Comedy Cinema Classics l’lt't’lyilllt‘t’. until 37,-lue. [put A natty xclcctioii ol comedy ligurcx immortalixcd on the hig .xcreen. liach lilm ix introduced hy a l‘ringe comedian.

Comedy Clone l’leiiyitni'i' Home. until 37xlue. [0.35pm. l‘extiyal ncyycoinerx Juxtiii .\loorhouxc. Luke l’oiitc and Joxic Long. The Comedy Zone ooo

I’li'uyutu‘e. until 37slue. llptn. .-\\aloii\ neyy reei'uitx Roh l)cering. l‘raticcxca .\lartinc/. John Other and Karl 'l’heohold ,xerye up a lair helping ot' gagx in a ciy ilixed late night caharct.

Comic Fringes um ' Rat/m 4. I’li'tmnm'. until 34 Aug. lithium. l‘ree collec and amuxing xtoricx.

Lucinda Cowden’s Bland Ambition ... (ii/ili'il Balloon 'I’lu'utri'. until 37 due. 8.50pm. ( oudcti taka .\'i'ielilio1it”x .‘ylclaniei l'Cl-lL'L‘h on our xtttlc in the year 2001 in a xemi-xerioux conxpiracy theory. 0 Otis Lee Crenshaw coco .".\.\'('IH/)l\‘ Roomy. until 37.1lue. IU, 15pm. l.axt ycar'x champ ol' the French til/y \yatcr comedy context Rich Hall ix clearly a xuhxcriher to the ‘il' it ain't hrokc. don't li\ it' xchool ol' thought. He returnx ax ()tix Lee. a quartet ol' country iiiiixiciaiix in toyy to reprixc much ol hix auardu inning xct. Admittedly. thix ix in the airy cm ironx ol .v\xxemhly 'x .\lii,xic Hall ax oppoxcd to thc cttphotit‘d at the l’leaxancc he rocked lit\l l-‘ringc. The demand ix there. xo he gi\cx the people it hat they \y ant.

(‘rcnxhayy ix a peculiar. contradictory character: he xyyaggcrx. xtaggcrx and paggerx through xongx on me ax a good ol‘ 'l‘ctiticxxce htiy. e.\tolliiig llIL‘ \ It‘lllcx (Il- higamy. prixoii rape and \ylttxky. \yhilc joking ahoitt gay ncxx and hcratiiig (icoi'gc Blhll txurely a redneck icon‘.’i. He may not he eonxixtcnt. hut hc'x xtill onc helluya l'unny guy. t.\lark Rohertxoni

Crouching Ferret Hidden Beaver .... l)\‘li11llinull\'1'rt: Konu'ilut Soul/Mule. until 3/) glue. ‘l..\'(l/mi. Don't let the title put you oll; thix ixn‘t xome kind ol~ \yacky.jii\eni1e xkclch xlioyy that \yill Ieaye you groaning \yith dixtaxte. lt ix. in tact. a pant-\y ettingly. check-achingly. laugh-out- loitd xhoyy that ixjuxt relentlexx iii itx comedy axxaull. The mere memory ol l)yhall and Kerr‘x charixiiiatic lacex ix enough to xcnd me into litx ol mirth. c\ ct] hotlt‘x illlt‘l‘ the

L‘\ cut. The xhtm ctitltpt'ixc\ tt \CI'IL‘\ til character xketchcx. ranging lrom a Tom \Vaitx xciid-up to a hlindingly luiiny period dratna. intcrxperxed

\y ith hricl intcriiiixxionx “here they drop out ot' charactcr. and become juxt tyyo comicx pttttiiig on a xhou. arguing and hickering ahout \\ ho‘x hcxt. liiidlcxxly iny entiyc arid pcrl'cctly perlormcd. tKii'xty Knaggxi

Sean Cullen’s Erotic Laser Show .... (ii/11ml llitlloon Illt’tlll't'. until 37 .Ilu'c'. ‘l/mi. ('onxtantly teetering on tl‘: hrink Ul- L‘tilltt[t\L‘. lilx erotic ltixct'x ttitixl deliiiitcly litly L' to he xccli It) he helieycd. Cyderdelic .... I’li'ituuui'. until 3~ glue. 9.55pm. l’ackcd \yith tei't'ily ineg accurate charactci'ixatioiix. rcpctitiye heatx. drug ahuxe and media tcri‘oi'ixm. ('ulenle/ii' are a ci'oxx hetyyccn .\lark 'l‘homax and the xmclly ci'uxiy III the corner ol your local tcchno cluh. I

