A&R ... (ii/(led Bill/Hint 'l'lti'illt'i’. until 27Aug. 6pm. In this play by Peter .Morris. a terribly evil Ath man. Damian. works his corporate crookery on a young couple the naive. but talentless. wannabe rock star. and his naive. but cynical. wannabe wife. Through a series of flashbacks and tlashforwards. the narrative unfolds. ably assisted by [)amien who doubles up as narrator. It has its moments. and it's entertaining enough. But it's all a bit too predictable and. unfortunately. after half an hour or so it has pretty much shot its dramatic bolt. So. the music industry is full of manipulative bastards who want to fuck over young acts. lime. but this is as subtle as a brick in the face. leaving it sounding more like a thesis than a play. (Davie Archibald)

Address Unknown .00 Randolph Studio (0 The French lustitute. until 2.5 Aug. times vary. Kresstnann 'l’aylor's moving piece of theatre is that rare beast. the epistolary play. Max writes from Munich. the Jewish Martin from San l-‘rancisco. As the upheavals associated with Hitler‘s rise to power shake (iermany. Max‘s attitudes to his old friend harden. When Martin‘s sister (iiselle travels to liurope she is pursued by the secret police and throws herself on Max's mercy. with dramatic and deadly consequences. Taylor's tale evidences a twofold dramatic irony: he know s. as the characters do not. that Hitler's rise to power would result in rabid anti-Semitism. while we know. as Taylor twriting in 1038) did not. the dreadful extremes to which that prejudice would be taken. A few lltlflctl lilies aside. Aililress (’nknown is a gripping and insightful look into divided loyalties. (James Smart) Adult Child, Dead Child 000 (ii/(led Bolloon 'I'lu'utre. until 27Aug. l/nn. The script is compelling stuff. but the staging is often unfocused.

Adult Child/Dead Child The Statement Dru/no ('oIn/ninv. Roma/iii Ronuin ling/e Lodge. until 26 Aug. 4. l5/nn. Alan Ayckhourn praised this production of ('laire l)ow ic's play about a young girl hearing voices.

Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary ('iunlirulge l'niversitv AIM. \enue. Bed/um 'l‘lieotre. until 25 Aug. (i/nn. Student production of Agatha ('hristic's mystery. Three stars in The .S'cotsnuin. Agnes of God l'lieotre Hints/top. until 25 Aug. [pin The story of a yotmg nun who gives birth in mysterious circumstances.

Air Freshener Si‘ltltlt.’ 'l‘lieutre (‘o.. Old St Paul's (‘liurcli ((- llnll. until 25 Aug. 12. l5um. (’ollection of dark comedies. Albert, Make Us Laugh I’m-k l’lay'ers A.l).S. Rocket (0‘ St John 's' lliill. until 25 Aug. 2pm. Amateur production of a play about a mesmerising eleven year old.

Poesia ‘Alcina’s Arts’ Si .llurk 's‘ in ('ustle 'lerriice. St .llurk 's ('nituriun ('liurcli. until 2t Aug. 5pm. Four frayed characters discuss life backstage at a baroque opera. Alex Through the Looking Glass I-‘res-li Blood 'l‘lieutre. (' Belle Ange/e. until 26 Aug. 6.30pm. Drama intermingling Lewis ('arroll with the story of a young anorexic woman. Three stars in The .S'cotsmon.

Alice in Wonderland l'in'liidden 'I'lteotre ('o., (‘ lenue. until 2!) Aug. 4pm. Alice is aged-tip to eighteen in this physical theatre production.

All Cloned Up .... l’leus‘unt‘e Dome. until 27Aug. ll..i()pm. l have a confession to make. Despite being white and straight I am a member of a minority group. I love musicals. This low budget show should appeal to those sick of the schmalt/y sttiff churned out by Mackintosh and Lloyd Webber. To a trance and techno soundtrack. written by Mike Bennett. the story unravels of a professor who kills his wife and staff. then clones them. But there‘s trouble in the ranks. The plot is silly. the singing's great and the dancing sheep chorus is best of all. This may not appeal to die-hard fans of the 80s style. flashy musical. But big ain't always best. Remember the cult success of cheapo movies like Bluir tlitcli'.’ t Kik Reid) Alpha Beta I’iiliinpsest Productions. (irevjfi‘iurs Kirk Ilouse. until 27Aug. 7.!)5/nn. 1972 drama about a tempestuous marriage performed by a new company.

