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2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm

Soft B0

The Stan

Growing pains from first- hand experience


6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm

AutoBoosh Pleasance Masters of the surreal


Further Than The Furthest Thing Traverse Award-winning island escape drama

Breathtaking The Bicycle Bridge Edinburgh's Garden Pleasance

Party Comic tragedy of a Bock and Vincenzi’s CW Ullder 59’99

dance fantasy for tots

> . The Bicycle Bridge

Abandonment Traverse Theatre Star-laden comedy ghost story

Arthur Smith Sings , Leonard Cohen Pleasance

He probably doesn’t

No.2 Assembly Rooms Aussie family life


See pages 31—37 See pages 39-44

The King Of Scotland Assembly Rooms

Theatre Babel ’5 Brian Pettifer does Gogol


Moon Unit Zappa Charlotte Square Gardens Frank’s daughter reads from her debut novel

Naked For Dinner

298 Walker Street Alive Come as you are for dinner in the dark


Creepin Bent Presents The Liqui Room Glasgow indie label night

M’ N

A Night With 007 Charlotte Square Gardens James Bond chat, quiz and sounds with The List

Jeff Noon and David Toop Charlotte Square

sponsored by The List


Hopeless Games Ross Noble Komedia @ Southside Gilded Balloon Freewheeling merriment

Nightmare tangos and ghost sonatas


Jerry Sadowitz Assembly Rooms Genius magic and comedy


Don Juan Royal Lyceum Mats E k does Mo/iere in EIF

See pages 47 54 See pages 57—63

tom 11

Turbozone a i'. Presents Cinderella

International At The Quad ‘1 Fearful fairytale '

The Ring/Ring 2 Cameo right

First two parts of Gardens lapanese horror film -: .. Cult novelists in a talk trilogy

m midnightlam

The Donkey Show

The Donkey Show Pleasance

Disco Shakespeare without the words

Scarlet Stories Scarlet Assembly Rooms Stories Sultry musical cabaret with Caroline Nin


Electric Bo ey La Belle Ange e Glasgow's lengaheads with Adam Free/and

See pages 65—70

10-1 7 Aug 2000 THE lIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 3