101 Rekyavik Cameo 73 3 Dark Tales

Generally Better Productions 2, 25 666 Yllana 65, 69 A Brief History Of Errol Morris Filmhouse 72

A Little Bit Of French Monique 69 A Millennium Measure Of Measure For Measure Seige Perilous Proiect 61 A Woman In Waiting

Assembly Rooms 31, 33 Abandonment Traverse Theatre Company 3, 47, 50

The Adding Machine Carnegie

Mellon University And Queen Margaret UniverSity College 52 Alcina Stuttgart State Opera 48 All That Mullarkey Neil Mullarkey 44 Almost Forever But

Sally Vaughan and Richard Jordan 34 Alone It Stands Yew Tree Theatre 52 Alphonse Mucha - Master of Art

Nouveau City Art Centre 79 Amazonia, or Guard No 8

Kamchatka Theatre 39 American Eagle 2000 Carpe Diem 44 Anatomie Cameo 77 Andrew Maxwell Real Talent 67

Angels Of The Universe Filmhouse 76 Arnold Kohen On East Timor Charlotte Square Gardens 50 Attic - Memories Locked Safely Away No Limits Theatre Company 58 Audition Filmhouse 77 AutoBoosh Pleasance 3, 54 The Ballad Of Bobby Francois

Shunt 36 Barbaric Comedies Abbey Theatre 47

Barry Cabanas The Liquid Room 87, 88 Bernie And Clive

Cartoon De Salvo 42 The Bicycle Bridge

Reject's Revenge Theatre 3, 39. 42 Bill Bailey Assembly Rooms 65 Birth Rite Pleasance 47, 54 Bliss Gilded Balloon 31, 34 Blue Grassy Knoll 8. Buster Keaton On The Big Screen

Club Pleasance @ Potterow 39 Blues In The Night

Trinity MUSIC Theatre Group 67 Bob Doolally: A Life In Football

The Stand Comedy Club 53

The Bogus Woman Traverse 2, 39, 40 Boom Chicago Is Watching

Pleasance 50 Boothby Graffoe Gilded Balloon 2, 65 The Bootlegs

The Gilded Balloon Tailor’s Hall 40 Brendon Burns Pleasance 66 Bye Bye, Bunty

Eager Beaver Productions 28 Caesar's Park Filmhouse 76 Caroline Nin - Scarlett Stories Assembly Rooms 66 Caryl Phillips Studio Theatre 40 ChagalChagal

Belarus State Theatre 66 Changeling Rooms C 25, 26 Children's Book Round-up

Charlotte Square Gardens 26 Cirkeline Ost & Kaerlighed

Lumiere 76 Clean Unlimited Theatre 28 The Cleveland Orchestra

Usher Hall 58


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Comprehensive listings of everything from kids to clubs


Glasgow Green: Festival In The} City Teenage Fanclub . . . Oasis . . . Stereophonics

Connections 2000

Royal Scottish Academy 80 County Kilburn Cameo 72 Creeping Bent Presents

The Liquid Room 3, 48 The Cuban Brothers

Gilded Balloon’s Cave 65 Dancer In The Dark ABC 12, 71 Dara O'Briain Gilded Balloon 63 Dave Gorman - Are You Dave Gorman? Pleasance 53 De Grote Vakantie (The Long Holiday) Filmhouse 72

Decky Does A Bronco Grid Iron 52 The Devil's Thoughts

Hole In The Ground 28 The Dirty Nans Pleasance 53 Don Juan

Royal Dramatic Theatre 3,16 The Donkey Show

Club Pleasance @ Potterow 3, 47, 50 Dracula’s Foot And Other

Objects Not Normally Found

In A Hamper Start Again 16, 69

Dream At The End Of The World

TQTleA 65, 69 Dream Date Gilded Balloon 33 Edinburgh On The Rack:

The New Architecture RIAS 80

El Pez En AI Asfalto Danzabierta 53 Electric Bogie La Belle Angele 3, 87 Elizabeth Blackadder: Paintings, Prints And Watercolours

1955-2000 Talbot Rice Gallery 80 The English American

Assembly Rooms 48 The Erpingham Camp Assembly Rooms 39


“Glasgow - Terence Da es

Anderson in Ho - Of

ed in


ooks film a t clubs

Esther Freud

Charlotte Square Gardens 33 Eva Meier Assembly Rooms 67 Families Film Section

Various Venues 28 Fool For Love Scottish International At Dynamic Earth 20 For What We Are About To Receive Brunton Theatre Company 48 Four Little Plays Called Rape

Rank Taxi 31 Fourplay The Other Tongue 40 Further Than The Furthest Thing Traverse 3, 33 Gaea Girls Filmhouse 77 The Gimmick nva organisation 68 Girlfight Cameo 71 Gohatto Filmhouse 72 Golden TeViot Row Union 87 Goodbye Desdemona

Indian Shakespeare Company 54 Graft Komedia @ Southside 47, 53

Greg Proops Assembly Rooms 68 Hanging On Your Every Word

California Travel 36 Have-A-Go-Hero cpa@uwe 68 Headspin The Bongo Club 87 Hidden Whisper Filmhouse 72 Hopeless Games Do-Theatre 3. 52 I Love (080) Filmhouse 76 It Was Henry Fonda's Fault

Owen O'Neil! 58 Jason Byrne Pleasance 62 The Jaundiced Eye Filmhouse 72 Jeff Green Assembly Rooms 60

Jeff Noon And David Toop Charlotte Square Gardens