DESIGN INGO MAURER Tangram, until 1 Sep 0000

German—born lrigo Maurer is undoubtedly one of the world's most influential and visionary lighting designers. l lis Pop Art inspired lamp Bull) (1966). siriiply a bulb within a bulb. spurred the use of Edison's invention in a number of his designs. and the establishment of his manufacturing company. At Tangram. his latest obsession. paper. is the staple ingredient of his new collection of lamps. the lvlalvlo


Placed on a series of plinths in the white. airy space of the lower level. are Maurer's exquisite handmade creations. Based on the traditional Japanese craft of akarr making. paper is pleated. pulled and sculpted into delicate forriis. Employing subtle creamy tones Gaku evokes the image of a lily as paper Curls round a slender stem. The deep red colour of Kokaro resembling rose petals emits a fiery glow. The quirky lamps of Poul Poul arid Samurai delight with their animal-like appearance. While Malibruky reveals tl‘.’(} single rods furnished with paper shavings and circular mirrors which reflect the pattern of the paper.

Fly Candle F/y.’. not part of the new collection. is also included. The ingenious concept of suspending long burning candles from wire seems at first to be incredibly simple. But put on the SD specs provided and a holograri:

of hearts appears in the burning flame.

Maurer's ability to illuminate his designs by his z ‘.'.'areness of simplicity. technical sophistication and visual beauty. confirms his status a leading liglil in this field.

(Helen Monaghanl



Royal Botanic Garden, until 14 Oct 0

The Franz West sculptures currently gracing the grounds of the Botanics could quite literally be described as shit. Three of the four aluminium sculptures are colonic shaped. looking like giant faeces or trophies awarded for the best in toilet humour. lhe fourth sculpture looks like a giant blue golf ball floating on the surface of the water.

Located at various points throughout the Gardens. the sculptures do li()i engage anything more than a constipated curiosity as you i'xrangle with their purpose and meaning. West would like the public to understand his work as organic entities that are there to be freely touched and played with. On this occasion a quick tap suffices unless there's anyone interested in playing with model shits.

The sculptures are not solipsistic but completely anodyne causing neither distaste nor a lasting interest. lhey are merely there waiting for a giant poop a-scoop from the sky. llsabella Word


PAIN l th‘i


Firth Gallery, until 8 Sep 0000

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Maurer’s ingenious lighting

EVA MERZ: GREENLANDERS Danish Cultural Institute, until 21 Sep 0.. i 'r l "gt.- car : e'kar‘o .‘xl‘tt

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Bellevue Gallery, until 15 Sep 0.

From the highly polished floorboards to the trendy spotlighting. you'd be forgiven for thinking the artwork incidental. Bellevue Gallery's first show since reopening under new owners features three young UK-based artists. Helen Glasstord. Katherine Jones and Roland Fraser. whose work compleriients the space very well. and vice versa.

Having said that however. the only thing to stand out are Glassford's oil paintings. Her bold approach is delivered wrth confidence and panache. Luminescent yellows and deep blues convey a real suggestion of shifting light. depth and movement. Unfortunately. Jones' similar pieces are shown up as xiveaker pastiches. and although sometimes visually appealing. offer not much more than decorative accompaniriient to the Georgian high ceilings.

Fraser's wood panels depict caricatured scenes with titles such as Asylum Streaker where an old man is carved in his Y-fronts. Not that funny really. Anyvi ay. it's all for sale. Why not check it out? It might be the perfect thing for that space above the riiantelpiece. iRuth Hedgesi




v.0 lhe name Achille Castiglioni is synonymous with functional yet playful design. His coriibination of technical skill. talent and wit has produced some of the most innovatwe and well- designed objects of the 20th century.

Covering a career spanning almost (it) years. this small but coriipact exhibition highlights some of the key designs created by the Milanese architect designer. from furniture and lighting to kitchenware and radios.

Eastiglioni was often inspired by everyday things. He integrated a car reflector lamp into his quirky Toio floor lamp of 196? and. from the same year. his Taccia table lamp emits subtle beams of light from what looks like a mini satellite dish. Natural forms influence the wave like ()ndula fruit bowl (199(3) as the rise and fall is captured in liquid metal.

()asliglioni Ilt](}(2t(}(t much humour into his work. The famous bicycle seat stool (Sella) and the tractor seat stool lMe//atlr‘o) reveal his sense of

adventure and ext)er‘imentation. His

belief that life should be fun and his

refusal to accept commissions unless

he thinks he's t ()lll( to on o them. _ . J

clearly stands out in his wonderful creations. ll lelen lvlonaghan)