for the Book Festival, J.K. Rowling, who took the top award, the Archangel. The Scotsman’s second

batch of Fringe First awards for new

drama went to Too

Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind performed by Neo-Futurists, Decky Does A Bronco by Grid Iron, Chagal Chagal by the Belarus State Theatre (run

2 rue usr rssnvu euro: 24 Aug—2


Five things to do in Edinburgh

LiZZie Francke

Andras Schifl International Festival

I have a strong love of Bach, and Andras

Schiff’s late night concerts are perfect

relaxation for clearing my mind.

Barbaric Comedies - International

Festival Cinematographer Darius Khondji

was very keen to see this classic adaptation

so we took the opportunity of his visit to

the Film Festival to see if it lived up to the

controversy it does.

Paul Verhoeven Reel Lite - Film Festival

Verhoeven is a strange contradiction: a

European arthouse intellectual who makes effects-laden blockbuster Hollywood movies. The masterclass is promising to be hilarious and illuminating.

Sean Loclr - Festival Fringe Very, very funny comedian: another good method of coping with Festival stress.

Priorite A Gauche - Festival Fringe Ironic French rappers: preparation for my post Festival French getaway holiday.

I Lizzie Francke is director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

First among angels

All four Edinburgh festivals scooped Hera/d Angel awards this week: Billy Elliot (Film), the Dionisotti (Further Than The dancers of the New York City Ballet and Don Juan (both International and both run-

Night) and Jeroem Willems (Kindling), Catherine Kirk (For

Sami (No. 2); and for best

Barretts Of Wimpo/e Street,

Steven Berkoff. And one of the Festival's most sought- after awards, the Perrier, is due to be announced at midnight on Saturday 26 August. The Stage Awards For M?

Acting Excellence will be ("mun 5"“ “‘3 announced on Sunday

27 August. The nominations for best actor are: Greig Coetzee (White Men With Weapons), George Dillon (Graft), Wiina Msamati (Twelfth

ended) and Messiah by

rfect stival

(Voices); for best actress: Paola Furthest Thing), Lynn Ferguson The Love Of George), Georgina ended), Sean Lock (Fringe) and Lamb (ls/and), Jules Leyser (All Words For Sex) and Madeleine ensemble: Wolverine Dream, The Messiah, Decky

Does A Bronco and Lovep/ay.

amused the teen! from the Ilerald

The List's hits i

9am 10am 1 1am

Splendour , Messiah (Scenes From A _‘ ~' Crucifixion) f Assembly Rooms


0 Cano Dynamic faith 1 Brazilian (ITCUS Wlih

Circo Teatro Udr Grudi

\Q m 5....

Queen's Hall


The Private Klee

Outstanding collection of 20th century master

Men Of The Clyde National Portrait Gallery


Queen’s Hall

Queen's Hall

See pages 21—22

noon 1pm

Steven Berkoff takes on Christianity


Splendour Traverse

Paines Plough ’s satire on dictatorship

Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake

Tenor and pianist do Mahler and


National Gallery Of Modern Art

Stanley Spencer's paintings of Port

Zehetmair Quartet

Thomas Zehetmair does Mozart and Schumann


Vienna Sextet

Sabine Meyer plays Brahms and Schoenberg