Scary: Bertrand's Toys

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'It sounds like it will be thoroughly disgusting.’ Edinburgh Tory Councillor Daphne Sleigh fails to get excited at the thought of Puppetry Of The Pen/s.

Toy b oys Which is the most frightening theatre company in Edinburgh? The competition can hardly be tough. We wouldn't fancy meeting Steven Berkoff on a dark night and the Riot always been the Group can probably look , g I .. g _ . ._ , poor sister, and it's time we after themselves, but we , ' ' 3- ' I n ' I 9'9‘" "p" reckon the rest are a rather ' ': " V . Faith Liddell on the Book

. . Festival's position in the benign lot. So watch out for _, .fl .7...“ ’f grand scheme of things blackSKYwhite Teatr, an " “" outfit from Russia that claims to be 'the most frightening theatre in Moscow' . . . and Moscow can be a pretty frightening place. It’s performing a ‘dance-macabre’ called Bertrand’s Toys from Monday 14 August as part of the Demarco European Art Foundation programme under the aegis of Rocket Productions.

’Don’t Give Up On Us Baby is a great song. That's why you hear it in elevators.’ Davrd Soul keeps the faith in his pop career.

‘He would be close to being a rock 'n' roller with groupies.’

Steven Berkoff’s

take on Christ in

Steven Berkoff "=4 Mess/ah.

‘I went into the \ ,- Pleasance and it

was exactly how I imagined it would

be. It was like a

Wild West war.’

Lee Hurst shares his Festival fear. k

Three nights and three Cheers for

George Wendt

High on laughter

During the Festival, 'charidee doos' are ten a penny, but all worthwhile. Turning Point, one of Scotland’s leading drugs and alcohol rehab groups, is one such organisation that hopes to reap the rewards of three nights at the Queen’s Hall (15—17 Aug, 10pm, flO/le) packed with top stand- up types. The bill is headed by US comedy legend George

Wendt, better known as Norm from Cheers, with Rich Hall, Steve Frost, Zach

Galinafikas, Steve

Alan Green, plus special surprise

guests in support.

Eric Bana gets to the point

Filmfest gets chop

A last minute addition to the Film Festival’s programme is likely to be its most controversial film. Chopper (Cameo 1, 21 Aug, 10.30pm, 26 Aug, 8pm) stars Eric Bana, one of Australia’s best known comedians, as the infamous ex-criminal and underworld executioner Mark Brandon 'Chopper’ Read (it’s not difficult to imagine where the nickname comes from). Festival director Lizzie Franke describes Chopper as, 'a Mad Max for the 21st century’. Be warned..