Ak- I Danse

Sur La Ligne Entre La Terre at La Mer

Aki - a contemporary dance performed on parllel bars symbolising

the boundary between the earth and sea, life and death. High ten-

sion, incredible physical control and balance gives way to a breath- taking performance.

Aug 5 - 27 (NOT 13, 20) 19:30 to 20:20 Garage Chapiteau 8 pounds (7 pounds)

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{A dynamic movement

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. Aug 8th - 27th 7p ' 4)) £9/£7(mnc)/£5(under 14) GS ' e atrei Grindlaz Cou

Scandinavian . _ performer of magic & .7 takes magic into a whole new direction.

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, Dazzling skills combined with movement bring radical visions into life: on a naked body. balls appear and disappear. Playing cards dance together with Beethoven.

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Aug 12-27

15:00 to 15:45 Garage Chapiteau 7.5 pounds

(5.5 pounds)

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SAW d-Boys m Gay _ amural Revue 3.

Beautiful silky skinned Japanese boys will entertain you with song. dance. and steamy scenes. The wild side of Japan as you never saw it. Hot and Sexy! Women also welcome.

Sell-out in Japan.

Aug 5-27

(NOT 13, 21)

21:30 to 22:30 Garage Citrus Club 8 pounds (7 pounds)


Theatre du Risorius -- "V , Volpino Adventures of a little fox and rabbit.

Delightful array of puppets come alive!

The Theatre du Risorius transports you to the land of sheer magic and enjoyment , filled with laughter. Puppet show performed in a gypsy caravan in Princes Gardens. .~

Aug 5—27 Garage Chapiteau Roulette Spectacle 6 pounds (5 pounds)

Fascinating fusion of traditional Noh drama. western theatre. and jazz dance.

Web site:



Aug. 5 - 27 (NOT 13, 21) 15:45 to 16:45 Garage Theatre 8 pounds (7 pounds)