6 8 foffiv.l KOMEDIA@SO IHSIDE ‘l ' :- . P'“' 0131 667 2212 , . . , 4th—27th .. 6309'“ MI“ g i i in his career, when he was more of hardcore fans will lap this up, but 9 mt -' - mature as a composer, it really is some this show won't be winning him any 3" -. \‘35; ‘3‘ '5 of his most inspiring music.’ (Carol new ones. (Olly Lassman) j’ r j" I ' Main) I Arnold Brown (Fringe) The Stand ; - ' _ L ' i I Genoveva (International) King’s (Venue 5) 558 7272, until 27 Aug, r ' L p a 9 Theatre, 37 Aug 8 2 Sep, 7. 75pm, 7.45pm, £6 ([5). p B £5—f50.\ Au _____ _ __ MUSIC PREVIEW THEATRE Deftones Cookin' ***** US angst rockers make rare visit e Culinary comedy, kung-fu style In the quagmire that is the US rock/ are . k . I“ \ Giving chop sockey a whole new alternative music, few manage to SummerSklll I I meaning, the Cookin’ crew combine define themselves and their music - . percussion, slapstick comedy, martial enough to truly stand out. While Limp i I t . arts and culinary skills to create a high- Bizkit and Slipknot are swiftly energy show which is pure exhilaration becoming caricatures of their former from beginning to end. The four selves, Deftones remain a credible " ’i I , Korean chefs use knives, bottles, chop alternative. ' I" (5’ °' ' i sticks and assorted other kitchen Declaring Radiohead, Joy Division and . ' i 7 I utensils to create their pumping Mogwai as among their musical The L'fe rhythms, and this is backed up by a influences and even indulging in the & Loves Of a soundtrack and lighting effects worthy odd idiosyncratic cover version (a . o _f 5 I of a major rock gig. Their feats of co- poker-straight take on Sade's ’No London Lesb'an ordination are incredible to watch; the Ordinary Love’ anyone?) Deftones are plate-throwing sequence is particularly unafraid to fly in the face of rock “unorthOdox & r impressive. Spectacular doesn’t even fashion. Their weighty but dynamic uninhibit ”_ I, come close to describing this show; it’s sound has become fully developed and The “dependent .5; A an experience not to be missed. their musical scope broadened on their ' J, (Kirsty Knaggs) most recent release White Pony and is 4.. l Cookin’ (Fringe) Assembly Rooms further augmented by frontman/head (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 28 Aug, honcho Chino Moreno's sensational . 6.30pm, {IO/£72.50 (f9/f70). vocal musings. From a whisper, to a “A LeSb'an , soaring note, to a scream, Moreno’s Victoria w _ COMEDY vocals are a compelling hook; his , H Rad. 4 Arno“ Brown ** contemplative lyrical stance, . womans out! '0 .k I No new tricks from veteran comic refreshingly out of step with his I Scotfishpower Learning . Perrier Award wmner and stand-up supposed macho rock contemporaries. ‘7‘ stalwart, Arnold Brown presents some Their visit to T on the Fringe this year is 'brand new material', which, although only their second British show in three perhaps cutting edge compared to old years, live, they cannot fail to compel. Arnold, could seem a wee bit out-of- Miss at your peril. (Mark Robertson) touch to the rest of the modern world. I Deftones (Fringe) T on the Fringe, Admittedly, Brown’s finely honed Corn Exchange, 0747 339 8383, 28 Charlton Heston-style mannerisms Aug, 7.30pm, £72.50. make for some funny moments, but too often just come off as slightly smug. Timing, m t as you’d expect of someone so long . in the business, ust a perfect, but Brown's

suffers from a lack of refreshing ideas. Brown’s sizable conUngent

‘4 routine I. ~ 1 ultimately ; . s O O C . ' » :i


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24 Aug—2 Sep 2000 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 39