Damage And De Lacy Rim- tun/t I’riultu'tiony, [lo/\mml 'Iiti'i'rn. 11nlil3/i;\ue. [UAW/mt. l.aeonic I)aiiiage atid ellery excent dc l.acy couple lor \ai'ied xketchex.

Dark Side 0’ The Toon coo I'lu’ .S'ttinil ( 'onu'ily ('lu/t //. until 30.11114. Ill/int. l)uring laxt ycar'x l‘extiyal. l‘lx' l’lay \y ere lorccd to drop ta\i adx proclaiming ‘l .augh. you Ltitlld he in (ilttxgtiyy 3. But \\tix llttit joke liixt ax l'unny outxidc the xanitixcd. tourixl trodden. culturally enhanced centre ol lidinhui'gh’.’ .\'ot il you Iixten to Paul McNeil]. Jutitcx l't't'gtlxtili and John \lcllt‘ldc. The three local \\ Itlc hoy x each


A pant-wetting, cheek-aching, Iaugh-out-loud show; a relentless comedy

Crouching Ferret.

take a third ol their allotted hour and i'egale \y ith dillerent xlantx on the drugx. puhx. gangx. proxtitution. r:idgcx. cuiitx. and crimx ol- |.eith. 'l‘ollcroxx and (iranton. .\lc.\'eill iii particular xtaiidx out \\ ith xomc hilarioux material on hiix xeating hict'archiex. ta\i- driy itig e\pericncex and xcratch-card

idioxy ncraxiex. The xtt'eam ol local relerenccx and tnterminahlc lloyy ot' patter \uil'k‘x \\ ell on the predominantly Scottiin audience. hut xome ol' the iii iokex lel't thix ‘\\'ecgic' more thaii a little hemuxed. t.\laurecn lillixi

Dead People Laughing (ii/ital li’iilloon (ll 'Ii'i‘iot lx’ou' llnuu'. until 3," xlllL'. U/iin. liamily man .\lark little dii'cctx t\\o ol' hix xoiix tand tyyo hon/a matcxi lIt a xhoyy haxcd on their paxxiy e generation. l‘our xtarx in Three \li'i'lu. one in The Iz'i'i'nine .Vi'n .\.

Dead Ringers If!“ I Kilt/in J. l’lt’itulttt‘t’. 3.? glue. l/(Hll. ('clchrity ridicule xpecialixtx Jon (‘ulxhaw .laii Rayenx and .\latk l’crt’y denionxti'ate their xtar mimicry.

Bob Doolally’s Balls coo 'I'Iu- .S'tiuul (‘onu'ily ('lult /. until 3/) .vlue. 7.45pm. The gruhhy old gohxhite ol Scottixh toothall ix hack. and hc‘x hrought alotig a hall-arxed gamexhou \\ ith him. l'.\ccllL‘IItl} ohxerycd tttld pl’cc‘txt‘ly L‘.\L‘L‘tllL'tl.

Doreen ... (illilt’il Hill/tum 'l‘lu'ittri’. until 37glue. .\'.-l."/nn. ()ll-heaiii. inyentne aiid intriguing comedy that \\ ill lcay c you lecling pleaxantly hamhoo/ch. Driscoll And Message 0 (ii/ili'illi’it/loon11tI’ep/u'rntintlounge. until 37.!112. (i/nn. liyeii xtroiig perl'orniancex can‘t i'cdeciii thix unlumiy xketch xhtm. DUblil‘l Improv (illilt'tl [fill/tutti Illt'tlll‘t'. until 3,".-\ue. IU..\'U/nn. lrixh comedy hoxtcd hy ‘l‘ara lilynn and Brendan I)empxey. Mike Dugan - Men Fake Foreplay ... .-ly\i'inlil\ Roomy. until 3,";luc. niiilnie/it. .\ lunny til xeriouxi inxight into the tiialc pxy che.

