The BFG lx'icestershire Youth A I'ts. St Ann 's Community Centre. until 25 Aug. 2pm. Roald Dahl's modern classic is translated to the stage.

Brokenville use ()n() Tlteatre Company, Kotnedia Roman Eagle lodge. until 26 Aug. 2.15pm. ln Philip Ridley's play. six lost people discover a forgotten child in a run- down house. To pacify the frightened girl they begin to tell stories featuring invisible. giant flying seahorses and rampant witches. Children’s Book Festival Charlotte

St uare Gardens, until 27 Aug. See panel.

Dr Bunhead vs The World’s Biggest Bogey see. Dr trim/reads Science Education. George Square Tlteatre. until 26 Aug. 1 lam. If only science were this interesting at school. the government wouldn‘t need any initiatives to pull people into the profession. Dr Bunhead is a walking powder keg. dashing around the stage in his multi-coloured lab coat creating all manner of noxious smells. There‘s much talk of bogeys (nature/lernent). poos. bottotn burbs and the like all of which goes down a storm with his excitable young audience (not to mention their eternally juvenile parents). But of course. secreted within this diny talk are plenty of sensible experiments. mostly centred around liquid nitrogen and its ability to do weird and wonderful things to bananas. onions. balloons and hot water bottles. Being an egghead has never been so much fun. (Kelly Apter)

The Great BooBoo see Gilded Balloon at 72’i'iot Row. until 27 Aug. 2.45pm. A little bit David Lynch. a little bit league of Gentleman with a dash of slapstick. a few laughs and sortie great dance sequences.

0 Greyfrlars Bobby eeee Frantic Redhead Productions. Greyfriars Kirk Yard. until 2 7 Aug. 1 lam. A fun. informative wee tale which old dogs will enjoy as much as voung pups.

C9 The Grunan eeeoe tau Stories. c too. until 26 Aug. 2pm. Tall Stories treat Julia Donaldson‘s story book with the kid gloves it

fl2\ rffl .o~ j

:Mfl'.‘~<- _ .

deserves. pouring equal measures of cute charm. genuine humour and fun songs into this innovative and wholly likeable production. The Happy Gang’s Singalong Saloon! Gilded Balloon at Term! Row House, until 26 Aug. 2pm. (‘hildrcn's faves Mr P. Spat). and Nicky are back with ntore singalong fun. this time out in the Wild West. The Happy Prince (in Stuck in 731.15. ('otnpany. Quaker Meeting House. until 25 Aug. l()arn. Budding thesps aged 7—-l 1 get the chance to dress tip. act. sing and generally ltave a ball helping the company stage Oscar Wilde‘s charming tale. Shy guys can. of course. just sit and enjoy the show. Journeys II Savannah ('ollege ofArt and Design. Gateway Theatre, until 27 Aug. 4.40pm. Musical adventure based on the books of Paula Wallace. exploring the mystical and exotic cultures of the Southeastern region of the LS. Les Reyes (The Dreams) Beano the Clown. (‘ Venue. until 26 Aug. 10.50am. Beano the (‘lown makes the transition from street theatre to stage. Suitable for ages 4 and over. Little Worth Wells ('athedral Junior School. Augustine 's. until 25 Aug. 3.25pm. A little boy escapes the poverty of his homelife by joining the circus in this musical tale. Monsters in my Wardrobe O... The Stand ('ontedy ('luh. until 26 Aug. noon. liight-year-old Jimmy encounters an octopus. a snow beast and a fire dragon before conquering his fear of the dark. Funny. evocative and essential viewing for anyone with a light by their bedside. Mr Boom . . . Children’s One Man Band The Famous Spiegeltent. until 25 Aug. llani. (‘osmic fun with the looniest children’s entertainer in the solar system. Hot NOW, Bernard 0. Boundless Theatre ('ont/ntny, (2 until 26 Aug. [2.30pm. A wonderful purple monster and innovative staging go sortie way towards saving this stage adaptation of David .‘vchee's popular children's book. But scant narrative dialogue will leave younger ones a tad confused.


Children’s Book Festival Charlotte Square Gardens. until 27 Aug. With a bit of luck. festival fatigue won‘t quite have set in for you or your kids. as the last few days of the Book

Festival have some real gems.

Harry Horse has been a high profile figure in the political cartoon world for sortie years now while. at the same time. his Roo stories have been beguiling the little ones. The last Polar Bears (pictured) is his latest work of illustrated wit and a marvelloust entertaining tale of exploration. Horse will be talking about his work (26 Aug. 1pm) and holding a masterclass for the weans‘ elders (National Trust For Scotland. 26 Aug. 3pm).

Other highlights include acclaimed writers Joan Lingard discussing Me And My Shadow (25 Aug. l.45pm) and Jostein (iaarder. author of the universally successful Sophie 's World (24 Aug. 1.45pm). Incredibly successful novelist for teens. Melvin Burgess wades in with his Bloodtide (26 Aug. l()am) before joining Marina Warner and Philip Pullman for a chat about Myth. Magic And Metamorphosis (26 Aug. 3.30pm).

