CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3993. Mon—Sat Ilium—5pm. Cecil Beaton: Portraits eeeo l'ntil Sun 26 Sep. First shown to great acclaim at the National Portrait Gallery in London. an exhibition celebrating the work of the influential portrait hotographer (‘ecil Beaton (190-14980). rom Castle to Palace: Artists on the Royal Mile Until Sun 26 Sep. An exhibition tracing the history of the Royal Mile and the Old Town through the eyes of artists. including historic and contemporary paintings. prints. sculpture. photographs. posters. books and sound. Titanic: The World Class Collection lfntil Sun 26 Sep. An exhibition charting the story of the doomed ocean-liner and its tragic sinking in l‘)l2 featuring hundreds of artefacts.


22—28 (‘ockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue—Sat noon—5pm.

The Birthday Party Sat 1-1 Aug-Sat () ()ct. lt’s 20th years since independent artists' agency and gallery. the Collective. opened its doors. Established and up-and-coming artists who have exhibited here over the last ten years come together for this group celebration show. The line-up includes Beagles & Ramsay. Jacqueline Donachie. Katy Doy‘e. Moyna Flannigan. Louise

Titian’s Venus Anadyonene on show at the Royal Scottish Academy

Hopkins. Mike Nelson. Dayid Shrigley.

Bob and Roberta Smith. Simon Starling. Kirsty Whiten and Richard Wright. See



6 Market Street. op City Art Centre Mike Nelson - The Pumpkin Palace L'ntil Sun l2 Sep. llainopni Free. ()ne of the most exciting British artists of the moment uriy'eils his Pumpkin Palace. an old W54 (iMC‘ bUs. which has tray'elled all the way from San Francisco to be here. [inter the multi-sensory world that takes on political issues and conflict in all its different spheres.

7th Day Aventis Church,

6 Bristo Place

Johan Grimonprez Tue l7—-Sun 22 Aug. l lam—6pm. Free. One week screening of dial H-I-.S'-'l’-()-R-l’. a film originally commissioned by Documenta X. Kassel seven years ago that tells the history of aircraft hijacking and its relationship with the global media. References to Man II and White .N'oise by Don Delillo with the disco beats of the


seyenties 7 it's a fusion of criticism and entertainment and couldn't be more timely.

Various Venues

Dan Perjovschi l'ntil Sat ZS Aug look out for leading Romanian artist sketching as Artist in Residence to Festiyal ('ity tunoff'icialt. llts characteristic witty and suby er‘siye drawings w ill be gathered together and made into a free new spaper distributed around the city towards the end of his stint. ('atch him at the Book Festiyal. Sptegeltent and the ('ollectiy e (iallery


73 Belford Road. (‘34 (32W). Mon \Vc‘d c’s‘; Fri—Sun lflam 5pm; 'l'hti lflam “pm. Paolozzi at 80 eeeee l'iittl Sun .‘yl ()ct. Free. Arranged in chronological order. the exhibition is a dilly ing array of the talent and intellect that Paolo/Ii iny'ested in his work. Paolo/Ii took the tenets of surrealism and estended them to help create and deyelop Pop Art. The collages and screen prints on display are testament to the inspiration he derived from popular culture and his determination that there is no limit to the imagination. The central motifs in Paolo/It‘s work emerge as soldiers. clocks and space tray el; today they produce a potent nostalgia. Paolo/Ii was able to not only deconstruct the barrier between high and low art btit also the human body to expose its frailty. Dynamic. inspiring arid faultless.

Paolozzi at 80 for People with Visual Impairments \\ed I.s \tig. Illam iflpm Free Descriptiye and toticli tour of the eyhibition tollow ed by a practical sculpture workshop (all Mary Kilpatrick on til-1 b-L‘S to book a ll-L‘L‘ “l|l\‘k‘

After Hours: Fringe Highlights Thu 1" Aug. b bJ5pm l'iee l‘\\‘t‘l'[‘l\ trom the play ill! [in lfti'i'i't'lf i.-

u‘llli't't lltf/‘t'i’ .‘htlllt t‘ and (iys‘ltt .-\ll.ll}\l\ A Surreal (‘omcdy Drop-ln-and-Draw Hm I" \tig. 5.45 b -l5pm l-i‘ee. Drop iii drawing sessions introducing different types of .iit from the gallery ‘s collection \ll materials pioy ided

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART '4 laurtston l’lace. III oooo Mon 'l liti lflam Spin. Fri Sat Illaiii Ipm

Sam Taylor Wood eeeo t'niil 'l‘hti 3b Aug. lflam 5pm l-iee l‘ayloi wood. darling of the lilll Art scene. brings Srrmey. a tilm installation with sound. shot in the Royal Opera llottse's opulent (‘rtish liar and featuring the Royal llallet's principal dancer lyan l’tttroy as he moses in suspension aboye a string quartet performing

'l'cltatkoy sky 's Sir/lie Quinn! Air 3


25 l'nion Street. 55" 3-15”. lllt‘ Sat lllam (ypiii.

Gavin Turk Faces 8. Diamond Dust Volume One eee l‘ntil Sat IS Sep. Sey en new screen prints by

(iay in lurk. sis prints by Peter Say the and two new prints of the lleatles called ‘l.o\e Me l)o‘ by Peter lilake. In association with tlte l’atil Stolpei‘ ( ialler'y. London. Sec front coy er' and it's less.

FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. 335 238‘. Mott Sat l lam opin; Sun noon 5pm.

Fred Tomaselli - Monsters of Paradise l'ntil Sun 3 ()cl. free. first British solo e\ltlhiliott of New York based artist Fred 'l'omaselli. whose meticulous hybrid pictures hay e gamed him a reputation as one of the international art world's most rapidly rising stars. See reytew arid llit l.lsl.


'l'he Motmd. 62-1 ()Bllll. Mort \Vt'd «K

Fri Sun lflam 5pm; 'l’hu loam 7pm. Festivals, Fireworks, Feasts and Funerals l'ntil Sun I2 Sep. 'l'wenty-fiye paintings spanning Wt) years frorn 17th to l‘)th century featuring dramatic. extr‘ayagant celebrations and requiem masses by artists such as Rubens. Robert Adam and Stefano Della Bella.

After Hours: Fringe Highlights 'I'hu l2 Aug. () (i.45pm. Free. liscei'pts from Handel‘s Messiah and St Matthew 's Passion pltls poems on l’issat'ro. Manet. Degas. ('e/anne. Moiiet and more with Brian \Vliittinghaiit.

Lunchtime Lecture Hi I 1 Aug. l2.-15 71.15pm. Lunchtime lecture by Anna Dulau of the llunterian Art (iallery on Jean-Baptiste (ireti/e.

Speakers Choice Fri H Aug. 12.45pm. Free. Anne Dulau of the llunterian Art (iallery discusses Jean- Baptiste (ireu/e.


Weston Link. The Mound. 624 (i200 After Hours - The Age of Titian Venetian Music Series Thu 12 as 1‘) Aug. 5 5.30pm. Free. Vocal and instrumental mUsic of the 16th and 17th centuries using reproduction period instruments.

Paolozzi at 80 Mon lo Aug. 12.45pm. Free. Bill Hare. writer and lecturer giy'es this lunchtime lecture. Behind the Scenes: Education at the NGS Tue l7 Aug. l2.45pm. Free. limma Nicolson. senior education