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A decade or so ago, a French circus troupe called Archaos became the talk of the Edinburgh Fringe for dragging circus into the modern age. No more naff clowns and dodgy music, this was the big top as rock 'n’ roll with chainsaws, fire and motorbikes aplenty. The company went its separate ways after a few successful runs, and now Les Treteaux Du Coeur Volant has taken up the cause with Zi'nzin, a spectacular highwire show at Dynamic Earth playing at 9.30pm until Monday 28 August.

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Edinburgh’s most famous ex- milkman hits 70 on Friday 25 " August, and the Edinburgh i W 5"" :z‘ ternational Film Festival has "I 10 d forces with Edinburgh’s Gar ~ Party to pay tribute.

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host for the night for the first Miss Alternative Edinburgh K'Ck'ng ' ' at dUSk "7 East Prmces competition on Saturday 26 August. Taking place in the Street ear ' ' they re presemmg Meadows Theatre Big Top after the Ladyboys Of Bangkok an outdo,” do e b'” Of seam have cleared the stage, the event offers £500 for the most Conner“ first 80 'Cture' Dr NO’ fetching cross-dresser in the UK. And the organisers say all and h'5 most famous ternal mle'

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24 Aug—2 Sep 2000 THE lIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 5