Late ‘l‘l’ Live (it/(lull Bill/(NH! lltt'ttl/‘t‘. until 27Aug. Imn. 'l‘hc latc—night bcar pit whcrc comics arc cithcr dcilicd or crucilicd. Laughs And Mad Musical Inventions 'l'lu' Amazing Mr Smith. ('(tltnn ('i'ntrc. until 27 Aug. 8.45pm. licccntric comic inusician who's known for doing unusual things with condoms. Legendary Polowski Diamond Heist O... l’li’usunt‘i'. until 27 Aug. l/.45pnt. Two dappcr widcboys in suits burst from thc back of l’lcasancc Bclow, strutting likc rock stars and barking likc scals in an introduction that scrycs both to signal thc frantic cncrgy and dcbt to Ixu‘k‘ Stork display'cd by this particular hcist. llosts Jack and 'I'cl hayc a cunning plan to stcal thc Polowski diamond from lidinburgh (‘astlc. and hayc soon rccruitcd thc audicncc wholcsalc. Within tcn minutcs hall of thcm hayc bccn giycn silly namcs and thc othcr half silly masks whilc Jack and ’l‘cl run. shout. swcat. tcll bad gags and introducc thc occasional accotnplicc. This riotous. cxubcrant show is unlikcly to changc thc way anyonc thinks. but docs hayc a damn good chancc of putting a smilc on your tacc. (Jamcs Smam

Let’s Have A Shambles! O.

ll'liiu' Rub/nit ('owlnivs. until 26 Aug. 5.30pm. 'I‘hcrc's a linc linc bctwccn comcdy' that's wcll cxccutcd. whilc prctcnding to bc rubbish. and comcdy that‘s plain rubbish. Lip Service (iiltlt’tl Bttlltunt Y‘Ilt’llll‘t’. until 27Aug. 9.45pm. Two scx-linc tclcphonists who fall in love with thc samc man and find thc linc bctwccn rcality and crotic fantasy bccomcs blurrcd.

Lipstick On Your Teeth 0.. Bug It (fpl. (‘ li'nui'. until 26 Aug. 5pm. A trio of l'cisty ladics lct it all hangout in a sparkling skctch show that spoofs a dynamic. il‘ familiar. host of gcndcr stcrcotypcs.

Mark Little Is A Whinging P.O.H.M. .0. As‘si'in/ily Romns. until 27Aug. [0.30pm. Littlc is a charismatic pcrl‘ornicr. llc attacks his targcts with pungcnt onc- lincrs and bad poctry. but lhc show as a wholc lacks momcntum. Littlc is a linc pcri'ormcr in nccd of a good scriptwritcr. Lloyd Cole Knew My Father

.. (.Ulliltx, .‘rhlt'tnill’ (tIul Qtlttltlit‘ls‘. l’lt'us'uni‘t'. tutti! 27Aug. 4.05/nn. Scc rcyicw.

The London Revue 000 l’lcasancc l)omc. until 27 Aug. 5.50pm. An astonishing array of skctchcs poking fun at thc quirks of British socicty'.

Garth Marenghi’s Netherhead .0. l’lt'usunt‘t'. until 27Aug. lt).25/nn. Marcnghi fails to mcct thc hypc but thcrc's still fun to bc had with walking crows and six-loot talking brains.

Marilyn - I Wanna Be Loved By You .0. (loans Anonymous. Kunu'ilut .S'outltsuli'. until 26 Aug. 6.05pm. (‘apturing onc of thc silycr scrccn's most da/lling icons in a stand-up cabarct show is a tall ordcr but onc that llclcn Kanc ably mccts in this Marilyn .\lonroc tributc. .\'ot only docs shc look uncannily likc thc llollywood scx bomb but hcr \ocal inflections. body languagc and manncrisms arc rcndcrcd so pcrl‘cctly that thc cl'l'cct is almost ccric. What could cotnc across as a glorilicd Stu/is In 'I‘lu'ir liyos pcrl'ormancc is dcl'tly ayoidcd as Kanc humorously dcconstructs thc goddcss bcl'orc our ycry cy‘cs. thn shc‘s not playing it for laughs, Kanc com cy s thc touching yulncrability ol~ .\lonroc singing ‘Silycr l)ollar‘ whilc strumming wistl‘ully on hcr ukulclc. And whilc .\lonroc couldn't rcally sing a notc to sayc hcr lil'c. Kanc has thc yocal ability to complcmcnt hcr sass. t('athcrinc Bromlcy) Marquez Brothers 000. I’lt'usunt‘t'. until 27Aug. 4.35pm. A hot show of intcr- Iinkcd skctchcs cxploring thc naturc oi machismo across dil'lcrcnt culturcs.

Mat And Mackinnon: One .00. l’li'usuni‘t'. until 27Aug. 6.45pm. A scrics ol unconncctcd skctchcs. is undcrpinncd by running tnotil's which conic togcthcr in a monstrously hilarious pcnultimatc sccnc. Andrew Maxwell 0... (ii/(Int Bill/mm 'I'lu'utri'. until 27Aug. 9.15pm. This cllin—lcatut‘cd Irishman rcturns to sing thc praiscs of critical tramps, world-wcary radgc kids and linglisli scasidc towns.