Durham Revue: Virgin lncapable (it'lili'il li’itllotni I'lu’iitt‘i'. until 33‘113. 4.45/nn. (‘olourt'ul liringe regulai'x indulge in more xketchy comedy and iiiuxic.

Earl Stevens - Puh Leez! I’ltmimttz until 33,-lue. '\'.‘l.‘-/)HI. l’aul l’utner takcx iix on a tourney through the lite ol .‘\IIIL‘I'1L';III \lttIItl up liarl Stcyenx. Jenny Eclair: Middle Aged Bimbo .... I’li'itxiuu'i' Home. until 37.!112. NslIl/nn. (iotng lti xec l'.c’l;tlt‘ Ix ti hit like attending xcreeniiigx ol' a particularly naxty xplattei‘ horror lilm. You ktitm \yhat‘x coming. you knoyy ii'x not going to he pleaxant or pretty. hut there'x thix curioux thrill running all through you.

Unfringed (illilt'tl Hill/tutti 'I‘lu'utn'. until 3".qu Kill/int. An hour ol improy. caharet. tlicalre and xatii'c.

Emma And Beth Kilcoyne: Live! Girls! Sketch Show! Putnam-ii. until 37.-lue. 3.15pm. Return ol' the ladiex i'exponxihle loi' 'I‘lu' (ilimt ()I .Iuntie l’ut. Europe: We’ve Created a Monster!! ..... lino/n (‘ltii'iigin I’li'uyiuui’. until 3".v\ue. ll}. l5pnt. 'l‘hc xkilied liyevxtroiig team iixex their cuxtomai'y hleiid ol improy ixed xotig and xketchcx to Iampoon thoxe lauropean cuxtonix that \ye Bt'itx [me to pour xcoi'n on, Evolution Ill/S (-Ulllt'llL (‘ \i'niu'. until 30 glue. «1.30pm. Sketch artixtx xtiip doyyii the peculiat'itiex ol lil'e. loy e and the hody. Far Too Happy (itntln’u/ei' linttlielitx. l’lt'iiyiuui'. 11nl1l37.l11e. 4.35pm. 'l‘hix year. on the 30th anniycrxary ol their l’errier hcxtoyy ed xhoyy. they go [It xeateh ol' llttpplllcxx. I

Hitttten Beaver

pleaxe do xtaiid-up'.’ tBriaii Donaldxoiii

Adam Bloom . . . And God Created Adam coo 7.!)5/nn.‘ Queen '\ IIu/l. 34.1lue. HAW/tin. l thought that Adam Bloom \yax the pcrlect xtaiid- up. .-\ man with comic gold at hix lingei'tipx and l'unny phraxcx oo/ing lrom e\ cry pore. On other nightx. l xuxpect that'x exactly \yhat \y e‘d get.

()n thix cyening. though. hix rcnou ned conl'idence appeared to hayc hcen .xapped. a hitherto tiiit'orcxecn paranoia crept up on him and hix parting xliot that \\e \y crc one ol' the \y‘eii‘dcxt audiciiccx he‘d ey er pertormed loi' xaid more about him than iix. Putting the hlame on haying to do [no xiii)“ x on one day alter a hcayy night het‘oi‘e docxn't really ctit it. expecially \\ hen you‘ye iuxt .xhcllcd out £9.50 t £8.50 cotic exxioiiary rate).

liear actually xtalked thix l'i'om the oll. 'I‘ry ing to get anecdotex l'i'om a woman \yho'd hecn mugged \yax only c\ er going to go tip one dark. horrihle road and hix hantcring \y ith a young tough-nut called John \yax good for one 'you're going to xlaxh my tyrex' remark: he \yaxn't a good enough l‘oil to keep returning to.

Still. the routine in which the xeci'ctx ol comedy \yei'c t'ey cach \y ax a hold linale and ultimate lace-xay er. ln dclerence to hix tine limineiii material. \inI the real Adam Bloom

I’leuuinn'. until 37.rlue.

Fat Fat Pope o l’tt-imuu-i; unti/3".li1e. l“..‘_(l/?Itl. .\ truly di'cadtiil xlttm \yliich coiiiex acroxx like a hideouxly pretentioux xtudeiit rey iie.

