as Quentin (‘risp. both funny and poignant. Winner of a Ilerald Atigel. Rather Me Than You (ii/(It’ll Balloon 'I'lieatre. until 27Aug. (ipni. A student murders someone and invites his relatives round for a murder mystery evening. ()ne star in The livening News. Raw ... l’lea.vatiee. until 27 Aug. 2.20pm. l’ortraying the murderottsly violent outbursts of female street-kid [ex and her gang. Raw da/./.les with bursts of aggression and flashes of intensity. liringe First winner. Reader I Murdered Him 000 l’leas‘ance. until 27Aug. 2pm. This production's relocation of the Bronte sisters to the present day sets the scene for some serious bickering about literature. love and cadavers. Detective Inspector Acton arrives at the Bronte's cottage in search of information about an escaped mental patient, atid finds the highly strtnig ('harlotte desperate to confess to murder. I'nfortunately for the local police's crime solving statistics. it's the murder of one I.ord Rochester. Soon enough. more bodies are fotitid atid lost. ('harlotte has fallen in love and thunder has rumbled to its heart's content. lintertaining despite its inconsistencies. attd irreverent despite its writer's obvious affection for the literature of the sisters. Rear/er l Allll'tll‘l't'rl Him is amusing btit hardly mould-breaking theatre. (James Smart) The “8" Shoes .... l’lertxilnt‘t’. until 27Aug. 3.30pm. See review panel. Rehearsing ‘Reversing’ Rt 'l).S‘. Augustine '.v. until 27Aug. l.55/im. Twelve parts are shared between fotir actors in this twisting satirical play. Reorganised Crime I’lll'plt’ l’roilta‘tionx. Old St Paul's ('liuri'li A" Hall. until 2.5 Aug. 12.30pm. What do yoti get if you cross aii liast lind gangster with a management consultant'.’ Reservoir Dogs (A Tribute) 2 um- .Ilirror Film and Theatre l’l'tH/llt'lHHIS, Komeilia Roman lz'agle l,oilge. until 2/) Aug. times vary. Quentin 'I‘arantino's script is brought to life live on stage. Resolution .. Assembly Rooms. until 27Aug. 5.25pm. Written and performed by Pip l'tton. Resolution centres on the lives of a drtmk driver and the father of his victim. reworkingCassandra oooo Browne Barnes l’roilia‘tions, (iateii'av 'l‘lteatre. until 27 Aug. 2..i‘()pm. See review panel. Richard III Tremor (on/iv. (' too. until 25 Aug. noon. Highly physical version of Shakespeare's tale of one man's killing charm. Three stars in lllt’ .S'eotsman. The Ride Down Mount Morgan [filinliurglt Theatre A I‘lv, St .\'inian 's Episcopal ('liureli. until 25 Aug. times vary: Flashbacks tell the tale of Lyman l‘elt. a man juggling two lives and two wives. in Arthur .‘vfiller's l‘)‘)() play. Ristorante Immortale ooooo Assembly Rooms. until 27 Aug. 5.40pm. There are only two seats in Ristorante Imtnortale. btit there's no need to book. because no one ever cats there. In this great production. the staff of a shabby eatery rigorously prepare for the impending nonexistent customers. Road Music ... (.(lllllll'ltlg't' lfnivetivitv Al)(‘ Venue. (' l'enue. until 2/) Aug. I.4()pm. This tale of live (an arid dead poets by Alex Parsonage and Tom l’errin may reek of precious lit crit debating halls and beatnik pretension but it is also a humane. intelligent and occasionally profound piece of theatre. l‘)(i7: poet Allen (iinsberg is touring Iiurope and visits Ezra Pound. father of modern verse and disgraced anti-Semitic octogenarian. Things are awkward (iinsberg is all sunshine and Pound is silent and ftill of darkness. Luckily a young writer Martha is also staying and she becomes our narrator as two dogmas meet and find a common ground. This could do with a lot of trimming the troubadour is unnecessary and annoying. the jaw band is so underused it's ridiculous btit on the whole the solid script and adequate performances make this a cerebral delight. (I’aul I)alel Rotozaza/lcarus [Take It, Take It] Denture!) Rocket I’I‘tnltu‘liottv. Rue/tel (0 St John '.v Hall. until 2/) Aug. IU..i’()/mi. Inventive technological imagistic theatre.

