Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by venue. Festival Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan. Please note that many Edinburgh galleries and museums will revert back to their normal opening times after the Festival.

Edinburgh Galleries

ABBEYHILL BAPTIST CHURCH ('hurch llalls. 22 lilgin 'l‘errace. 558 3180. Tue Wed ltiam 5pm: Thu

2 7pm; l-'ri ltlam 7pm; Sat

10am 4pm.

Art Exhibition And Sale 'I‘ue 20 Atig Sat 1 Sep. Anttttal art exhibition and sale in aid of the Honeycomb Project who work with the elderly. unemployed and those facitig a crisis in the north east of Edinburgh.


76 Henderson Row. 557 307B.

.\lon Sat l()am ()plll.

Clay 2001 t‘ntil liri .il Attg. A Festival selling show of functional. sculptural and figuratiye ceramics by resident makers inclttding Janet Adam. (‘raig .\litchell. limma (iroye. (lay in Bttrnett and Michele Bills.


1‘) Brandon 'lerracc. 556 l I75.

Wed Sun noon (ipni.

Art For Architects t‘ntil Stm 20 Aug. An exhibition of work relating to the crossoyer between fine art and architecture featuring hanging glass works by Elizabeth ('oll. stainless steel chairs. glass lightbox by lttge l’ancels and stained glass. \‘ideo attd a glass wall by lilaine A. Adam.


2()a Dundas Street. 557 5002. .\lon l‘iri l()am 6pm; Sat Itiam 4pm.

A Collection Of Modern & Contemporary Art t’ntil Thu 30 Attg. ('ontemporary art featuring Sir Robin l’hilipson. Alex ('ampbell. Alexander (ioudie. 'l'he liarl llaig. liiona .\lillai' and Helen 'l'abor. presented by Jedbttrgh’s .\lainhill (iallcry.


26 Bridge Street. ()(i5 S473. .\lon & Wed Sat llam 5pm: Sttit noon 4pm. Re-evaluating The Space Sat

1 Sat l5 Sep. Jatie .\lut'ray explores the space that surrounds her itt tltis solo show of recent paintings.


29b l)tmdas Street. 4(i7 3037. Tue l‘t'i llatn 0pm; Sat l laiit 5.30pm.

One Festival: Four Cities

l'tilil Sat l Sep. A selection of work including painting. jewellery. ceramics and sculpture by some of this year‘s graduates from lidinburgh. (ilasgow. Dundee and Aberdeen art schools.


54 (icorge Street. 220 2428. Tue. Wed & l‘ri lllam 5pm; 'l‘htt lttam 7pm: Sat ltiam 4pm.

Otar Imerlishvili t’ntil .\lon 27 Aug. l)reamscapes and detailed images inspired by religious icons by (ieorgizr born artist ()tai' Imerlishy ili.


2‘) llowe Street. 558 I200. .\lon l'i'i ltlam (ipm: Sat ltlam 4pm. Favourites And Surprises

t’ntil Sat 25 Aug. The Scottish (iallery‘ presents a cltangitig exhibition of work by contemporary artists and makers featuring lili/abeth Blackadder. John Byrne. (ieorge l)e\ liti. Barbara Rae and Duncan Shanks. plus ceramics. glass. metalwork. silyerwarc and wood.


4 Belley tic ('rescent. 553 8363. Tue Sat ltoott (ipnt.

Calvados t‘ntil Sat t5 Sep. 'I'hc

Belley tte (iallery reopens after a cltange of ow nership and renoyation. with a group show of work by three young l'K-based artists. Duncan of Jortlanstone graduate llelen (ilassford show s recent paintings iii the abstract expressionist sly le. there are wooden panels and furniture by Roland l-raset'. and Katherine Jones presents new abstract paititittgs. See rey iew'.


24 2(i l-‘rcderick Street. 220 7 IVS.

.\lon l’ri 10am 5pm.

Dale Joseph Rowe t'nut Sat 1 Sep. Photographs and an installation of steel. glass and natural elements by Dale Joseph Row c.

JOSEPH BONNAR JEWELLERS 72 ilihistlc Street. 226 2Sl l. .\lon Sat ltlfittam 5pm.

Capriccio t'ntil Sat 1 Sep. A selling exhibition of tempera paintings by liditibttrgh-born artist Albert ('unimings.


(i l)tmdas Street. 557 4050. .\lon l'i'i ltiam (ipm: Sat llam 4pm.

John Boyd t'ntil Sat 1 Sep. liiguratiyc paintings.

William Plumptre t‘ntil Sat I Sep. Stoneware.

Claude Rowbothan t’ntil Sat I Sep. ('olourcd etchings and aquatints.

Jilly Sutton l'ntil Sat I Sep. .\'ew work by Jilly Sutton featuring grainy portrait htlsts sculpted from wood.

