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Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by venue. Festival art listings compiled by Helen Mona han. Please note that many Edinburg galleries and museums will revert back to their normal opening times after the festival.



76 Henderson Row, 557 3978. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Clay 2000 Until Sat 2 Sep. A selling exhibition of ceramics by resident makers.


19a Leopold Place, London Road, 652 3893. Mon—Sat 11am—5pm.

Further Tales At The Edge Until Sat 26 Aug. Paintings and sculptures by three artists Amiten, Keli and Samvado who are part of a new movement of Meditative Art.

ART EDINBURGH MAINHILL GALLERY 203 Dundas Street, 557 5002. Mon—Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am—4 m.

Both Sides Of The Bor er Until Sat 2 Sep. A mixed exhibition of contemporary paintings and ceramics.


26 Bridge Street, Musselburgh, 665 8473. Mon—Sat 11am—5pm; Sun noon-4pm.

Elements Until 26 Aug. Paintings by Lynne Roberts inspired by natural elements and plant life and paintings by Karen Kirkwood based on an investigation of the physical sciences and cosmology in particular.

Kirkcudbright: One Hundred Years Of An Artist's Colony Until Tue 29 Aug. Paintings and watercolours by artists working in Galloway between 1850 and 1950, featuring the work of the Faed family and the group of landscape painters who colonised the town of Kirkcudbright at the tum of the century. Alexander and Patrick Nasmyth Until Fri 15 Sep. Studies, sketches and working drawings by Alexander and Patrick Nasmyth including a series of pencil drawings by Alexander Nasmyth for the Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott.

William Plumptre. Nick Caiger-Smith and Vanessa Pooley Until Sat 16 Sep. Ceramics.


29 Haddington Place, 652 3880. Mon—Fri 7.30am—6pm; Sat 9.30am—5pm.

Retro Active Vessels Until Wed 30 Aug. Ceramic vessels by Tamur Ghaznavi.


10 Royal Terrace, 556 1010. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—lpm.

21st Festival Exhibition Until Sat 9 Sep. A mixed show of work featuring paintings by George Leslie Hunter, Patrick William Adam, William Alfred Gibson, George Houston, John Maclauchlan Milne and Sir William MacTaggart.


77 Clerk Street, 622 7236. Mon—Sat noon—1am; Sun 12.30pm—1am.

Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of Gothic art including sculpture, drawing, photography and paintings by local artists.


Ewan Mundy Fine Art and the Scottish Gallery at Atelier, 29 Howe Street, 558 1962. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

The Scottish Colourists Until Sat 26 Aug. Glasgow’s Ewan Mundy Fine Art and Edinburgh’s Scottish Gallery present an exhibition of works by the Scottish Colourists: Peploe, Fergusson, Cadell and Hunter.

Festival Exhibition Sun 27 Aug—Mon 4 Sep. The Riverside Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by Scottish artists.


4 Bellevue Crescent, 557 1663. Tue—Sat noon-6pm.

Mass Until Sat 2 Sep. Fred Crayk turns his attention to the human form with a series of new paintings. His previous studies of landscapes and still life challenged attitudes of artistic and social conventions. See review.


42—44 Cockbum Street, 226 6636. Tue—Sat 10am-6pm; Sun—Mon noon—5pm.

Ian Biggar: Landscapes Until Thu 31 Aug. Black and white photographs by Ian Biggar capturing the landscapes of North America, New Zealand and Britain.


1 Barony Street, 556 2788. Mon—Fri Ham—11.30pm; Sat & Sun 9—12.30am. Natural Allies 'Emergence' Until Sun 3 Sep. Multimedia art and sculpture by Robert I Adam (Riah) produced as part of various projects within HIV organisations in an effort to raise awareness.


6 Dundas Street, 557 4050. Mon—Fri lOam—6pm; Sat 11am—4pm.

Marie R Until Sat 26 Aug. New commissioned work of Mary Queen of Scots by leading Scottish, English and French artists and sculptors including John Bellany, Stephen Campbell, Marj Bond and John Houston.


George IV Bridge, 225 5584. Mon—Thu l0am—8pm; Fri 1(lam—5pm; Sat

9am-l m.

Nine Lives Until Thu 31 Aug. Contemporary artworks by nine local artists.


2 Market Street, 529 3993. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm. Admission to all three exhibitions: £4 (£2.50); season tickets £7.50; family ticket £9. Photographs By Snowdon: A Retrospective Until Sat 30 Sep. The City Art Centre is the first gallery outside London to stage this major retrospective of photographs by Lord Snowdon. Born Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong- Jones in 1930, he is best known for his portrait photography. Working for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Life, he also produced documentary work for The Sunday Times. Famous faces included in the show include the first 1957 official portrait of the Queen. Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, David Hockney and John Bellany. Alphonse Mucha - Master Of Art Nouveau Until Sat 30 Sep. A major retrospective of the work of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860—1939) whose work epitomised the Art Nouveau movement. The exhibition includes pastels, oils, drawings, jewellery and photography as well as decorative panels and poster art.

Richard Demarco - 70I2000: The Road To Meikle Seggie Until Sat 30 Sep. A celebration of the career of Edinburgh- based artist Richard Demarco on his 70th birthday. His career as a gallery director, entrepreneur and philosopher is illustrated with photographs from the Demarco Archive along with the work of over 70 artists including Joseph Beuys, Ian Hamilton Finlay and David Mach. Sea Change Until Sat 30 Sep. Paintings by William McTaggart (1835—1910) and John Bellany (b1942). drawn from the City of Edinburgh‘s fine art collection. Both artists, although separated by 100 years. share a fascination with the sea.


22—28 Cockbum Street, 220 1260. Tue—Sat 11am—6pm; Sun 1—5pm.