Rough Crossing ('amliriilge ('nii‘etivitv Al)(' lenue. (' lenue. until 2/) Aug. 2.50pm. Tom Stoppard's take on the romantic comedy genre. complete with live ja/l. Rudolph Hess Prince Of Spandau 2 liar .Iliri'or Film and Theatre l’t'otluetions'. lx'ometlia Roman lz'agle l.oilge. until 2!) Aug. 11.20am. Black comedy with the l-‘uhrer's maniac disciple. Two stars in The Scotsman. Runt .... The Production Line. (iiltlt'tl Balloon at let'iot Rott' lltntye. until 27Aug, 7pm. Michael I’hillip Iidwards explains the complex father—son relationship which dogged his early life in an amusing tale. charismatically related. which expertly characteriscs the Jamaican family figures froin his childhood. I’rmge l-‘irst winner. Sakura - The Bandit Princess .... Avvemlilv Ron/try. until 27Aug. [2.55pm. Kati Karuda stars iii this tale of a bandit princess of questionable parentage. her loyal retainer. a sadistic prince and a fair bit of cross dressing arid murder. Sardanapalo oo l’rll‘lll/NllUt’x. Bali/es d" l’avpalltoeyfl'ultura Ingleva. ('ontinental Shifty at St Brit/e '.\ (kn/re. until 25 Aug. 2pm. Too much bravado spoils the rich broth of this Breehtian circus retelling of Alexander the (heart's life. The production (a huge hit iii the company ‘s native Bra/ill looks and sounds fantastic. with striking costumes and make-up and imaginative set design and music. btit such cosmetic pleasures cannot disguise the ropy nature of the piece. Though the actors‘ poor linglisli is at first charming. this eventually inhibits our understanding of the story and becomes irritating when the tin-scripted narration disintegrates into rambling and noisy profanity. The ensemble works best in moments of slapstick and circus virtuosity. btit this prov cs frustrating when strung out to nearly two hours. Scruffy and under- rehearsed. this could do with being tightened tip and chopped by at least fifty percent. (Allati Radcliffei

Scarface lair/(lie [xii/(l. (' l 'nilt't'gt‘tntnil. until 26 Aug. llLJ’Uiitii. Tribute to Brian dc I’alma's classic movie.

The Scarlet Letter Blue line Arts Inc. Auguvtine'x. until 25 Aug. 9.10pm. New musical based on Ilawthornc's tale of hypocrisy. dissent and silt.

Scarlet Snow St Mary is xiv/mot. (‘a/ne. (' Belle Ange/e. until 2!) Aug. l/..v’()am. I‘t‘tttlltisltt meets Big Brother when Hilary (’linton hooks tip with Marilyn Monroe and other icons lotmging around iii Purgatory. ScarletZone ... Japan lit/wrieni'e. 'l‘lie (iarage. until 27 Aug. 5pm. This is a powerful and engrossing display of physical theatre that explores the harrowing effects of military prostitution.

Schizophrenia - Sensitivity

oo Altittule .Vot‘tlt. Hill Street Theatre. until 27Aug. 8.45pm. Any art concerned with the difficulties of communication is walking a wobbly tightrope. with the prospect of toppling into the worst indulgences of obscure experimental theatre always a worry. Writer Adrian Stiiith has obviously been thinking deeply about language and schi/ophrenia. btit exactly what his conclusions are we can only glimpse through the splintered ramblings of art institutionalised man who fears words. While he rolls about the floor. a pianist and percussionist echo his confusion. In the second half. a different man fills up a hot bath and bottles the water. None of tis is any the wiser. Apparently. the piece isn‘t meant to provide a resolution. or answers. l‘air enough. btit lights going tip on blank faces doesn‘t seem like tnticli of a result. (Alastair .\labbotll

School For Fools Knitter/iii St Step/tenv. until 27Aug. ltlnev l'tll‘\'. Atmospheric Rtissian production about a boy ‘s fleeting. formative. childhood impressions attending l‘)5l)s Soy ict school.

Schoolgirl Dreams ('t‘at'en Image lilieatre. ('o2. until 20 Aug. 12. l5/mi. Awardwinning writer Richard Bicklcy tells

For hour by hour daily listings see

Listings Supplement.

The Notebook oooo

(If/I") Royal Lyceum. until 25 Aug (in repertory- with The Proof).

De ()nderneming’s production is less a dramatisation than an articulation of Agota Kristof's waitime novel. As often as not. the four Antwerp actors illustrate as opposed to act ottt this story of twin boys thrown into the care of a callous grandmother attd left to fetid for

themselves iii a loveless adult world.

The style is stripped back and fluid. A couple of chairs and a table. a bucket. some apples. rudimentary lighting (rather too rudimentary at times) and little else. The actors tend to come downstage and address the audience directly. speaking in an oddly-accented linglish that gives their performances ati added eccentricity. Sometimes they are engaged. fttlly iii the centre of the drama. btit then they‘ll be cool. dispassionate. explaining the story iii an

uninllected monotone.

Quirky is the word. and it's a qtiirkiness that throws the brutal edge of this .story into relief. To survive their cruel circumstances. the brothers (a lov'eable Robby (‘leiren arid (itinter l.esage) devise a utilitarian philosophy that makes them immune either to pain or pleasure. They react to the sexual advances of older women (a brilliant (‘arly Wiis) and men tRys/ard Turbiasz) with a passionless curiosity that shows tip the dehumanising impact of war. The result is both entertaining and unsettling. (Mark Fisher)

the stor} of Malcolm. a frustrated middle aged man who decides to Use the services of the oldest profession.