Raymond Mearns COO (alt/mt Balloon 'l‘lu'utrt'. until 25 Aug. ll..i’()/nn. llaying ltlL‘ltliliCtl thc litt‘L‘L‘ rcy it“ c't‘s in Ills congrcgation from our trcnch coats and trilbys. conicdian Raymond Mcarns singlcs out your inlrcpid List rcportcr and inoycs in for thc kill. ‘l'yc ncycr had a good in icw oil The liit.‘ hc wails. launching into a diatrihc against thc s'alucs this glossy organ holds dcar; likc onc and l‘ricndship. caring and sharing. lntcraction with his audicncc is a particular strcngth of Mr Mcarns. and hc has an uncanny ability to bantcr oil thc cult about any snippcts oi biography hc's glcancd from thc front row. 'l‘hc rchcarscd niatcrial is linc. though rcsolulcly (ilcsga and thosc without prior know lcdgc of thc l’arkhcid and who wouldn't know a tnalkic il' thcy mct thcm iii thcir soup may lind thcir cy cs gla/ing oyct’. (Allan Radclil'l'ci

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe l’lcmttni'c l)onu'. until 27Aug. [Inn A showcasc of thc l"t‘itigc's bcst acts tcight pcr show). 'l‘hrcc stars from Tim l.i.\t last ycar. Mickey D and Justin Hamilton are The lndescribables COO (.‘i‘li/u/ Balloon 'Ilu'itm'. until 27Aug. ///nn. Bounding on stagc with intcctious cnthusiasin. you can't hclp but warm to thcsc Aussics. A gamc of two haly cs. Hamilton takcs thc lirst whcrc his natural Ical t'or stand-up takcs thc audicncc on board w ith casc. chaling us with talcs oi his worst gig (to a crowd of goll’crs picks on a girl and asks what hcr handicap is. to hcar thc rcply. ‘I can't walk' ). political incorrcctncss is dcliycrcd with a chccky w ink. .\lickcy l)‘s tnorc inyalacc dcliycry works wcll. too; hc rcccntly tnct thc world‘s hardcsl man in a pub in ‘Kilkody' and is in lmc with thc word ‘ayc'. llowcycr. thc barragc ol' high-\oltnncd ranting bccoincs a bit of an assault. and sonic yaricty in tonc might giy c morc punch to his potcntially hilarious outbursts.

(Ruth Ilcdgcst

Middle England .0. Kirk amt .llt'ssing/uun wit/t Luci/nut Rttiki's. l’lt'uiuni't'. until 27Aug. 6.15pm. l’illaging thc trcasurc-trtwc ol' dross and ccccntricity that lic bchind Middlc lingland suburbia. Midnight Comedy with Edd Case and Pete Kerr ’I'n'xiun littkt'r l’riulut'tiinis. (’62. until 26 Aug. Inn/night. lidd (‘asc and l’ctc Kcrt‘ dc|i\cr an hour ol ‘irrcycrcnt. irrclcyant and outlandish humour'. 'l'hrcc stars in 'l'lu' St'ttlxllltlll. Show (llltlt'tl Hill/(HUI lltt'ttll‘t'. until 27Auc. Inn/night. \Vhiting. ()‘Rourkc. ('lar 'c and Brinson hay c bccn dcscribcd. t‘cspcctiycly. as brilliant. intriguing. a rising star and simply brilliant.

Midnight Velvet Comedy Club [room Room (1! Nu lion. until 27Aug. Inn/night. Two hours of mirth cach night.

The Mitchell And Webb Clones O... Aswnilily Rnonn, until 27.1112.

8. [Spin 'l‘hc laughs conic at w arpspccd. from \ isual gags to high camp and slapstick. l'rom thc topically cruditc to Will cycs-dow n groancrs. Amazing.

John Moloney Live 000

l’lt'usunt't'. until 27'Aug. 8pm. This c\— (icrman tcachcr is not hip altcrnatiy c tun. but good old—lashioncd stand-up.

Monkey House Cabaret O.

ll'ltiti' Rub/tit ('nii'lim‘i. until 26 .lug. ltI/nn. You win sonic. you losc sonic. l’crhaps thc most lilting maxim at lhc .llonlm- llouw (it/utrvt. ('otnpcrcd by gcc/a liddic Brimson. who l‘orgcts that a link isn't a show in itscll'. thc gamcs cy cntually bcgin. (‘hcrry picking it ain‘t. But. for that. thcrc arc somc wclcomc surpriscs. 'l‘hc l’incapplc Boy s oll'cr an im cntiy c physical piccc. t'cducing Jaincs Bond into thrcc minutcs. But lhcn. thcrc arc thc loscrs. Jamcs Harris. at thc tcndcr agc ol' cightccn. barcs his soul and his humour to thc world. Such a shamc. such a mistakc. Thank god lot" Jamcs (‘larkc. w hosc chronic stuttcring tnanagcs to mix about to c iokcs at a timc and slip in scurrilous cracks at thc IRA. And thc night is rcdccmcd

(Ruth llcdgL‘sl

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