Adam Acidophilus The Fable

Man .0. (‘unu’tly Dairy. Knitter/iii .S'uutltsitle. until 26 Aug. 5.40pm. ll‘x \ct'y enterprising nl this unpublixhcd screenwriter and tiny clixl In by -paxx the literary agcnlx atid publixhcrx and take his I'cicctcd wnrkx directly In the paying public. lt‘x certainly a tin\ el apprnach at a time when man xIand-upx are taking that career path iii rc\ crxc tw hn xay s all cnmcdianx are required by law In write a crap bnnk. anyway 1’) Acidnphiltix ix a xingcr ax well as a tcllct‘ nl talcs. yct. irnnically. the iiinxl cntcrtaining xcctinn til the xhnw ix w hen the pcrl‘nrnicr rcadx lt‘ntn liix huge xhcal' nl~ reicctinn letters. The labch Ilicmxclycx xccm lcxx xtunning allcgnt'ical lalcx. tnnrc a xct'icx nl' paddcd- nut punch-lines and \ icw crx may lind tlicmxclycx Inning nut wcll bcl’nrc the funny bit hax bccti rcachcd. tAllan thdclil‘lcl

Chris Addison: Port Out, Starboard Home .... I’ll’ttMlIIl‘i'. until 27Aug. 7.45pm. Arguably the lirxt pcrl‘ni'mcr nn Iltc l-‘ringc tint tn bnaxt abnut a ‘lhcmcd‘ xhnw and actually dcliycr nnc. All In The Timing .lluun/nttli Illl’llll'l' (inn/nun; Kunu'tlirt Strut/Mule. until 26 Aug. 7pm. litirinuxly paccd sketch shnw which prnmixcx In acratc damp arcax nl' tlic mind. 'l‘hrcc xtarx Ill The Seats/nun. Am I Talking To You? With Mario De Niro I’lemutu‘e. until 27Aug. Ill/nu. \lal'ln llc \lt‘lt is ti gtiiitllclltl \\ lit) “ants ll) get ynu in Ihc lamily way.

Stephen K Amos .0. l’ll'ttstuut’. until 27Aug. 7..i'll/mt. Amnx xlipx hclw cctt straight stand-up and xcy cral altcrcgnx. Snmc arc litlarinux like his cyangclical bux cnnductnr bttt nthcrx really drag.

Angels With Dirty Habits I’lt'uuttu‘t’. until 27Aug. .i..‘-S/)III. .\lttxical xkctch shnw which Iricx In answer xnmc nl' lil'c'x tnnrc ta\ing Iiucxtinnx.

Dan Antopolski: Antopolski 2000 .0. l’lemunee. until 27Aug.

8.35pm. 'tm many lamc inkcx arc xmnnthcd ny cr by Antnpnlxlxi'x rcliancc nn charm. but liix \crbal \ it'tunxity can take by xtcrical turns.

Brian Appleton: Let’s Look At Sound C... l’leuuuu'e. until 27Aug. 7pm. (iraham l‘cllnw x ix a pack leader in character cnmcdy atid the pathetic ligurc nl' Applctnn ix ax axtutc ax cyer.

Penny Arcade .0... (alt/ell But/nun (ll li’l‘lltl Rim. until 27Aug. 6..\’ll/nn. like a New ank gladiatnr. Penny Arcade cntcrx Ihc l‘ttltllL Ilt'cxxc‘ll in \CC-llll’ltllgll lililL‘lx' lllltl spiky hcclx. ('nnibining Ihc anarchy nl' l.cnny Bruce with the pathnx nl' Judy (iat‘lattd. l’cnny brings back pnlilical xtand- tip In the liringc. Site ix raging: at the xIatc nl~ hci' bclm cd wnrld. attd hnw itx gentrilicatinn ix all abnut csplnitatinn nl‘ Ihc pnnr. denial nl’ Ihc wnrking-claxx atid hnrriblc cnmprnmixc. l’cnny ix prmncatiyc. intellectually xtimulating. pcrccptiyc and hilarinuxly I'Iinny. Yet her xadncxx at nur l'uckcd-up wnrld ix palpable atid really Illslt‘c\\L‘s. \thn l’L'ttlty x\\ llL‘llL‘s till. lltL‘ lights and ininx the audience in the dark. it ix Ihc cxxcncc nl‘ the magic nt' tlicatrc. llcr pnrtray al nl' a black xtrcct junkie prnxtilulc hax dignity and unt'athnmablc pain. Anynne interested in pcrl'nrmancc. pnlilicx atid nur placc iii the wnrld muxt xcc Penny Arcade. t.lnhn Binnici

