Edinburgh Galleries continued

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.attl'iston Place. 22l (t000. Daily

10am 5pm.

OChris Cunningham t'ntil Sun 20 Aug. (‘I'eator and director of music Videos for lijork. Madonna and Aphcs Twin. (’hris (‘unningham began working iii the contest of art for the first time last year. ()n show is Hm (2000) and his new piece .llonkt'y' [)1'1tnmtt'rt200l l. which pre- tniered at this year's Venice Biennale. fea— turing ati automaton of the head of a mon- key with multiple limbs. See llitlist. LAST

books by the Argentine painter. printmaker and enyit'onmental artist Ral \croni. [.Ilt’lltl lmr lu lit/u tStrugglc for life) dates back to I994 whett \eroni first began printing designs on paper cttrrency remoy ed from circulation due to inflation.

Northern Lights On permanent

\ iew. once night falls. is Peter l‘ink‘s light installation for the gallery inspired by the aurora borealis. (‘omprising a ‘roof lin' triangle of light. light detailing on the east and west roof and lift shaft. the colours regularly change. brightenng up this dark corner of

CHANCETCDSEE Persistence Of Vision t'ntil Sun 20 Aug. l-‘orming part of the lidinhurglt

International l‘ilnt l-‘estiyal. this exhibition

profiles the growing inflttence of artists inyolyed in the Use of film and \ ideo. l’eatured artists inclttde Kerry l.aita|a. Beyet‘ly Hood and Michelle \ttistttith. EAST (it lANCF 'l'O 8H".


lSa Dttndas Street. 557 5227. Mon liri ltlam 5pm: Sat 1()am 3pm.

Festival Exhibition t‘util Tue 4 Sep.

.A selection of paintings by rcgttlar gallery

eyhibitors including Josephine (iraham. Brendan Kelly. Sheila Macmillan. (‘olin Park and (ieoff l'glow.


'l‘he Photographic li\hibition Centre. ()8 (ireat King Street. Mon Sat l()am Spin: Sttn 1 5pm. £2 t£l.50t; under 12s free. International Photography

l'ntil Sttn 2 Sep. The 139th annual photographic e\ltibition featttring oy er 200 prints taken by photographers from around the globe.


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat 1()am (rpm.

Josef Albers: Prints 1916-1976 l‘ntil Sat 22 Sep. (iernian artist Josef Albers was a leading figure in 20th century art. A one-time tnetnber of the (ierman Bauhaus school. Albet‘s used colour as a metaphor for relationships. Show ittg works from Homage to Illt’ Square in which concentric squares are laid on top of each other in diminishing scale. lesser known works of photographs and photo-collages are also on show. See my icw.


(’orstorphine Road. 334 917 l. Daily ‘lam (rpm.

Living Colour l'ntil hi 7 Sep. New

work by artist-in-residence Allison Young.


(i7 .\'orthumberland Street. 550 5373. .Mon Sat 10.30am (rpm.

Edith Simon: Come Again t'ntil Sat 25 Attg. Annual show from regular l-‘estiyal eshibitor lidith Simon. fcatttring graphics. pictures. sculpture and y ideos.

New work by Jilly Sutton on show at Bourne Fine Art


liast l-‘ettes Ay'cntte. 55: 323L51th Sat 2 5pm.

City Of God l‘ntil Sat 1 Sep. Photo- test work by Bill Hare and Ralph llughes.


(‘entral Library. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 5584 text 225). Mon 'l’hu 1()am Spin: l’ri 10am 5pm: Sat 9am lpm. Paintings and Pastel t'ntil 'I‘hu 3t) Attg. Paintings and pastels by Damaris Mickletn and Afsaneh Miehaels.


35 William Street. 225 2100. Mon Sat llatn 5pm.

Paul Furneaux t'nul Sat 8 Sep. Woodblock prints by Pattl littrneaus‘ building on the age-old Japanese techniques of printing in watercolour. l’urneaux was recently artist—in- residence at the Royal MtIsettm as part of Scotland‘s Year of the Artist. See t'ey'iew. l’ttrl u/Jupun 2()()/.


(til Dundas Street. 020 7351 5553.

Mon Sat 1()am (tpttt.

15th Anniversary Exhibition l'ntil Sat 25 Aug. London-based Flying ('olours (iallery returns to lidinburgh

w here it first opened l5 years ago. with the work of contemporary Scottish artists featuring Sliona Barr. (’laire llarrigan. Stephen Mangan and Anthony Scullion.


l-‘ountainpark. liountainbridge. Dundee Street. 238 0784.

