Thursday 12 Thursday 19 August 2004

47 Jun.

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Festival Front

2 Top 20 Festival shows

4 Festival Insider heckles the sell~outs and sold—outs 6 Festival news round up. plus Matinee Idol cartoon

8 AL Kennedy's Festival View. plus Shows to Look Out For by John Fardell

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14 The Birthday Party Thanks to the Collective Gallery. Edinburgh‘s leading artist-run space. many of Scotland's artists have achieved international recognition. Now it's the Collective itself that's basking in the limelight.

60 ltootr; at the Held 66 Minsk: \‘l/eclx planner

67 Theatre

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22 Lynne Franks Just because she was the 73 [lymim (My pig“ H m inspiration for Abso/ute/y Fabu/ous. don't imagine that this PR legend is a ditzy airhead. Now Franks has moved on to a more spiritual plane. and she's talking

about it at the Book Festival.

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30 Comedy and TV Why do comedians come to Edinburgh? Is it one of the world's greatest showcases tor stand—up. or are they just angling for a television show?

50 Che Guevara This year‘s Film Festival kicks off

with a movie about Che Guevara. Elsewhere in the Festival. Ricky Gervais has a comedy show. and artist Gavin Turk shows a series of prints (including our

cover). exploring and satirising Che's image. We look

at his rise from fighter to over-exploited icon. 5

68 Celestina How John Clifford translated a classic of Spanish theatre into riveting production for the British stage.

For 3 complete 12 2-for-1 tickets for Le Soulier de Satin - worth £30! ffi‘r‘édaj‘i’on 2-for-1 beer at T on the Fringe ! about non- I 12 Win tickets to see Alex Garland : Lima" I 12 Free tickets for Royal Bank Lates l Glasgow and l Edinburgh, #9 see regular irfk- The List's Festival issues have been sponsored by 4Life FM. a company bidding for Edinburgh's edition of new FM independent local radio licence. We'd like to thank them for their support. The List.