Archers Stars I'lm stimuli-rm. \ . . I)un't lump". l’lt'uutnie. until 27Aug. iii/mt. ('harlcx ('nllingwnnd atid Judy Bcnnctt cclcbratc radin‘x lnngcxt rttnttittg snap with art intct'actiy c cnmic shnw. Archers Stars Extra Shows llu'y Slum! Arum \ _ . . Hun '! llu'yf‘. 'I’lu’ Queen '\ Hull. 2" 25 Aug. 7..\’ll/t1n. Sec abny c. Bachman And Evans 000

.luetnlt/y Kimmy. until 27Aug. 5.45pm. A xttt't‘cttl Iltlti \\ ltn glccl'ttlly stretch their pt‘cpnxtcrnux xtnry line hit all its wnrth. Ballet ... (itlrlr’tl [lullth (ll li'i'iut Rim lluuu. until 27Aug. ll). I5/nn. ll' claxxical dance prctcnxinnx and cgnx tickle ynur lunnybnnc. Ihix lnw -budgct twn-handcr will be tutu much.

The Balloon Debate 00. (it'll/ell Ila/limit (I! In in! Run llnuu'. until 27Aug. 5pm. (ircatcxt icnn nl' the last ccntury '.’ \Vinntc lllL' l’iitilt. (illltl l':£l\l\\(l(l(l Itt’ l’lcttsxii »- ynu dccidc. Laid-back imprny ixatinnal inn and gaitch cnut‘tcxy nl' Ilic 'l‘hrcc Radicals. ably xuppnrtcd by .lnxic ()‘Rcilly lrnIn Ihc Bnnm (‘litcagn team.

Barry Peters Presents 0000

ll'lute Ix’n/iliit ('uu Inn \. until 26 Aug. .\'..~’lI/mt. l‘rnni hix curly perm dnw n In liix shiny whitc xlincx. 1)] Barry Peters is the cpitnmc nl' xlitnc. 'l‘hc nthct‘ altcr cgn nl' (‘uban Brnthcr .‘ylilxc lx‘cat. this hybrid blend nl' ageing lncal DJ and bad cabaret artixtc ix

tintliiiig new. But KcaI puts his nwti inimitable xpiii nn the character. xcttding Ihc shnw spiralling iiitn the realtn nl‘ gctiiux xurrcality. llix re-cnactmcnt nl ()Iiycr Reed's inl'amnux fireside scene l'rnm ll'umen In Lure has In be xccn In be belieycd. :\s Ilucx the hyxtct'ical breakdancing In 80x diya l)cnixc Williams. l-‘rnm the mnuth nl~ l’ctcrs himxcll'. ‘il'x ttnttc nl‘ ynttt' xhite.‘ (Kelly :\plct'l

BBC Stand Up Show Alive l)l('(l.\(lll(‘(’ Dnnu’. until 27Aug. tnulniglit. l.atc tiiglit cabaret.

The Bedlam lmproverts Iz'tlinlturgh ('nii'ersity' 'I‘lu'utre (inn/unit". [feel/uni 'I‘lu'utn'. until 25 Aug. l2._\’()um. lit'cttctic sketch actinn. Best Of Irish Comedy the Stand ('unu'tly ('lult I. until 26 Aug. 6pm. Big yaluc ct'aicing lrixh shnwcasc.