And who among you could possibly resist the animal magic of Peter Rabbit And Friends (24 Aug. 2.30pm) and everyone‘s favourite pup. Spot (24 Aug. 1 1.30am & 12.45pm)? That‘s

right. no one. (Brian Donaldson)

Once Upon a Time . . . e s ofA I’rmluctions. The Scotsman Hotel. until 26 Aug. llain. Take three good. solid fairytales Peter Pan. Witch of the Woods and The Nightingale —- add some well- designed sets and plenty of colourful costumes. and then ruin it all with bad direction and poor performances. The first two tales are over in the blink of an eye. while The Nightingale drags on at stultifying length the lack of pace showing a blatant disregard for the age. and attention span. of the audience. (Kelly Apterl

Our Little ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Bilton Yoth Action Theatre Group. Rocket (0‘ South Bridge Resource ('entre. until 24 Aug. 4.30pm. Bilton offer their own take on the popular musical. For ages 7 and

0 Pandemonium 00000 Wise/tart I’rmluctions. (' Belle Ange/e. until 26 Aug. 10.30am Jenifer 'l‘oksvig breathes new life into mythical Greek characters. in this rollicking romp of a show.

The Pied Piper Albert & Friends Instant ( 'ircus. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. until 27Aug. [2.45pm. Acclaimed London children's circus have fun in the Garden.

0 The Princess and the Pea C... (' Venue. until 26 Aug. ll.2()am. A beautiful princess. a handsome prince and a host of cameo characters keep the action visually compelling for little eyes. while a sharp and humorous narrative gives adults something to latch onto.

Princess Plimsole - Incarnate C... I’leasance. until 27Aug. noon. Tired of simply hearing about the adventures that lie outwith the palace. Princess Plimsole decides to experience them for herself. As ridiculous as it is poignant this wee l’ringe gem is definitely one for all the family.

The Tartan Snow Baby coo

Venue 13. until 26 Aug. l()am. Ripley 'I‘heatre attempt a musical version of King Lear. told by a flock of sheep and assorted half-fairies. witches and harpies. ()ver- ambitious. but well-performed. they almost manage to pull it off. The story is breathlessly told. taking place on and off stage. allowing younger children to engage in a straightforward goodies versus baddies tale. whilst older children (and adults) can enjoy the songs and the plot. (Michael Apter)

The Thirteen Clocks .00 The Hole in the Ground Theatre (o, Hill Street Theatre. until 27Aug. l().4()ani. In this adaptation of James 'l'hurber's magical fairy-tale. the exuberant performers give their all. btit while the story is a lot of fun. the playful tise of language is lost on five year olds. making the show more suitable for eights and above.

Treasure Island 0000. Wee Stories Theatrejor (‘hildretr .\'elherhow Theatre, until 26 Aug. 5.30pm. Ramshackle props are expertly Used by this talented pair who keep the kids amused with gruesome action and singalongs and the adults chuckling with sly asides. Dynamically acted. riotously funny and utterly riveting.

A Very Hairy Bus Ride! Donne Right Bankers, Grey/‘riars Kirk House. until 27 Aug. llam. ()ne terrified school teacher. four noisy schoolchildren and three grizzly bears take a very hairy bus ride in this barmy show.

VOIle‘IO .O. Theatre I)“ Risoritts. Garage ('hapiteau. until 27Aug. .t‘ptn A’- (ipm. ()ne-man puppet show which tells the tale (in French) of forbidden love. between Volpino the fox cub and his paramour Mimi the rabbit.

Water Babies Leir‘estershire Youth

A rts, St Ann 's ( 'orntnunity ( 'entre. until 25 Aug. l()am. Adaptation of(‘harles Kingsley's novel.

Why the Ostrich has a Long Neck .0. Hadithi. Royal Botanic Garden Fdinhurgh. until 27Aug. .t’prn. Mama Africa. a crocodile. hare. bee. tiger and. of course. an ostrich unravel the mystery of why this funny looking bird has indeed got such a long neck.

Dr Bunhead vs The World’s Biggest Bogey The good doctor's back in town with another helping of scientific mayhem all done in the worst possible taste. See review. George Square Theatre, until 26 Aug, 7 7am.

Treasure Island Wee Stories Theatre work their magic on R. L. Stevenson's adventure tale, packing gruesome action, fun singalongs and intelligent humour into this five star show. Netherbow Theatre, until 26 Aug, 5.30pm.

Pandemonium Music, song and dance merge in Jenifer Toksvig’s reworking of the classics. Greek myths never looked so good. C Bel/e Ange/e, until 26 Aug, 70.30am.

Monsters in my Wardrobe Snow beasts and fire dragons come out of the closet in Blue Boat Theatre‘s funny and evocative play. The Stand. until 26 Aug, noon.

The Graffan Tall Stories adapt Julia Donaldson’s popular picture book for the stage. featuring fun songs. great characterisation and a superbly scary Gruffalo. C too, until 26 Aug, 2pm.

Greyfriars Bobby Take a stroll through Jock and Bobby’s old haunts, with the wittiest narrator in town and a cast of characters that pop up in dingy closes and behind grave stones. Greyfriars Kirk Yard, until 27 Aug, 7 (am.

Princess Plimsole A lonely princess enters the big wide world and encounters all kinds of nonsense in this Fringe gem from Incarnate. P/easance, until 27 Aug, noon.

The Princess and the Pea Charming adaptation which turns three of Hans Christian Andersen's tales into one. C Venue, until 26 Aug, 77.20am.

23 Aug-6 Set) 2001 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 31