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6 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 23 Aug—6 Sept 2001

t’s very hot. Very busy. And I’m very. very lost. The Teatro

de Madrid is like a carrot. dangling somewhere in the

Spanish capital. and after three hours of wandering I’m rather keen to take a bite. It does. however. Uive me a chance to experience first hand what I‘m about to see on stage. Forming part of Madrid‘s International Dance Festival. Meta/2011's questions the sprawling nature of our cities and I’ve covered a hell of a lot of sprawl today.

Thankfully. it's well worth the effort. A multi-media powerhouse which runs full throttle for 70 minutes. Meta/mils project 972 is as unrelenting as the Madrid traffic. The brainchild of Belgian choreographer Frederic Flamand and Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. the show shines a light on the modern metropolis. Or. as Flamand puts it. sends ‘a free camera' roaming round the city. picking up the things we miss: intentionally or otherwise. His company Charleroi Danses Plan K are a dynamic young bunch who. despite running themselves ragged on stage for over an hour. 00 on to sample the Madrid nightlife until 4am.