Alte Meister Burgtlieutei: liennn. Royal Lyceum 'Illt'tlll't'. 27 A" 28Aug. 7..\’()/iIn. Adaptation of the Austrian nov elists's acclaimed book. foctIsing on four squabbling biographers.

Am I Losing My Mind or Just My Figure? l’regniint I’iiuse. l’leusonce. until 27Aug. ll.45um. ('omedy drama about a it)- something woman‘s pregnancy. l-‘our stars in lltt’ Scotsman.

Amy Evans’ Strike 0.0. At‘lit'illi'il linuge. Rocket ((1 Roviil ('ollege ot’Suigeons. until 27Aug. 5.40pm. Surely one of the gems of 2()()|. and not just because this venue has the comtiest seats on the l‘ringc. this hugely

The plot is silly, the singing’s great and the dancing sheep

chorus is best All Cloned Up

entertaining play follows the chain of events set in motion by a twelve-year-old schoolgirl who. convinced by her own logic. decides she‘s not going to do any more schoolwork ever again. The ripples of this act of defiance spread out through the school. the community. the national press and finally to

Parliament. Appealing characters. uncertainty

as to how things will work themselves out

or even if they will and curiosity about Amy‘s secret ambition keep the audience hooked right from the start. (let hold of the film rights now. and make yourself a fortune. (Alastair Mabbott) An English Educafion .Vi'tlterlmn' Theatre. until I .S'ep. l/nn. ()ne-man play about James I of lingland.

The Anarchist Plays Rocket (‘1 SI John's Hull. until 25 Aug. times vary. lrish student company presents Dario l-‘o‘s Accidental Death ot'un Anarchist plus a topical seqttel of its own.

Animal Farm l.eii‘eslet'sltire Youth Arts, 5! Ann 's' ('ommunitv (’entre. until 25 Aug. 6pm. ()rwcll's political satire.

Animal Farm .... Assembly Rooms. until 27Aug. llum. We all know (ieorgc ()rwell's Animal l’urm was written to condemn Stalin's dictatorship. But can this tale of political corruption really be relevant today'.’ In (iuy Masterson's adaptation of this modern classic. l.i//ie Wort energetically physicalises the animals as they convert to Animalism and overthrow the humans. Directed by Tony Bone/a. Wort is smarmy as spin-doctor Squealer and brutish as big boss- pig. Napoleon. \\'ort's performance is highly commendable; she changes character and accent with great speed and skill. The lighting and sound complement her performance and the use of audio recordings of speeches by Thatcher and Blair give an additional dimension. It all makes you pretty grateful that today's politicians never lie. tKik Reid)

Apology for the Life of an Actor - Paul Pfeiffer l’leiisunce. until 27Aug. l2.l()[mt. Recreation of 18th century theatre. Three stars in The .S‘cotsnuin.

Armadillo Sunset ])itl_ii)(lil-lit'lsl. ‘I'Iie Sulnvny. until 24 Aug. 2.45pm. Iipisodic surreal comedy.

Artaud in Wonderland l’eriplum 'I‘ree. lv'omediu Ronuin ling/e Lodge. until 26 Aug.

b9 - Clinch Mountain Lookout .... Wok/(u Wit/(lid. C Underground. until 26 Aug. times vary: If 771(‘Adt/(llfis‘ I’amily‘ were reinvented for the 2 1 st century this might be what you‘d get: parents who still fancy the pants off each other and two kids who are constantly trying to kill each other. Only the family in this show don't always dress in dark clothing. though their kids do sport some black. rubber fetish gear at one point. Don't ask.

Written by Gwendolyn Warnock. this play is centred on the relationship between Annie and Bill. a seemingly perfect suburban couple. Whilst Bill is at work. Annie cooks and cleans and purchases unnecessary gadgets for the kitchen. As the action progresses the relationship disintegrates. with domestic bliss tuming to marital horror. The characters‘ distress and inability to resolve their situation is portrayed through a series of frustrated movements. Additionally we meet an obese bingo caller and a sleazy singer who wheels his own stage around.

This play is original. hilariously weird and very dark. In a similar vein to American Beauty it undermines superficial notions of beauty and normality. The scenes where the couple symbolise their sex life by chanting and dancing around the kitchen are particunarly innovative. If you don't burst a blood vessel laughing you'll blow a brain cell trying to figure it all out. (Kik Reid)

38 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 73 Anti—(3 80;) 200'.

