The King Is Alive Filmhouse 60 The King Of Scotland

Assembly Rooms 2, 29 Kiss Of The Spiderwoman C 43 Korper Playhouse 33 La Clemenza Di Tito 8: Penelope Festival Theatre

Loco County Lonesome

Assembly Rooms 3, 23 Love And Sex ABC 59 Lynn Ferguson Appears With

Karen Loftus Gilded Balloon 10 Mad Mack 8: Alfie Joey

Holyrood Tavern 48 Mahler Resurrection Symphony Greyfriars Kirk

Man Of Substance In A World

Of Filth Gilded Balloon 30 Manon/Sandra

Royal Shakespeare Company 22 Mark Maier Assembly Rooms 10 Mass Bellevue Gallery 63

Men Of The Clyde: Stanley

Spencer's Vision At Port Glasgow (1940-1947)

National Portrait Gallery 2, 62 Merete Barker - The City As Image. Red City, Black City

Danish Cultural Institute 63 Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe Pleasance 26

Messiah Assembly Rooms 2, 21

Mika's Tribal Hollywood Dynamic Earth 36

Military Tattoo Castle Esplanade 27 Mojo The Really Youthful Theatre

Company 23 Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Garage 27

Less well known, and less covetced than the. prestigious

Perrier Award is the, [DitchwaterAwapd

for the dullest stand—up comedy am on the. Fringe.

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Mundo Jazz Pleasance 42 My Life Has Stood

Komedia @ Southside 22 National Association Of Youth Orchestras Central Hall 22

National Youth Choir Of Scotland/ Scottish Chamber Orchestra St Mary's Cathedral

Navelgazing Pleasance 31 NDR Symphony Orchestra Usher Hall 41

Nederlands Dans Theater

Various Venues 3,14 Nomad La Belle Angele 51 Norman Lovett Pleasance 36 O Cano - Circo Teatro Udi Grudi Dynamic Earth 2, 21 Off Broadway Gilded Balloon 33, 37 Out To Lunch

Pennsylvania Centre Stage 24 Owen O'Neill Traverse 45 Paul Verhoeven Reel Life ABC 2, 18 Phil Kay Queen’s Hall 2

Picasso’s Women: Gaby & Marie-Therese Assembly Rooms 23 Pimp Dreams

Hill Street Theatre

Poet In Paradise: Lord Lindsay And Christian Art National Gallery

30, 32

Of Scotland 62 The Potato Play Greyfriars Kirk Home 30

The Pound Shop Boys Gilded Balloon

Priorité A Gauche Pleasance The Private Klee: Works By Paul Klee From The Biirgi Collection Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art

10, 42 2, 42

3, 62

The fer/came!) ch? Lug/rd "' NM» (PMQN'DQU 7'48 W'omtlesp what wa! that all about ,7

Progression Wilkie House 51, 54 Pulp Corn Exchange 3 Queen Of Spades

Art-Vic Theatre Proiect 26 Ragna RObertsdottir Sleeper 62 Rhino Drum Scottish

International At Dynamic Earth 27 Richard Goode Usher Hall 2 The Rizla Lounge Gilded Balloon 57 Road Trip ABC 61 Robyn Hitchcock Scottish International At Dynamic Earth 42 Rodney Bewes - Diary Of A

Nobody Assembly Rooms 32 Ross Noble Gilded Balloon 10, 41 Say Nothing Ridiculusmus 21 Scottish Society Of Playwrights Charlotte Souare Gardens 34 Secrets Unveiled: The Passion Of Bellydance The Garage 50

Shirin Neshat Fruitmarket Gallery 62 Simply Barbra: Still On

Honeymoon Pleasance 37 Somebody To Love

Blow Up Theatre 23 Splendour Traverse 2, 29 Stand Up Scotland

The Stand Comedy Club 30 Stand-Up: A Play About Comedy Club Pleasance @ Potterrow 24 Static Unlimited Theatre 21

Stiff - Undertaking Undertaking

Club Pleasance @ Potterrow 3, 29

Still Life Komedla @ SouthSIde 27 Summer Nights In The Country Hopetoun House 21 Swamp Circus Theatre Present Moto Edinburgh's Garden Party 30

index theatre comedy dance music books film art clubs 3 _

Talkaoke Pleasance 49 Taste Teviot Row Union 52 Tell Me Something Cameo 60

Tempest Scottish

International At The Quad 3, 45 Terry Alderton Assembly Rooms 44 Thunderstruck One Yellow Rabbit 49

Titus Dominion 61 Trade Wilkie House 51 The Ugly Ducking XNYMT 21 Ultragroove La Belle Angele S1 Untamed The Ark 51 Useless Guide To Scotland 2000:

The Scone Of Destiny

The Stand Comedy Club 38 Vienna Sextet Queen’s Hall 2 Voices Theatergroep 21

Vomit And Roses Assembly Rooms 34

The War Of The War Of The Worlds Augustine's Studio 43

War Of The Worlds Royal Lyceum 3 Weird Sisters Pleasance 30 West End Girl Jacqueline Cloake 22 Weyhey! It's Wrestling

Edinburgh’s Garden Party 24 The White Crane

The Garage Chipiteau 30 William Mcllvanney

Charlotte Square Gardens 33

Wong Kar-Wai Reel Life Filmhouse 59 Y Touring - Learning To Love The Grey Pleasance 22 Zamani Baraye Masti Ashba

(A Time For Drunken Horses)

Filmhouse 3, 59, 60 Zehetmair Quartet Queen’s Hall 2 Zinzin Dynamic Earth 43

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