Scottish Paintings .\lon 3 Sat 2‘) Sep. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists.


l4 l)rummond Street. 556 l‘)(il. Daily at 3pm.

Where Did You Learn To Whisper? l‘ntil Stttt 20 Aug. Mounted (iallery present a selection of short films and \ ideos by \arious artists.

(‘hambcrs Street. 225 5 l()5.

Fubar l'ntil Sun 2o Aug. A range of contemporary art by two generations of artists w ho make tip l‘ubar tl-ottntl l'nder Bridges And Railway si. The show features prints. photography and \ ideo installation.


ll) Royal 'l'crrace. 55o ltllll. .\lon l-‘ri lllam (tpm: Sat lltam lpm.

21st Festival Exhibition t‘ntil Sat S Sep. A selection of paintings front the l7th to the 2lst century including works by Alexander .lamieson. Sir Robiit l’hilipson, l’att'ick Williatn Adatti and Williaiit (‘lark.


St (ieorge's West (hutch. 5S Shandw ick l’lace. .\lon Sat ltiam (rfitiptii tcloses at 5.30pm oit Hi 24 Atigi.

Art Exhibition And Sale Of Paintings l'ntil Hi 24 Aug. A selling exhibition of paintings by members of the Holy rood Art (‘lttlt


77 (’lerk Street. (i22 7230. .\lon Sat noon lam; Sun l2.3tipm lam. Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of gothic art including sculpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


33a .\lorningside Road. 220 434‘). Daily noon Spin.

Shows And Stars l‘ntil 'l'ltu 2.1Aug. A display of Scottish 'l'ltcatrc‘s playbills and programmes past and present.

CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Sti'ett. 52‘) .WUR. .\lon Sat

ltiam (ipm; Sun noon 5pm. £4 tf2.5t)i for

all four exhibitions; family ticket U); season ticket L7.

GSebastiao Salgado: Migrations t'ntil Sun 2 Sep. Photographs taken over sL‘VClt years by one of the world‘s leading photojournalists. Brazilian-born Sebastiao Salgado. The exhibition documents the phenomenon of migration. aiming to chal- lenge our concepts of nature. cultttre and community. See llitlist. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Australia Dreaming: Contemporary Aboriginal Art t'ntil Sat (i ()ct. A celebration of the life and art of Australian Aboriginal communities in the Northern 'l‘erritories. the ('entral and Western Deserts and the Kimberley. l’cnny 'l‘weedie's photographs of the Arnhem Land ('ommunity accompany the display.

Sir William Allan, Artist Adventurer 1782-1850 that Sat () ()ct. A reappraisal of the work of this tnajor Scottish artist. Sir William Allan. After spending ten years paittting itt Russia. he returned to Scotlatid to produce Scottish historical paintings which are among the first eyer painted.

Allan And Polish Romanticism Sat 25 Attg. l2.3t)pm. ('urator of the Sir William Allan exhibition Jeremy Howard and catalogue contributor Andr/ej S/c/et'ski giy'e a joint talk on the exhibition.

Sir William Allan’s Dog Thu (3 Sep. l2.3()pm. A talk by Sara Stexenson. (‘ttrator of Photography” at the Scottish National Portrait (iallery.

Art In The City t'ntil Sat () ()ct. An exhibition of works drawn from the (’ity 's collection of Scottish Art. examining the relationship between artists and the city of lidinburgh. l‘eatttrcd artists include (’adell. .\'asmyth. l.a\ery. ('ursiter. ('had .\lc('ail and ('allum lnnes.


22 2S (‘ockbtn'n Street. 22() I260.

'I‘ue Sat lt).3()am 5pm: Sttii 1 5pm. Kate Gray: The Ghost Of A Flea t’ntil Stttt ‘) Sep. in her first major solo show. lidinburgli-based artist Kate (iray show s large-scale digital duratran images. ('reatcd by digitally manipulating photographic images. the imaginary landscapes w ill be set within the walls of a maxi: tttade specifically for the gallery spitL‘L‘.

A Practice Room (For Amateurs) 'I'ue 4 Sttn ‘) Sep. Karen ('unningham presents this unusual project in which lidinburgh-based participants including a writer. boxer. graffiti artist. comedian and a musician w ill be giyen ttse of the Practice Room to practice their skills. NH"; Si 10W.

Andrew Mottershead and Rebecca French Tue 28 Attg Sttn 2 Sep. Artists Andrew Mottcrshead and RL‘th‘L‘tt l'iliL‘llL'll iny ite gallery -goers [ti engage atid participate iti their working process tltrottgh a specially dey ised workshop (Wed 2‘) ix Thu 30 Aug.

ltiam 5pmi. a lecture tl‘ri .il Aug. 7an attd a discussion (Sat I Sep. llami. Nl'V.’ Sf l()\.'.’.


tl-ot‘tiiet‘ly (iallery 4l i. 4| l)undas Street. 557 450‘). .\lon l‘ri llifitiam 5.30pm: Sat lt)..it)am 5pm.