3.40pm. A weird comedy based on Artaud. inventor of Theatre of ('ruelty. and Lewis ('arroll. Three stars in Metro. Arthur Kopit’s BecauseHeCan min-at Theatre (731' ('SA. I)runnnond ('ommunitv 'l‘lieutre. until 25 Aug. 4pm. British premiere of Kopit's play. part internet thriller. part psychological mystery.

Artts Touring Company Presents: Nowhere Fast l’leusunce. until 27Aug. [2.45pm. Drama condemning the excesses of consumer society.

As It Is In Heaven 0... Assembly Rooms. until 27Aug. [.25pm. Sisters are doing it for themselves in this powerful musical drama from Arlene llutton about nine Shaker women surviving hardship in 1830s Kentucky.

At the Fringe a Beggar’s Opera The Asian lleriuige l'oundotion. .-\ugustine 's, until 27Aug. times vary: Indian street entertainers join with an linglish magician to tell their own story.

0 b9 - Clinch Mountain Lookout .... lliikku lliikku. (‘ ('nderground. until 2/) Aug. times vary: See review panel. Baby with the Bathwater Rocket (0‘ South Bridge. until 25 Aug. 7.30pm. (‘hristopher Durang's comedy about bringing tip children.

The Bald Prima Donna O.

Asylum ’l‘lieutre (o. Komediu Rontun ling/e Lodge. until 2/) Aug. 4.55pm. It's a bit harsh to attack a classic of 20th century theatre. but as I watched this accomplished production. I began to wonder if lonesco's narrative experiments and absurdist play with language haven't become a little dated. however influential they've been in the past. There's a l’ythonesque humour in the performances of the two actors who take on the play's multiple roles. but the story of the tinglish couple. the Smiths. who are visited by another couple. and the local fire chief. has lost some of the edge to its surrealist satire of conformity and tone suspects) tinglishness. All the same. there are still a few delights. and no doubt still extant admirers of the writer will enjoy this pared-down version. tStev e ('ramer)

Be My Baby ()nlv ('onnect. (ireyj/riurs Kirk llouse. until 27Aug. 6.30pm. Drama about a single mother in the (illS.

Bed Among the Lentils COO. .\'icliolu .lchulitle. l’leosunee. until 27Aug. 1.25pm. Nicola McAuIiffc shines in Alan Bennett's acclaimed iii/king lleiuls' monologue about the alcoholic wife of an Anglican vicar.

Bedbound o... 'lim'erse 'I’lieotre. until 25 Aug. times t'nrv. A story of the rise and fall of a (chic tiger and his relationship with a daughter crippled by polio is at the centre of this tale by linda Walsh of Disco l’igs fame. l'ringe l’irst winner.

The Beggar’s Opera .S‘i (ieorge ‘x School and The lzdinlnirgli Academy. St (ieorge 's‘ School. until 25 Aug. 7.30pm. John (iay‘s lSth century ballad opera.

Ben Moor and Janice Phayre: Three Wishes Ben .llooi: l’leusiince. until 27Aug. 7. l5/nn. Romantic comedy about the issues that arise when you get what you wish for. live stars in The livening News.

Ben Moor: A Supercollider for the Family Ben .lloor. l’leosiince. until 27Aug. llum. Romantic comedy revived from success in 1997.

Beowulf (irenilel l’riuliu‘tiinis. (iotemiv 'l'lieiitre. until 27Aug. 4. /5pm. li'ish company revives medieval epic poem. Berkoff’s Hell & Dostoevsky’s Dream of a Ridiculous Man 0000 George Dillon 's liliil llti‘iltl‘i'. Hill Street ‘l‘lieutre. until 27Aug. 5.55pm. There can be few actors who have brought such power to Stey en Berkoft ‘s words as (icorge Dillon. :\ compelling performer with an astonishing command of his abilities.

Best Friends Hive/nut I’rotluclions. (‘ Belle Ange/e. until 2/) Aug. 7.45pm. Israeli writer Anat (iov's comedy about troubled relationships between three women.

& I'T'Ullllt' Rr'illti'itil

Productions. ('ron‘ne I’lii:ii llotel. until 26

Aug. 1. l5/nn. Drama about relationships.

Birdy Roe/vet (U South Bridge. 2.? 25 Aug. 2. l5pm. lixpatriate American Naomi Wallace‘s play about teenage boy s growing