The Seagull lienna li’ui'gt/u'atci: lx'ing 'v 'l'lieatre. 2‘) Aug I Sep. timev l'tlI'V. (‘hekhov 's masterpiece directed by l.uc Bondy in a major lill‘ production. Sealboy: Freak oooo ‘l‘lteatre lloi'Lvlio/i. until 25 Aug. times ran. You may know .\Iat l‘raser as the short armed (due to his mother taking thalidomide in pregnancy i presenter and actor of('-l's I’realt ()utand .lletrovetua/itv as well as the film Quillv. (‘onfrontational. visceral and often downright disturbing. liraser has taken it upon himself to push the disability awareness envelope.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 l.('l('('.\l('l'.\/lll'(' litttllt At'lv, St Ann '.v ('ommunitv (‘entrtz until 25 Aug. 4pm. Stie Tow usend's popular novel adapted. The Secret Love Life of Ophelia Avvetnltlr Roomy. until :rqxlllg'. J/im. Steven Berkoff's new verse play. infused with images of love. desire and tragedy. Semblance of Madness! ooo ll'illiloo lllt'tlll‘r’. ('o2. until 2!) Aug. 2pm. A tense. claustrophobic mood pervades this disturbing portrayal of three women playing mindgames with each other in a mental asylum.

Sex 8. Chocolate (it/ital Balloon at li’l'lt’l lv’ovi llouve. until 2/"Aue. 7'..~'lI/iiii. I'iona Knowles stars in Rona .\Iunro's comedy about the important things in life. Sex 1: Death 2 oooo I’ll-manic. until 27Aug. 2pm. A host of characters from sex worker to gravcdigger is brought to life by three women who itiipersonate their recorded voices while listening to them through headphones. lt's both exciting and touching.

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll ooo l’leavant'e. until 27Aug. //. l5/mt. Despite the title. Iiric Bogosian's trawl through the detritus-licking male psyche is tittllatiiig only iii its complete and utter nihilism. Desperate \ igltclle follth s desperate vignette.

Sexing Alan Titchmarsh - Doran and Braine ... I’leavaiu'i'. until 2 2 Aug. /.-l5lini. Innuendo laden comedy that

gently lampoons the green-lingered celebrity arid liis gardening buddies. Shagnasty and Duck .00 (it/ital Balloon 'l‘lu'att'e. until 27Aug. 5.15pm. Two chemically challenged ex-cons buy into a Thai prostibabe scam and run into gangster problems.

Shakespeare - The Good Beer Guide Barking .Ilail. (‘o2. tutti/26.11111. 6.55pm. Tim Barker gives his interpretation of the Bard‘s works.

Shakespeare For Breakfast

... (‘ \i’nue. until 2/) Aug. Illa/n. first they ply you with caffeine and calories. then they lead you through a highly energetic and entertaining improvised guide to love. Shakespeare’s Dog ooo I)il)o l’t'oilta'tionv. Hill Street llieatt‘e. until 2" Aug. Jill/mi. This gently understated one man play devised by atid starring Donal .‘vlerren is an interesting work btit fails to ignite tiiticli passion. Based on the retmnisces of aii lrisli actor Key in ()’l)onncll. the play explores the world of theatre with clever Use of space and props which aid .‘vlerrcn to jump smoothly from character to character.

Shakespeare’s Shorts Bv lx’mri/ Diva/nun'ntment. ('Belle Ange/e. until 2/) Aug. /.-l5/iin. Bantiuo refuses to die and llatiilet won't shut tip in this farcical tale, Shakespeare’s Women 0000 .lvvem/ilv lv’ooniv. until 2,...lll'c’. ll.-l5am. Susannah York explores the iiitilti tacctetl emotion of Iov e as seen llit'otlgll the cy es of Shakespeare's women in this pow erlul one woman show.

Shards of Glass ('t'ttti'n ltnitgc llu til/i. (' l 'nili't‘gt'ounrl. uttttl 2/) Aug. -ll"tl.'. ‘I'lie lhcnie til sltlt' crossed IU\ cl's ts Ill‘tlillv'tl. Shaving and Plucking l/titt' Raging Ilu‘ittt't' (o. lx'onuiltit lv’oinitn l-itgli' loitgi. until 2/) .lug. /2.-lt)pni. 'l he story of .l woman who laces arrest for waxing her husband.

Sherlock Holmes: Murder in Edinburgh l't'illlllt' lx’t'tlllt'tltl l’l’t’t/llt‘ltttltv. Iv’anilol/ilt Slur/to (‘1 llu l'it'nt lI lnvtttuti'. until 2‘.\ttg. .v'..v'U/mt. Take a walk alottg tlic \\'.tter of l.eith with Arthur ('onan l)oy lc. Watson and Holmes as they solve a murder four stars iii I'lu' Iz't'ening New \.