Guide to the world's biggest arts festival Thursday 24 August—Saturday 2 September 2000

2 Ten Perfect Festival Days We tell you the shows you'd be mad to miss.

70 Festival Freeloaders Free tickets and two-for-the-price-of-one offers for top shows Including Late ’n’ Lrve, Ian Brown and Picasso’s Women.

8 The Boosh We fund the finest, hippest double act since the heyday of Vrc 'n’ Bob teetering on the brrnk of greatness

10 Comedy Debate We brrng together a clutch of the Fringe’s funnrest folks to dlSCUSS the bug Issues: awards, reviewers, and the aesthetics of plants.

14 Nederlands Dans Theater NDT flies in all three of Its drvisrons and gets them on the same stage as one of the world’s best orchestras and frnest conduct0rs.

16 Hamlet

Peter Zadek chose Angela Wrnkler to play Shakespeare’s doomy Dane, and Wrnkler sought mspiratron from a flock of geese.

18 Paul Verhoeven

We see how Hollow Man matches up to the Dutch director’s classic sfx blockbusters.

72 John Fardell

Getting drawn on the subject of comedy.

The Llst goes on

Our main magazine features Peter

Mullah, Robert Carlyle, Christopher Brookmyre and full 15-day listings.

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