1 Fatboy

Theatre Breathtaking performance from Mike McShane in this savage and hilarious satire on consumer culture; Americana Absurdum's version of Ubu Roi. See page 78. Assembly Rooms.

2 Old Boy

Film Bloody, brutal and unforgettable, this South Korean thriller might well be the most powerful film you‘ll see in the Festival. See pages 49 and 54. UGC.

3 Royal Bank Lates

Music and dance An accessible way for ordinary mortals to sample the International Festival, this brilliant series offers a chance to see live performances at just a fiver a shot. See pages 48 and 59. Corn Exchange.

4 Ricky Gervais

Comedy An earnest, politically correct show full of revolutionary zeal, from the man who created David Brent? Aye, right. See page 29. Playhouse.

5 The Pumpkin Palace

Art One of a series of Collective Gallery projects taking place throughout Edinburgh, Mike Nelson’s stunning installation is set inside a bus built in 1954. Unmissable. See page 14. 6 Market Street.

6 How to Act Around Cops Theatre In this Tarantinoesque thriller you meet a couple of ordinary American dudes who’ve got a bag of cocaine and a handgun. High octane experimental theatre. See page 73. Pleasance Courtyard.

7 Joe

Dance Michael Flatley meets Fred Astaire? No way: this extraordinary and sophisticated piece of choreography will shake you down to your boots. See page 46. Playhouse.

8 Lynne Franks

Books Are you a Gorgeous Real Original Woman too? Former PR guru Franks sets out to become a champion of women everywhere with her book GROW. No, really. See page 22. Charlotte Square Gardens.

9 Alun Cochrane

Comedy The idea of a comedian with nothing but a handbell as a prop does sound a little, well, cheesy. But don’t be put off: this man could easily ding dong his way to this year’s Perrier. See page 29. Pleasance Courtyard.

1 O The Age of Titian

Art Great Titians from Scottish collections, which show what excellent patrons of art the Scots gentry once were. And the drawings downstairs are even better. See page 13. Royal Scottish Academy Building.


1 1 Thom Pain

Theatre Starring James Urbaniak, Thom Pain is a brilliantly written monologue on pain. The critics are raving about it. See page 71. Pleasance Courtyard.

12 Roots at the Reid

Music From the Tannahill Weavers to Michael Marra, this series brings together an eclectic selection of folk, acoustic and roots musicians under one roof. See page 60. Reid Hall.

13 Super Size Me

Film If you liked Fahrenheit 9/11, you'll love this. Another documentary exposing the nasty side of corporate America, as Morgan Spurlock spends a month eating only at McDonalds. See page 49. UGC.

1 4 Tiefschwartz

Clubs Deep house at Liquid Room's Low Gravity night, from the Stuttgart-based DJs whose name translates as ‘deep black'. It’s a neat description of their sound. See page 81. Liquid Room.

1 5 Celestina

Theatre Director Calixto Bieito + actress Kathryn Hunter = explosive. Update of a Malfi-esque Spanish classic, worth seeing for the intensity of Hunter's performance alone. See page 68. King '5 Theatre.

16 Robert Therrien

Art lnverleith House has had a facelift and its smart new walls make a great backdrop for this exhibition by the California-based artist who mixes visual pleasure with conceptual rigour. See page 13. lnverleith House.

I'll I‘ 'IIll :2

1 7 Reginald D Hunter

Comedy A Mystery in a Nigga takes Hunter's interest in race and identity to new levels, with the 2003 Perrier nominee turning his gaze on his American compatriots. See page 29. Pleasance Courtyard.

18 Best of T Break

Music Poor Old Men headline this selection of breaking bands that wowed the T in the Park crowds, alongside the Cinematics, FB Collective, Weird Attractors and Unkle Bob. See page 63. Liquid Room.

1 9 Derevo: Tanya Kabarova - Reflection

Dance Extraordinary performance from the Dresden—based dancer, in which she assumes many human and not so human guises. See page 46. Pleasance Courtyard.

20 The Motorcycle Diaries Fllm A look at the life of Che Guevara that doesn’t delve too deeply beneath the over— exploited image of the Cuban revolutionary; but worth seeing for Gael Garcia Bernal’s perfomrance. See page 50. UGC.