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Shakti '

- IIIB Woman in the nunes 0-20 Aug 20:30 [21:30]

0-28 Aug 12 noon [12:50] 07 [£0]

Dramatic movements and powerful footwork. Dance of the Gods.

6-28 Aug [nun]

Dhyanis with her troupe of 8 beautiful dancers put on a show of high energy dancing revealing the secrets and passion of belly dance. An evening of sheer excitement and exhilaration!


Based on the novel by Kobo Abe. Original music by Steven Severin. An existential surrealistic piece depicting the concept of survival. love. and death taking place in the sand dunes of the mind. A dance that challenges the perceptions of eros and ecstacy.

Venue 81. Grindlay Court: Centre

Grindlay Street Court Box Office 0131 221 9009

10—17 Aug 2000 THE llST FESTIVAL GUIDE 55