. W0

Fringe Poster Competition Exhibition l'ntil Mon 27 Aug. A display of oyer lllll posters designed by children for the annual l-‘ringe Poster competition.


2 \Vat'render Park Road. 667 5 I 52.

Mon Sat 1()am (rpm.

Scottish Craft Exhibition A wide \ariety of crafts and applied arts by up- and-coming craftmakers atid designers working in Scotland.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Daily ltlam 7pm.

0 Jeff Koons: Easyfun - Ethereal t’util \y'ed I2 Sep. £3 (U50): under 5s free. The [is pre— miere of large-scale paintings by American artist Jeff ls'oous. Self-taught artist Koons is widely known for his kitsch three-dimensional sculptures. but his new paintings or rather. computer- generated images painted onto canyas by his team of helpers. retain much of the consumer motifs central to his work. Images of chocolate swirls. ('heerios. happy -faced sandwiches. lus- ciotts lips and lacqttered toenails select- ed from the media and personal pho- tographs make up these collaged paint- ings. See llillist.

Gerard Goodrow Sat 1 Sep. 2pm. £3 ii I .50). (‘hristies' Director of (‘ontcmporary Art discusses ls'oons‘ fascination with consumerism.

Dave Beech Sat 25 Aug. 2pm. U

(L‘ l .50). The artist and w ritcr shares his personal response to Jeff Kittms‘ \yttt'ls. Ral Veroni: Lucha Por La Vida l'ntil Sttn 0 Sep (Bookshop). Artist‘s

Rembrandt} W/omen

lidinburgh‘s Market Street. Elements Of Doubt t'ntil Hi 24 Aug. 9.30pm midnight. Projected onto the empty outdoor space opposite the l‘rttitmarket (iallery. a film by Sarah l‘elton exploring the relationship between memory and the present.


46a Raeburn Place. 3 l 5 2(t0.‘~. Mon Sat 1()am 5.30pm.

Heavy Metal t'ntil Sat l5 Sep. Designer and unique jewellery from around the globe. plus ntetal sculpture from 'l'hailand. India and Zimbabwe.


(irindlay Street ('ourt. (irindlay Street Lane. 22‘) 704 l.

UNLV’s Filmmakers’ Showcase l'ntil Mon 27 Aug. 1()am. tr» (9.5). Annual showcase of digital shorts by students from the ('ollege of line Arts. t'niyersity of .\'c\ ada. l.as Vegas,


(iallery ts Shop. 77 Dundas Street. 556 315‘). Mon \Ved & l'it‘i Sat Illam opm: ’I'htt 1()am Spm.

Reflections l'ntil Thu 30 Aug. Recent work by Sue White-()akes. Moira Maitland. Linda \Varrick. lla/el Campbell. l.i/ Mc('arthy and James Macaulay.

Early Autumn Exhibition l-‘ri 3| Aug Wed 26 Sep. l‘lglll‘dlht‘ work by painters. printmakers. sculptors and craftmakers featuring Martin (’hurchill. Jeanette Lassen. Stte Bia/otti and Philip llutton among others.


S7 (ieorge Street. 225 -lS‘)S. Mon liri 9.30am 5.30pm: Sat 0.30am 5pm. Reflections Of Africa t'ntil Sat I Sep. Silyer African animal sculptures by Zimbabwean sculptor. Patrick

May ros featuring a pair of httnting falcons. wine coasters and elephant candlesticks.


22a Dundas Street. 55b 2 l S I. Mon l‘ri 10.30am 0pm; Sat 10am 5pm.

17th International Festival Exhibition t'ntil Sat 1 Sep. A selection of work by oy er 50 gallery artists from Scotland and abroad featuring land and seascapes. still life.


l . . . \tetry women. sad women. old women and young women. \lorhcrs. daughters. trttstrcsscs. maids. models and goddesses.

..,/./t._> a.w..i« l‘Itt.gs togetaet lsc‘. l'll.lst'\.'t'plL'\.C\ rrom more that: ton. different toiletrtons lot the first time in this t.‘<hibtttoti.

“...one of the most memorable exhibitions to be seen anywhere in Europe this year” The Sunday ’l‘imcs 'l‘icket hotline: (H31 473 2000


National Gallery ofScotland, The Mound, Edinburgh

L'tuil 2 Scptcmlx-r 2001 Admission to. conctssions [3.50

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