Best Of Scottish Comedy The Stand (’unu'ily (’lul) 1. until 26 Aug. 9.30pm. \‘ightly xclcctinn nl‘ three nl' Scntland’x tnp purycynrx nl' patter linxted by Jane .\lackay.

Best Of So You Think You’re Funny (ii/(it'll Bill/(um ‘IlH'illIY’. until 27 Aug. It). [5pm. A xelcctinn nl‘ the bext pcrl'nrmerx limit the last l'nurlcen years. Best of the Fest 2001: Sponsored by lntagen .vlssentltly Rmnns, until 27Aug. ntulnigltt. l’ick (if the lcxliyal.

Danny Bhoy 000 l’leumnee. until 25 Aug. 6.20pm A" 9.15pm: until 27Aug.

‘2. [Flint l‘)‘)‘)'x ()pcn .\lic w inner still has a lair bit nl‘ bnyixli charm in him.

0 The Big And Daft Christmas Show 0... Big and [)all. (iilded Ballnnn at ’l'cyint Rnw llnuxc. until 27 Aug. ()pm. See rcyicw.

Big Value Comedy Show . . . Early Screaming Blue .llunlet' ('unu'tly. (are Ruml l’ringe 'I‘lu'utt'e. until 26 Aug. 7.36pm. ('nmedy cabaret.

Big Value Comedy Show . . . Late Screaming [flue .llunler (inner/y. (‘u/e Rmu/ l-‘t'ingc 'I‘lu'utre. until 26 Aug. Ill/mt. Late night cnmedy cabaret.

Big Word Performance Poetry 0... (‘ltristie'r until 27Aug. 6. /."/mt. Ati intimate hnur nt' pnlilical rhclnric. rnmantic musing and tales nl' dental hnrrnr.

Penny Arcade

She combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland

The Big And Daft Christmas Show .‘C. (illili'tl Balloon (1! Train! Rmr House. until 27Aug. 9pm. Rnb's dim-willed and cnuld be the bastard child iii [an llislnp and Mr Bean. Jnn’s the brainy nne. he wears specs. As l'nr lan. he's tin stranger In a lish supper. A whnlly unremarkable trin nl lads. whn nn stage. have a chemistry and rappan which belies their very nrdinary appearance.

As the stnry gnes. the Big And Daft Irin are hall-brnthers whn live lngelher In fulfil the cntiditinns nl‘ their father's will. lligh- jinx. slapstick jnkes. snug and datice rnutines ensue. bel‘nre the arrival (if an evil. and rather camp. Santa (played by Johnny Vegas' replacement Andre Vincent) wltn kidnaps the brnthers In wnrk in his (ireenland sweat shnp.

Brain surgery it ain‘t. but this is blissfully m'er-indulgent. effervescent physical tnml‘nnlery. Rnb Rnuse is supreme as the l'eckless brnther: Jnn and [an play till his bull‘nnnery. and Rnuse's spnradic high-brnw intrnspectinns are pure cnmedy diamnnds.

livery scene is applauded. every dance rnutinc hits the mark. 'I‘heir beer-nbsessed puppet el‘ligies are inspired. the yiden inlrn is hysterical. liven Adam Blnnm pnps up as an ill-fated drnne at the mercy nt‘ Vincent. A twist in the tale at the cliantic linale amplifies the twee l‘aclnr. nevertheless. this is wnnderl'ully light-hearted. whnlesnme entertainment and the perfectly tireless aiitidnte In the leaden \‘Cl‘bnsily nl~ much cntnedy nn the Fringe. (Maureen lillisi


Blind Mirth ('nm-ne Plaza Hotel. until 25 Aug. 7.25pm. This itttprny' Irnupe are at ynur mercy. basing cnniedy nn audience whims. Adam Bloom . . . And God Created Adam .0. l’leusunce. until 27 Aug. 7.05pm: Queen 's Hull. 24 Aug. 11.30pm. See

The Bootlegs (ii/(led Bill/(um Theatre. until 27 Aug. 3.45pm. Disappointing pcrl‘nrmance last year. but the sketchy inur- piece return with some Iiew material. 'l'wn stars in The [ironing .\"euzs'. The World Of Spencer Brown .0. I’li'usulu‘c. until 27 Aug. 8. 10pm. Lacking lnctts but perl'nrmed with the \‘ignur nl‘ a schnnlyard prankster.

