CO Thursday 23 August - Thursday 6 September 2001

Festival Sections

' 14 Books

I 14 Margaret Atwood 14 Nick Hornby

1O 17 Comedy

2 17 Ross Noble 17 Johnny Vegas "’ - " ill-Vi“ Mi/i'iiiwiiyil'w. 'rm'i “"1”

1 ,1! lie/WWW My,

i// ii ~":.;‘Iil/'/li/ Will mil Iii/iiiWiii/I'li/i

New York City Ballet 24 Shina

27 Beatrice Dalle 27 Man Who Wasn’t There 29 The Pledge

31 Dr Bunhead

,r-«i; #1:}! ; "A" (if?) i Vii

The Front

This week’s top twenty Fringe and Festival shows . . . the Film Festival changes

32 Di 'WgalkUre 32 Foo Fighters

36 Theatre

directors . . . Bob W 36 Round Up Doolally’s top five _ v _ , i” a 37 Foley football ground toilets . ., I , '

Features 49 Josef Albers 6 Metapolls - 49 Ed Ruscha

project 972 It’s designed by an architect and

57 A' bo e choreographed by a 57 Egol m man they call the Flemish Andy Warhol. - - And “,8 great. Festival View 64 The Rev Obadiah 9 Pinky and Steppenwolfe III brings some

ThUrSday 23 August- old-time religion to the Fringe and John Fardell has a final

Festival dream

Perky The pigs are alright. They’re hamming it up. And trottering out the jokes. Like Mr Benn never happened.

Saturday 1 September 2001

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10 Sean Penn The once surly Mr Madonna has cheered up and got talkative. He’s also turned out to be a mighty fine director.


at the CCA

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13 Joan Rivers The queen of the acerbic put-down hangs out with the very same people she lampoons. How does she get away with it?

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