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DANCE MONKEY BOY DANCE Mixed media full of Western promise

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DANNY BHOY Housewives‘ choice disappoints 000

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see non-festival magazine

LITTLE HOWARD AND BIG HOWARD IN: AT HOME WITH THE HOWARDS Perverted pigeons and hi-tech humour

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He'll crack you up


Near-perfect set from a powerful performer 0.00

There can be few more assured comics on the circuit right now than Georgia-born, London-based Reginald D Hunter. He controls the stage, his material and an audience to the point where the surrounding hush is so profound that pins can be heard falling to the floor. Or more accurately, every strain of the Cuban oompah band playing perhaps two rooms away becomes highly audible.

Having been approved by the Perrier lot two years running (a Newcomer nomination in 2002 and a place on the big boys and, ha, girls shortlist in 2003), it seems almost inconceivable that he’ll be ignored when the final names are placed in the tombola this time round. This year the material revolves around his inability to understand the ‘group thing’; why should he feel responsible and guilty for the actions (and embarrassing social faux pas) of the black populace? Why does he have to take the side of horrible media celebrities purely on the basis of pigmentation? Bloody good questions, actually.

From there, he veers to a more predictable but no less assured attack on bizarre forms of bigotry (different hair colours, for one) and showing that he has learned more than a thing or two about the lie of the local land, he throws in material for and against the neds.

Hunter's simple structure is to go serious (the group stuff), get silly (My Viagra Hell) and reach into our hearts again with stories about his parents and their psychological legacy. Hunter’s set is slick without being overly polished and cutting without plunging into unnecessary savagery. Other unmentionables should take note. (Brian Donaldson)

I Peasace Couriers. 6550. unrr/ 30 Aug (not 77;, 8. rib/Ir.

~r~—‘ a