Oscar Goodall l’ntil l‘ri .il Aug. Scottish landscapes.

Caroline Bailey l'ntil ‘I‘hu (t Sep. Still lifes and landscapes of Italy. Spain and the Scottish Highlands.


5 l 7 (‘ow gale. ()ld low it. 55S I750.

.\lon Sat Illam (ipm: Sun ttooti 5pm. Festival Collection t'ntil t-‘ri St Aug. Ati exclusiye collection of contemporary products for the home featuring scrcenprinted furniture by Alasdair (iall and l‘iona .\lclntosh as well as tables. sofas. lighting. glassware. throws and

jewellery by a wealth ofdesigners.

Concrete Wardrobe Sat 35 is Sun 2t» Attg. Sat lllam (ipm: Stilt noon 5pm. A chance to btty clothing and accessories by innoyatiye Scotland-based designers.

‘i/\.ltl ti

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 I)otme 'l'ert'ace. 225 7lS‘). .\lon liri l()am 5pm.

Eva Merz: Greenlanders t'ntit tit-i 2l Sep. ()ne of Denmark's leading photographers. liy'a .\lerl. presents an exhibition of large-scale photographs. Taken in ('openhagen. .\ler/ photographs anonymous (ireenlanders who haye left their homeland to settle in the Danish capital. See reyiew.


at .\larie ('tirie House. 2‘) Albany Street. 478 7050. Mon Sat ltiam 5pm; Sun

1 45pm.

Lewis Grassic Gibbon Centenary Exhibition l'ntil Sat 1 Sep. Paintings by Scottish artists based on the work of one of Scotland's greatest 20th century writers. l.ew is (irassic (iibbon

t l‘)t)l 1935 i. attthor of the classic Sunset Suite. During the exhibition. there will be daily recitals and a cappella group The Oxford Belles tuutil 25 Aug at 3. l 5pm).


Belford Road. 624 (i200 (recorded inlormalion 352 2266i. .\lon Sat

ltiam (ipm: Sttn llatn 6pm.

0 Roland Penrose t'ntil Stm 9 Sep. £4 t£2.5()i Joint admission with Lee Miller lixhibition at the National (iallery of Modern Art. ()ne of the key figures in the deyelopnient of modern art in Britain was Roland l’cnrose t l‘)()() 1984). This major exhibition which coincides with the pttblication of Roland I’t'm‘mt': The Friendly Sui'rt'u/ixl a biography by his son Antony l’enrosc. reyeals his work as a surrealist artist. exhibition organiser. col- lector and writer. l’enrose was friends with a number of surrealists including lirnst. Him and Picasso and was respon- sible for the first surrealist exhibition to come to London in l‘).i(i. 'l‘o completnent the exhibition. the National (iallery of Modern Art is hosting an exhibition of photographs by l’enrose's wife. Lee Miller. See lllllist.

Paolozzi And Music t'nul Sun ZS ()ct. As part of a series of display s from the (iallery's collectiott of liduardo I’aoloui's work. a suite of nine scrcenprints entitled ('u/t'ium Lie/t1 .\ieltl inspired by the work of innoyatiye American composer. ('harles lyes.


27 Queensfcrry Street. 22041.5().

.\lon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Street To Shore t'ntil Sttti 2 Sep. A two-person show of original watercolottrs and pen and itiks by Ken l.ochhead who paints Scottish and Italian scenes while Alan Sutherland focuses on lidinburgh.


ll (iay field Square. 558 7| ll). 'l‘ue Sat l lam (ipm; Stttt 2 5pm.

Do Others Before They Do You: Lyn Lowenstein t’ntil Sun 30 Sep. lidinbttrgli-based artist l.yn I.owenstein's topical exhibition of photographs attd banners explores ideas of political protest. focusing on the Burmese democracy. the l'K‘s petrol crisis and recent anti-capitalist demonstrations.


S .'\tl\'ticttlt"s (Jose. 22.5 927 l. Daily ll..‘~()am 5.30pm (closed Wedi.

The New Wave Of Primitivism I)om is an arts project established in NW» by a group of international artists working in Scotland. Willi a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practice primitiye art.


3 ll) Bristo Place. 22.5 49W). .\lon l-‘ri

9.30am 5pm: Sat lllam 3pm.

Scottish Colours t'ntil Sat 1 Sep.

New works by artists and craftspeople at Highland Stoneware plus Kaffe l‘assett

and liric .\larwick.