Edinburgh’s new Art Festival uncovered



JOHN BYRNE Country Music



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Bearing more than just a little

5;“ .; resemblance to his beloved. Tilda

. ' Swinton, with corkscrew hair, long

_ nose and wide eyes. this print

7‘ - forms part of Open Eye‘s Festival show that focuses on John Bellany, but also features pieces by Byrne, Chris Bushe, Alan Davie, Derrick Guild. Jack Knox, Herny Kondracki, Rob Maclaurin, Leon Morrocco and Adrian Wiszniewski.

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Artist'sChoice KIM COLEMAN is an artist based in Edinburgh. She co-runs the artist-led gallery the Embassy and exhibiting project Magnifitat. She gives us her top tips for this year's Festival.

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.. 1 . . . ' .' " ~ Mirrorball/ Performance' ' - .. ' » : ' 2' -- Metallica: Some Kind of Monster 1' : Ramones: End of the Century.




‘Good artists borrow. great artists steal’ TS Eliot

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f . K'- I Lucy Skaer - The Opaque Delicate. beguiling new works by young. Glasgow- hased artist luoy Skaor, that tease and enchant the eye. And know just when to stop. See FGVICV‘J. dogged/slim; until Sat 2:3 Sop. L’VOU- Hi, i lam ~6pni; Sat. noon~5pni tree.

I The Age of Titian Stunning and substantial exhibition of works by litian and his contemporaries working for the Venetian court. Like a 'l‘itian woman, it's full. fleshy. subtle. striking and strong. Royal Scottish Academy Building, l‘lie Mound, 225) 667i, until Sun 5 Dec. Mon—Sat lOarii—bpni; Sun HOOIl-bplll, EH15).

I Fred Tomaselli The drugs may not work for some, but when incorporated into New York artist Tomaselli's works. intricater and fabulously woven into patterns with petals and plasters. they hit just the right spot. Folk art meets psychedelia. YOu ain't seen nothin‘ like it. See review. The Fruitmarket, Market Street. 225 2383, until Sun 37 Oct.

70am— 7pm, free.

I Robert Therrien Man. are those chairs giant. or have I just shrunk to the size of a toddler? Alice in Wonderland-style shifts in perspective take you on a giddy experience within the newly reopened lnverleith House. lnverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden. until Sun 37 Oct, daily mam-5.30pm, free. I Alison Watt For fans of Alison's Watt's crumpled sheets, this Festival is a treat. Sensuously painted folds hang in the Ingleby and are suspended in four massive panels within the Memorial Chapel of Old St Paul's each setting creating different atmospheres for her work. lngleby Gallery, until Sat 7 I Sep; Still, Old St Paul '3 Church. Jeffrey Street, until Sat 25 Sep, free.