Special thanks; to all thw follox-srnn acts; that perfnrnwd at the; Party: Diais de las Noches. Aurora Nova (St Stephens St). 8 1-)? Aug. not 10, 1/. (3:30pm

Hedwig & the Angry Inch. 1 -lrrn <1 (Sruunsudni 6—1.1Auq, Spast nmlnrqht The Ladyboys of Bangkok. lvlrzadows; Theatre BK; lops; (5 Ann -1 Set). 9pm 8‘ 9.15pm Louder than Words. Gilded Balloon Tevrnt; 8—30 Auq: 6pm

Soweto Gospel Choir. Assembly (1 St George's West. 13—30 Aug. noon at \‘Jeekends lexumt Sunday 15th) 8; 7.3(Jprn

Teatro Delusio. Aurora Nova. 8—9? Auq lnot ll). 17): 6.30pm

The Wau Wau Sisters. Pleasance Courtyard; 8—30 Aug. 5.40pm

The Whoopee Club. C Central: 6—71 Aug (not l7l. midnight

Plus thanks to:

Barn 8

Garth (Snatch;

Lenny Love

Medusa Harrdressrng Random Aspekts

The Karaoke Show Trendy Wendy

The List Festival Party was managed by Barbara Crrchton. Many thanks to everyone who helped on the nrght


Please enjoy Beck's & McEwan's in moderation 4 57: :~ Please enjoy Bacardi rum in moderation