John, I'm Only Dancing Until Sun 3 Sep. Michael Curran, Gillian Wearing, Chad McCail, Jeremy Akerman, Laura Bruce, Andrew Mackenzie, Eliza Gilchrist and Frederik Pedersen are among the international line-up of artists taking part in the gallery’s festival exhibition. Working in a range of media including painting, sculpture, video, sound installation and performance, the show focuses on the term ‘embarrassment’ and how artists creatively respond to this state of being.


317—319 Cowgate, 558 7130. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm.

Modern Shopping For The Home Until Sat 2 Sep. The Cowgatc’s newest retail outlet features a range of furniture, lighting, floor covering, textiles and glassware by designers. For the Festival, new collections by designers Alasdair Gall, Concrete Butterfly, Fiona McIntosh and Tessuti will be on show.


1 Hanover Street, 226 4814 and 35 Shandwick Place, 221 9306. Mon—Sat 8am—8pm; Sun 10am—6pm.

Kate Millar Until Mon 30 Oct. Drawings and paintings by Kate Millar (Edinburgh College ofArt).


88 Hanover Street, 220 4403. Mon—Sat 10am—10pm; Sun noon—7 m. Drawings Of Life Until Fri 8 Sep. New work by Katie Bradshaw, a third year student at Edinburgh College of Art.


3 Doune Terrace, 225 7189. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

Merete Barker: The City As Image Red City. Black City Until Fri 15 Sep. Continuing the Institute’s series of exhibitions on the theme of the city, artist Merete Barker presents fourteen photo collages entitled From Near And Far and new paintings including Red City. Black City which was created this year after a visit to India. See review.


at Marie Curie House, 29 Albany Street, 478 7050. Mon$at 10am—5pm; Sun 1—5pm.

Geoffrey Roper Until Sun 3 Sep. Launching this new gallery named after the late Sir David Young, former chairman of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Scottish Committee, new paintings by Geoffrey Roper.


Belford Road, 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5 m. Cafe. Salvador Dali's Optica Illusions Until Sun 1 Oct. £4 (£3); joint with Klee £6 (£4.50). Edinburgh plays host to the only European venue to stage this remarkable exhibition of some 70 major works by the eccentric Surrealist Spanish painter, Salvador Dali. Inspired by dreams, hallucinations and other unconscious forces, the exhibition concentrates on his lifelong fascination with illusion, visual perception and distortion. paying particular attention to Dali’s technique of creating ‘double-images’.


27 Oueensferry Street. 220 4150. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm; Sun noon—4pm.

Red Earth, Blue Sea: Judith Bridgland Until Tue 29 Aug. New paintings by Australian-born artist Judith Bridgland.

DOLLS AT THE BLUE MOON CAFE 36 Broughton Street, 476 2699. Daily noon—1am.

Building A Body Until Mon 4 Sep. Photographs by Rachel Connelly.


6a Dundas Street, 558 9363. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat lOam—lpm.

Sophie MacPherson Until Sat 26 Aug. Landscape and marine paintings.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place, 221 6000. Daily 10am—5pm.

Abigail O'Brien and Mary Kelly Until Sat 26 Aug. Dublin artists Abigail O’Brien and Mary Kelly explore ritual, sexuality and cultural mores in this collaborative installation How To ButterflyA Leg ()f Lamb. The work

fuses video, photography and sculpture.

Tectonic - A City To Live In Until Sat 26 Aug. A two-part installation consisting of large-scale colour photographs and a glass floor plan by Lars Jerlach and Helen Stringfellow. Portraying a contemporary cityscape, the work examines notions of non- place and spaces utilised for leisure, transit and commerce.

Susanne Ramsenthaler - Partial View Until Sat 26 Aug. Using pinhole and plastic lens cameras, Susanne Ramsenthaler has produced a series of photographs documenting the attitudes of a changing society in South Africa. Fraser Taylor - All So Slippery Until Sat 26 Aug. New work by London- based, Glasgow School ofArt graduate, Fraser Taylor which combines paint, fabric, canvas and plastics.

John Murra and John K. McGregor Watermar s Until Sat 26 Aug. Photographer John K. McGregor and poet John Murray have collaborated to produce a body of work inspired by The River Teviot in Kelso.

Alastair Mack Until Sat 26 Aug. Edinburgh-based artist Alastair Mack’s new work explores the possibilities of both painting and printmaking as well as usin poetry and chemical formulae. Ahma Rashdl Yan Ibrahim Growth Until Sat 26 Aug. A new body

of work by Ahmad Rashdl Yan Ibrahim,

a PhD student in the School of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art which involves the technique of bronze casting made from cuttlefish bone. Abigail O'Brien - Baptism Until Sat 26 Aug. Photographs by Irish artist Abigail O‘Brien, taken from her solo series Baptism which looks at cultural, religious and art historical traditions.

Mary Kelly Baby Blue Until Sat 26 Aug. Mary Kelly presents a solo video and sculptural installation which through simple devices affects the viewer‘s senses and emotions. Mijntie Wismans A Demand For Identity Until Sat 26 Aug. Danish artist Mijntie Wismans creates an installation entitled A Demand For Identity which examines emotions and the loss of identity.


18a Dundas Street, 557 5227. Mon—Fri 11am—5pm; Sat 10am—3pm.

A Festival Exhibition Until Tue 5 Sep.

; New work by Scottish contemporary painters including Lesley Banks,

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Josephine Graham, Sheila Macmillan and James Robertson.


The Photographic Exhibition Centre, 68 Great King Street. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm; Sun 1—5pm. International Photography 2000 Until Sun 3 Sep. Contemporary photography from around the globe.

84 THE LISTESTIVAL GUIDE 24 Aug—2 Sep 2000