Bruhaha Rare Bin/s I’t'mllu'tinns‘. llnlymml 'Iin'ern. until 26 Aug. 9.30pm. (‘apxtick and Bltsx get tngether t’nr cheeky sketches and questinnable cnstumes.

Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians Free 'I’Iiree-Quartet-x. until 27Aug. 9.25pm. l-‘nur cnmedians every night.

One Man And His Frog, Free Peter Buckley Hill. 'I'ltree-Quarters. until 24 Aug. 5.35pm. l'nl‘ettered knnky material and musical accninpaniinent.

Jason Byrne 0... Pleasant-e, until 27Aug. 9.40pm. Byrne‘s been playing this ttttprny‘ game for years. tirelessly plugging hix el'l‘eryexcent brand nl' manic escapades In hnards nl' mesmerised punters.

Pat Candaras: Grandmotherfucker O... Assi'ntltly Rmnns. until 27Aug. 8pm. Bnaxling a Brnnklyn accent and the line (if an ndd cnnl'exxinnal tale. (innit/nuitlieij/ueker bristles with the kind nl' linex [)amnn Runyan wnuld have been prnud nl. il~ he had had a mind In write the wnrd luck a lnl.

Jo Caulfield: It’s Not That Important 0... l’leusuncc Dunu'. until 27Aug. 9pm. The British lnye a gnnd a bit (if misery: we wnuldn't be happy wilhnut it. Nnthing In cninplain abnut. nn nne tn bitch abnut. Lite wnuld be sn bnring. linthuxiaxm‘.’ l’iss nt'l'. wlin let ynu nut‘.’ Such is the tennr and subject matter nl' Jn ('aullield's stand up. As the basis (it her rnutine she takes the l‘nur areas we are Inld are key In pntential happiness: friends. lnye. wnrk and death. Systematically. the pnsitiyist platitudes nl sell-help bnnks are shnl tn pieces. And dnn't we just line it. ('aull'ield's acerbic wit. hnweyer. belies ati endearing warmth. and the ra/nr sharp demeannur Ialtersjtist nncc when the woman she‘s been insulting all night turns nut tn be a cnmmixxinncr l‘nr the BBC. ()h. hnw we laughed. IRth Hedges)

The Celebrity Barn Dance (tilt/ell Ital/nun (ll tel-mi Rmr Ilnuse. until 27 Aug. ltllll. Barn dancing celebrities. It's a wnnder nn nne‘s thnught nt‘ it bel'nre.

Chambers And Nettleton: Doubled Up (ii/(let! li’tilltmn ‘I‘lu'utn'. until 27Aug. 7..i’()pm. Racy female dnuble act tnyiiig with music. heartx and minds. linur stars iii .lletm. The Chanclettes - Gone With The Wig 0. George Square Theatre. until 26 Aug. /(I.45/nn. linur ('alalan drag queens pre-recnrded. sn there's nn nppnrtunity l‘nr applause. xpnntaneity nr banter. Chapertons - Boom! George Square 'I'lu'utre. until 26 Aug. (LAN/Jill. Surreal cnmic shnw l‘rnm the Bnnm team.

Margaret Cho: The Notorious C.H.O. CO. l’lmsunee. until 27Aug. ll/mt. Sec rcyiew.

Andrew Clover: Puppy Love

0.. I’leusunee. until 27Aug. 8.20pm. ('lnyer has an insane amnunt nl' energy. gleefully bnunding abnut the stage arid getting up clnse and persnnal.

Jackie Clune - Bitchin’ 0000

Assembly Rmnns. until 27Aug. 7.20pm.

(‘lune is bitching xhe'x gnnna be nasty. nl‘l'cnxiyc. argumentatiye. prnyncatiyc yet at the same time. xhc'x gnnna make Its like her. And we dn. lntx.