Fucking Our Fathers: Scott Capurro, John Cardone .00. Assembly Roomy. until 37Aug. niu/nielit. ('apurro and (‘ardonc go all ()edipal in search of the perfect hnt muscle daddy. The Giant Pineapple Boys present HOIIWOOdn’t (illtli'tl llttllinitt lllt'ttltt'. until 27xlue. ll.-l.‘_/llll. Ilnyixhly ii'i'cvcrcnt chapx who inv itc you tn the premiere nl Hollywood's lirxl iiiainxtrcain porn iiin\ ic. The Kevin Gildea’s Stand-up Set TO MUSiC .... (it/(li’il Hill/(Hill (ll 'Ieviot Row llouve. until .37 Aug. III/mi. (‘omedy and music haven't alwayx gone

\\ ell together tcheck otll Sinatra and Martin‘s painful clowning during their \‘cgas xhnwxi bill if Rich llall w cut xnme way to making barbed country the new rock ‘n‘ roll. Kevin (iildea ix tliix year piixhing to give the droll cnnfcxxinnal a similar xIaIiix. The backing band. on xtalvvart form all night. kick thingx off w ith a hluexy ritf. (iildca launchex into a xnng about the etiquette of applauding in a xti‘ip club. and things mm c on in lliit‘ xty lc 'l'hc touxlcd lrithan. sporting bright blue

w inklcpickerx and thick rimmed glaxxcx. goes on to debate xtravv berry xcciitcd xnap. l’hil ('ollinx and the Nepalcxc Royal family. drop oblique one-lincrx and generally provide top Itincx. xharp banter and excellent late night entertainment. |.l;ttltc\ Smarti

Tom Gleeson’s Pirate Copy

.. (if/(It’ll Hill/(HUI lllt'ttlt'i'. lttti'tl Auc. lU. l."/ini. There is xnmcthing xn likeable about the .’\uxxic brand nt humour. l’erhapx it'x that self-deptccating. nnii threatening wit which rcaxxurcx tix we won't be harangticd at any given iiiniiiciit. l’nfnrtunatcly. ‘likeable' and 'cnminitahlc' are tcrmx generally x_\ noin inniix vv llll hland in the hard-edged world of the l-i‘iiigc. (ilecxnn’s xhow kicked off with fellow Atixxie l)i‘cw Rnknx offering a warm tip act consisting of hix talcx as an inxtirancc telesach adv ixor. Nice. agreeable humniir btit nothing xtibxtaiitial to get your piilxcx going or your mouth tw itching. \c\t up vvax (ilccxon himxclf. with his atitniiiatcd bank robber sketch and his fun xi/c Marx bar rant. ltilL‘t'xpL‘t'\c‘tl \\ lllt \ ltleo footage. llttx Ix a xhow with definite potential. but itixt tint enough laughx to truly xhinc. t.'\lllt;t Millart The Goddess Perlman ‘I’Iu' ('nilet'lie/lv until 3/) Aug. IU..\’U/ini. llnlxh). all-singing. all-dancing coiiicdy diva distinguished by her overxi/cd hiixh iyex. really 3 l takes a pop at nuixtc‘x prima dounax.

Goodbye Mister Bitch (.‘i/i/i-il Hut/nun

lllt'illlt'. until 3—.luc. “Hill/int, Surreal xtnry haxed on a hcxedtiinned rock 'n‘ roll Police force charged \\ ith xav ing the audience from terrnrixtx. Three stars in 'l'lie .X’t'otsnuin. Boothby Graffoe - Midnight

.lvvt niliiv /\’oniii\. until :H.lll'\'. nnt/night. \Vttllltl he xmnnth crooner play x it lor latighx [it‘l'lttllillllg‘ all nine xoiigx in hix back catalogue. \\llll.\lilttl1lt\l‘ttl'c‘lttliL‘. Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year (ii/ili il li’tilloon at '/i Iiot lx’on l/ouve. until 3".\uu. lU. lip/n. .'\l;tll l)a\ iex. Rob New man and .\rdal ()‘llanlan jumped on Ihix comedy xpi inghnaid and went xti'atoxphciic. ludci‘ Mauncha. llai‘i'ict llnvvdcii. Randy \Vilxnu. .iiid l‘ranky .lnhnxton hope it \\ ill do the xaiiic for them. The Happy SldEShOW.lvveiitlil\ lv’ootiiv. uiittl Salute. Ill/mi. lit/ai'i'e .'\ll\ll'.lll.lll li'cakxlinvv cabaret xct to an iiifcctiotix dance heat.

Kevin Hayes: The Devil’s Drop llu' Sitinil ( "ii/iii ilv ('iuli ll. until 3/) lug.

_. lip/n. liixh lttlllll iiiaxtci llayex takcx an .lllt‘lll.lll\«‘ look at oiii iiatioiik ohxcxxinn

\\ itli .ilcnlinl. lvvn xtaix iii l/u SI otvnuin. Richard Herring: Christ On A Bike! 0... I’lt (i\til.’tt llonu. until 3—.lue.