Festival Revue /\’1i\\ lluiilt'i' itiul

l’riiu‘i'x Street (iii/ili'nx. until 35 .Iue. noun.

Watch the \yorld‘x largext liye ai'tx hi'oadcaxt.

Fiona 81 Her Sister (And Some Guy) (illtlt’il Hill/(It'll Illi illl'i'. until 3”.\ue. ‘llnn. ()'l.oiighliii'x latd‘hack. pci'xoiiahle xtaiid up ix e\ti'eiiicly inl'ectioux; xlie inakex heing married to a dental xui'geon and hay mg the ktdx xouiid like xoiiielhiiig that happened to her hy ttL‘cltlL‘ltl.

Fish Supper coco /'/1.- Stunt! (innit/y (‘luli I/. until 3/) lug. .\'..\',‘"/nn. ‘l'he iiioxt reniai‘kahle ttliotigli iiol the l'uiimexti

thing ahoiit thix comedy quartet ix the xheer

xcope ol' their material. lt'x not e\ery night you xec gay l'Ixter paraiiiililariex xharmg a hill \y ith \\ee ti'ce ’l'\' eyaiigehxtx. l'oi‘ t‘\;tlll[‘it‘. In an action packed (it) immitex. the xkt'lclit‘\ are deliyci‘ed til lttcttkllt'elx xpeed \y illi the helly latighx .ii'i'iy ing hot on their heelx. though a couple ol rapid lite epixodex are dextined to land xoineyyhct'c oy er the aiidieiice'x headx tthe one ahout the lamily ot aiiiiiexiacx only really i‘egixlei‘ed on ilx repeal \ ieyy mg i. 'l'he xho\\ ix a \\ inning concoction ot parody. xatire and xiiiitt. \\ till the coiiiiiiitiiietit and energy ol the lout perlotiiieix pioy ing' tiiciedihly tiilectionx. r\||.m Ix’adcliltei

Fit To Burst - It’s All Happening! ... l’luixiini‘i'. until 3“.\11e.

5. l5/nn. lt‘x all \ery cleyei‘ and cai'ioony a hit like aiiiiiiatronicx nieetx 'I'lu lei/cue ()t(i1'nlli'nu’n tt doex hoyy e\ ei' take at leaxt the lii'xt hall to liiid itx leet and a rhythm.

The Fleetwood Coup-De-Ville Chat Show . l)It'1'i't [min the l)lllll\(\ Slum. I’li'tiyiini 1' Home. until 37 .tuu. ".Jfinn. l’ainl'ully dixappointing l'ollou up to llu Hon/ow Slum. Charles Fleischer oooo (ii/(livi/ li’iilloon (ll li't'lt’l lx’im l/ouyi'. until 3.\' .tue. //..~‘U/i1n. llext kiioyyn ax the \oicc hehiiid Roger Rahhn. lileixcher ix a conxuiiiiiiate xtaiid up \\ ho eiiioy x audience participation.

Four On The Floor ( o3. until 3/) .lue. _...‘-ll/IHI. lmpi'oy ixed play x xer\ ed up to order li'oiii San l‘i‘ancixcan troupe. Free And Easy l/lt' .y'iimi/ ( “(unit/x ('lulil.1111/1/3/i.l11e. l/Illl. \liixic. poetry. xkclchex and iiiipi'oy ixatioii oy er ltiiicli. Aaaaah Dominic Frisby ooo I’li'tiuini‘i' Donn; unt1/3".\:1e. 55pm. .\ cliai'iiiiiig. lll\ chin e and \ery tumiy man. .\li' l'iixhy hax iiiiloi'ttiiiatcly let liiiiixell doyyii hy piodticitig piecioiix little iieyy iiiatei'ial.

The Fruit And Veg Roadshow llu' Slit/til ( 'unu'ily ('lu/i //. 11nttl3/i.\ue. //.3ll/i/n. ()tgaiiically produced gagx lIUIII Stand regulaix lx’cg .\iidei'xoii. .\llaii .\li|lei'. Hit-yeti lhck and John Sinclair.