streaking It’s a great place to see people exposing themselves. Inevitably, there’ll be a streaker somewhere. I saw one in the

Gilded Balloon bar and it’s tiny.

I The Boothby Graffoe Show (Fringe) Gilded Balloon ( Venue 38) 226 2757, 74—26 Aug, 70.75pm, f9 (f8).

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THE LIST IS not just reporting on the shows but starring in them too. We're sponsoring three events in the Edinburgh International Book Festival: Jeff Noon and David Toop will be in conversation with music editor Mark Robertson (Monday 14 August, 8pm), A Night With 007 comes with our blessing

Jeff Noon

(Sunday 13 August, 8pm), and Irvine Welsh and Niall Griffiths will be chatting to books editor Brian Donaldson (Tuesday 22 August, 8.30pm). Editor Mark Fisher will also be at the Book Festival with David Edgar (Sunday 27 August, noon), as well as joining in the Culture Wars debate at The Art Of Criticism at the Fringe Club (Saturday 12 August, noon). Later that day, theatre editor Steve Cramer will be on the Culture Wars panel discussing Critics Versus Performers (Saturday 12 August, 2.30pm). We're also sponsoring the surprise movie in the Edinburgh International Film Festival (UGC, Tuesday 22 August, 10pm).


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11am noon 1pm

Shirin Neshat Fruitmarket Gallery Video installation about Muslim societies

The Bogus Woman

Traverse African journalist seeks asylum

Paul Klee Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art Paul Klee paintings from the Burgi Collection

Three Dark Tales Assembly Rooms

Funny, tragic, slapstick and dance


Norman Mailer Charlotte Square Gardens Pulitzer Prize-winner reads from his work


Norman Mailer _

Schumann songs Queen’s Hall (EIF) Chamber music from top musicians


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