‘I. lit/nu. llci'iiiig ix on .i iiiixxinii to rip the j‘lxx. llc hax an liotii tn prn\c at that [lie llihlc ix .I load ot nld Sodom and (ioiiiorrah .md In that he'x the new .\lexxiah.

Craig Hill’s Wizz To Oz 00.

(illtlt'il litiliiii'l! I/lt til/t. Hill/l Jilttz. NIH”. (‘iaig Hill licgiiix liix tte\\ xoln xhow. di‘cxxed lli gingham and dtiitgaiccx. with a lab rendition nl .liidy (iarlaiid'x nvcr tixcd claxxic ‘( )vci 'l he lx’aiiihnvv ', The show dixxcctx the place \v licic dreams come true. and tni' lllll. ll happened oi. holiday during Sydney 'x gay \laidi (iiax lcxtival while wearing gold lame xhnrtx .md xiuging along to Ky lic' llill ix .i xvvcct pcrloriiicr with a teal iappoit. The audience love him. hix

chit chat. hix icpaitcc. hix camp mannerixiiix and Iacial enitloitionx. It only he had c\plnied [in lliqtinl ()t (l; itiytli more. Why liax ll proved xn poptilat nv ci the ycai'xl’ \Vhat xolacc dncx it pi'n\ idc.’ Ix itx iiicxxagc nl "lltcic‘x no place like liniiic' icgrexxivc or progrcxxnc ,’ ('raig llill ix a chai'ixtnatic pci‘lnriner hut liix material needs more bite and iiixiglit. ilnhit liiiiitiei

Adam Hills - Go You Big Red Fire Engine .0. I’li'ttxtini e. until 3”.luu. 0.35pm. (ircat hack xlapping inn with vntc- winning icfci'ciiccx In “tlc kiddicx xhovsx and H//_\ xtcicotypcx. but there ix xn iiiitch

thick kaiicd hnnhniiiic it'x like being stuck lit a (Xixtlciiiainc adv crt.

Hollow Men: A Tribute .0.

Fit mitnt (. unfil Salim. 5.55pm. llollnvv \lt'll are xiicli talented pcrl'niiiici'x that they could come nii xtagc and xay any old hnllnckx and it would he litimy. lt ix pci'hapx

unfortuiuite for the audience that this is

w hat they actually do. For a while you get xnippets as nonxenxically hilarious as. say the ligon Ronay puppet and the Auxtrian mime artixtx‘ tribute In the works of Paul Young. You also get it lot of xlickly performed rubbish; the opening and closing sketches being prime examples. You can't fault llollow Men on the cleverness of their show's concept or its structure. but you can knock off a star or two because. on closer scrutiny. the show lackx any real gags or tangible material. llnllow Men are indeed hollow. boasting a shiny form btit little content. ITiin Abrahamsl

How To Lose Friends And lrritate People (ii/ileil Balloon 'I'lieatre. until 27 Aug. 7. [Sp/It. .\'o frills character comedy created by two

playw rights attempting to overcome \\ t‘ilet‘K block.

In The Psychiatrist’s Wheelchair Harrie Ila/l. . . I)r Basil Hal/mead. I’leusmue Home. until .37Aug. 6.50pm. llallmead began his medical career on li-l's Show .lle 'I‘lie l5unnv. where he pttt minor celebritiex through psychological tests. ()nc star in I'lie .S‘eotsnuin.

Incredibly lncroyable Ritmlolplt .S‘tiu/io (II lllt' I’reneli Institute. until 25 Aug. ‘2. l5/mi. :\nglo-l"rench stereotypes in llctrand lloaxxard'x attempt to prove comedy is universal.

ll’Ol‘IiC Yanks .... Boom ('ltit‘ago. l’leavanee. until 37,-lug. (tum/int. Boom (‘hicago‘x tag-team delivery is slicker than a lii'ylcrcem nmelette and the pair construct some tasty sketches and skits.

0 Dom Irrera .... (illili'il Balloon at 'Ieviot Row House. until 27 Aug. ll)..i’I)/nn. l)om lrrera is so old school it's like being shafted by Rodney Dangerfield while (ieorge Burns runs through his very best material with a mouth he shouldn't kiss his mother with. Irrera is remarkably funny; the hour goes by in no time as he beratex the audience. most of his friends and his underage girlfriend. Finding a comedian with this level of competence

Fish Supper

and contidence at the Fringe ix rare indeed.

yet watching him work the crowd with material and timing honed from years of pcrfnrnutnce. it's difficult not to be impressed by the simple strength of his one liners: ‘What do you call a dog with no legs'.’ It don‘t matter what yoti call him. he ain't cnming.‘ (l’aul Dale)

It’s not every night you see gay Ulster paramilitaries sharing a bill with wee-free TV evangelists

The Notorious C.H.O. COO l’leusunee. until 27Aug. ll/nn. Margaret (‘ho‘x got a lot of fans from back home in America in the audience the night 1 see her. The whole front row are dancing in their seats to the hip hop primer music. punctuating it with ‘woos'. ‘yeahs' and other calls for the (‘hosten When (‘ho waddles on stage. all highest heels. pencil skin and cute smiling face. her fans go nuts. But I'm thinking. ‘Notorioux‘.’ She seems to nice Inn be notorioux.‘ It turns out. however. (‘ho‘x got a tilthy fucking mouth. Filthy and funny.

