Week two, and the jokes keep coming


Ubergeek New Yorker gets spiralled

It came from almost nowhere. The cult of Demetri Martin was spawned in NYC and stormed Edinburgh last year (albeit with a gentle, corduroy-blazered shove) to become one of the safest bets to hoist the Perrier since Bill Bailey in 96; even though the bearded muso actually lost out Dylan Moran. Any road, Demetri roars back (albeit with a gentle whisper) to do what most Perrier winners usually fail to do: come back the next year. And as Martin gets Spiral Bound, for that we should simply adore him (albeit in a non-stalken‘sh way). I Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, 16—29 Aug, 8.55pm, £7 7-E72 ($70—27 7). Preview 75 Aug. £9.

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In another h(e)i|arious onslaught of Aryan myth-busting, MARC BLAKE, AKA Helmut’s Half Hour, raises another malevolent monster of German history and shows immense efficiency in clinically extinguishing it. This issue:

‘Hitler has only got one ball’

The other may be in the Albert Hall and. according to the song. Goering and Goebbels also lack a full complement of Betty swallocks. This story was a long held belief amongst squaddies, but there's little truth in it. On 1 May 1945. the Russians captured the FUhrer's bunker. later maintaining that he had escaped. Sent to investigate. British historian Sir Trevor Roper concluded that Adolf and Eva Braun had shot themselves and that the bodies had been cremated (Roper also pronounced the Hitler diaries authentic). Stalin believed he was in Argentina. The Russen autopSy report claimed that Hitler's ‘left testicle could not be found'. They can‘t all be right.

As a soldier in World War I, Hitler was wounded at the Battle of the Somme. but sources differ as to the precrse location of the wound. Some suggested the thigh or groin but none of Hitler‘s doctOrs ever mentioned anything ab0ut a missing ball and medical records were silent on the subiect. A lover claimed he was normally equipped. You be the Judge.

I believe that the most likely scenario is that if there were a missing nad then it absconded to South America and renamed itself 'Pinochet‘.

I Underbel/y, 0870 7453083. mm 29 Aug (not 77). 7. 50pm. EQ—E 70 (LB—£9).




‘Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die’ Mel Brooks

Ricky Gervais The most important man in British comedy (apart from, maybe. Jimmy Carr) gives us one night of 'political' comedy. Or you could go and see Dido instead. P/ayliouse, 08 70 606 3424/5900 4555, 73 Aug, 7.30pm £77.50 (£75.50).

Reginald D Hunter Oh, just go and give the man an award. why don't you? More blistering fun from the mystery man. See review. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 77), 8. 75pm, 8950—87050 (88—739).

Jimmy Carr The most important man in British comedy (apart from, maybe. Ricky Gervais) gives us six nights of wonderfully acerbic comedy. E/CC, 08700 600700. 7 387 4, 26—29 Aug, 9pm, £7 4 (£72).

Sarah Kendall The all- singing (kind of), all-dancing (well, one very intriguing move) and all-funny (for sure) Oz lady charms and disarms in abundant measure. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 77), 9.35pm. 8950—27050 (EB—£9).

Ross Noble The Nood/emeister is here! See feature in the non-Festival issue of this week's List. E/CC, 08700 600700, 7 6—27 Aug, 8pm, £76 (£74).

Alun Cochrane The chap with the best prop on the Fringe this year (maybe excepting the Slate's health) rings his bell and bangs on the award-givers doors. See review. Gilded Bal/oon Teviot, 668 7683, until 29 Aug (not 75), 6.45pm, {38-89 (E 7—28).

Laurie Kilmartin The prom queen look-alike with a filthy tongue voices ideas that you'd rather remained in her head. In a good way. See review. Edinburgh Comedy Room, 226 0000, until 75 Aug, 70.30pm, £8 (£7).