(‘ho‘s stand-up routine ix largely observational. autobiographical. She talks in the voice of her stern Korean mother and elsewhere as a dim white boy old shag. She talks about her old transvestite school mates. being a fag hag. her sexual experimentalions. ('ho‘s very candid about her exploits; fucking men and fucking women and trying out a little 8&M. So it seems an odd thing to say. but in spite of her graphic recollections of carpet munching and the like. ('ho comes across as . . . really sweet. She's just so open. and comfortable with it. Margaret's your best pal telling you funny filthy tales about herself. (Miles l‘ielder)


It Woulda Been Nice ( 'razy Ladies. I’leas‘anee. until 37Aug. 4.30pm. Featuring the principal characters from Weekend In Rio. also at the l’leasance. post-plane crash. It’s Me Sylvia - Live a. On Film (‘razy lxulies‘. l’leasanee Dome. until 27 Aug. 4.45pm. The long-standing llollywoixl character actor. will be challenging herself. bringing footage from her movies. and talking about it on stage.

Jake And Elwood - The Blues Brothers Show .N'Ii'l'l‘ ( "K. Kometliu .S‘outlisule. tutti! 26 Aug. It)..i’()/nn. Tribute to the silver screen siblings of

Noel James And Company 0. Boom Room a! llu’ Tron. until 27Aug. 7.30pm. Wasn't it John Major who instigated ‘baek to basics"? And juxt look how popular he was. Well. what John Major did for politics. Noel James is doing for comedy: taking out the flu and boring Its all to death. The Welsh comedian comes across as a nice chap who‘s jtist discovered the comic potential of ambiguity. drudging out (‘hristinas cracker knock- knocks and corny punchlines with gleeful abandon. Some bizarre skits with Mark l-‘eldgate improve matters. but they’re only made bearable by both comedians laughing at how bad it is too. But wait. is this irony‘.’ Some of the jokes happily fit into the so good it's bad category. Regardless. most of the persevcring self-indulgence elicits more groans than laughs. Basically it's stale. it‘s wearing and it's best left in the past. (Maureen lillixi

John And Kevin’s One Man Show I’leasunee. until 27Aug. 5.45pm. Acclaimed satirical stand-up duo let you in on the things they get up to behind closed doors. Bob Jones: Humorist, Poet, Fun Guy Diverse Attraetions. until 25 Aug.

.i’. l5pm. Jones resurrects the mini- iuonologue with his witty wordplay. Jongleurs Open Spot Competition (ii/(leil Balloon (1! let‘iot Row House. until 27Aug. 6.30pm. Scotland's Brian Higgins will introduce four acts every night. each bidding for a place in the new comedy club due to open in (ilasgow in Dec. The overall winner will be announced on Mon 27 Aug. Just A Little Prick The St George's .li/It’tllt‘s Revue. ('I'on'ne Plaza Hotel. until 35 Aug. 6pm. Medical satire and knob gags. Just Married I-‘reuky Pigeon. (ii/(led Balloon at Term! Row House. until .37Aug. 4.30pm. liinma Burgess and Stewart l-‘erris' got married on 4 Aug and they want you to join their honeymoon escapades.

Sarah Kendall In War .00

(ii/(led Balloon at li't‘iot Row llouxe. uttlil 27Aug. 7.45pm. This young Australian shows amazing potential; her timing is excellent. and her material is meticulously researched. It's all woithy stuff btit neglects the laughs.

Matt King Is A Child 00

Awe/nlin Rooms. until 27Aug. ll.45pni. So Matt King is a child is he'.’ Does that mean he's living in some strange space-time continuum where you can do stand-up about getting stoned or drunk and you'll still be labelled ‘alternative".’ 0 Daniel Kitson: Love, Innocence and the Word Cock oooo l’leasanee. until 27Aug. I(l..i’()/nn. He looks like a cross between a lecturer and a paedophile. He's got a stutter. he's balding. his beard looks like it could snare a cricket ball. Kitxnn enjoys being different and the audience side against hecklers like playground bullies about to get their comeuppance.

Krater Comedy Club 0000 Konieiliu .S'outlisule. until 26 Aug. /2. [Hum listablished attraction in Brighton and every day has a different line-up.

Lano 8. Woodley: Bruiser 00.00 The I'ittnous‘ Spiegeltent. until 2!) Aug, 8pm. Show whose apparently anarchic nature belies its meticulously planned gags.