Lovelorn comic with compelling tales 0000


THE THOUGHT Scatty sketches. Boy wonder's slight shambolic set-ups return 00. O

COLIN AND FERGUS Lovely lads with sinister subtexts 0...

Ed Byrne modestly describes his act as being ‘just a bloke telling jokes; there‘s no fireworks”. Exploding coloured sparkly lights or not. judging by

r i ; ' w > the reaction he gets from all sections of his sell-out audience during the ’, . ,2' x , . . i : . . .i .. . . .. first weekend of the Fringe. his finely observed misanthropic rants resonate ,r w 'r; p.» r I); ,v ; :' i ' -' :' ' ' : . .' : ' ' with the many. Byrne loves the Edinburgh Festival; to date. it's still the only w :r r ’. r, ' : :w ' r festival he‘s performed at where he‘s been heckled in the street. ;, r . ‘v ' i ' ' " z'w : l . ' ' ' . 2 Si 1 1 H -- :. While Byrne comes across as wonderfully grouchy and neurotic at the .1. ~ . . v r 2" . . , . : i ; . , - best of times. he'd just broken up with his girlfriend and was taking the v w r' ,v x . ,’> . : ' .- :' : " " ' ' " ' . 2' z .' concept of ‘stage as therapy' to new levels of dependency. spewing forth 3.. i r 2 i . ' z' r r i i ' vitriol at the unreasonableness of her behaviour: he ‘did nothing'; she was 'a r v ; r ,v .r v . ' ' : o ' ' fucking bitch‘. It's pleasing to find he’s almost gotten over that particularly .r j ,. - y. i v ' 2' l' ' ' . . ' bitter episode and has a new love to poke fun at. although the evil ex still

H i v i ' r' r . i . E 1 i .i .i z- i I finds her way into the act, albeit briefly. i},;'w in ° v i i u i i i '.' r ' H ' ~ : ..i A compelling storyteller, Byrne is particularly adept at incredulously

l't. ' i r r v :i . r ,r : i .i i 1 . pointing out all that‘s bonkers about modern life. Targets here include the fawn: '2 a' the tar- " : ‘i-t' i f the '1‘" t' Pope apologising for the Spanish Inquisition, an American Embassy official «r‘ 'r ,‘r: i ifzilliil" l? .r L 't, (,4 .r w i l ' 'N;:" a in Montreal who refused to take payment in Canadian dollars. and a brilliant in r: .r‘r-urrx. an: .r -1' i : mix. 1' :‘ t‘li-af' -' l) ftwr expose of the way Glaswegians highlight the most important points they through .'.I'ri ( i'ul w Ar" ~ «fa [rear f-l tire sf'wrrti want to make before beginning the sentence: ‘See me. See chips. I fancy <,j,r,;,L; vv,.jki,-,-,a, ,aiwu'ua‘ .rrl"."l' atnrf, the somechips.' i-irru, iii-2.2144: ;a. ma: w; ’li'.r" is; llrt." ast lr :sri: \...Il|r\lll?); rir Byrne really is the comedy steak dinner after the unsatisfying Fringe lil.‘flf. .rvrl talliei‘, rtll’l 'l.:." r; .21?. at squ miiiwai'. . the “in Is aperitif, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a safer bet for your August srrrrs irr .'.’llll,ll Mai » a" t“.irr,*."‘~w Thai Herr: l‘a‘l lrdkfrr’l. ‘3‘??? pennies. (All n Radcliffe) llllllriilll sneak, l‘: l'l'l tiarate'ise'l“riswailier 'riiliiliieirt.rrNii‘uirr-mir , i9 __.i - izrirl‘,.llillirliillrttirrl, art «ii/liraigirw-x.ri‘ui:hi;:it f'ee.Am'i'w-stia'i‘tx:3“’ " siirrriiirirsi, she/glory; tlzi' a'lr'ziiatri, M‘ The “rift. sketu“ folk-3.1,“: paritsirlf'aru, Nire thruqh,«ri.?ee|i1ertaiir another, the‘.‘.hi lethirxi

The comedy steak dinner

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I /’/i Visa/rt 'e ()i )l/fflll/(l. not; (limit irrrtr/ (’9 Aug r/rot (i..’l()prrr, .‘l‘lfi'ill .l‘r'tlfifl i.‘ '8'} Vi,

DAN ANTOPOLSKI: A WHIM AWAY Hirsuted comic juggles the bizarre OOOO

llavrng taken on two other lilt)](?(ilf§ this lringe, his one man show was nexer going to hate Dan Antopolski on his hest lorrn. But the at near old pr'ett\. iharnr hox ‘.‘.’|lll a home ifounties at‘iterrt ‘.‘.’0ll\lllt] at half i‘apaitih, is still hotter than most of his peers.

lhe huge leaps in logri‘ and seiei‘tion ot non segurters are as t‘hairirirrg as e\.ei_ here set against a iarnhling dissei‘trorr ol the nature of stand up iall lies and jokesI and Antopolski does riianage to pull a text surprises out of the

«Allan Haditlrtlei

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519.5%! 3"(ifi'iti .51“? 51%.


Clowning around on the dark side 0000

Add\, Van Der Borgh's last Fringe show in 2002 focused on the voices \.'.’|llllll which terrrpt us to foolish aetions. This trnre, he's rrrulling oxer external rnlluenees i.‘.'hri:h lead us astray. In his ease. this |arge|\ means alitohol, so much so that he's exeri created iiharaeter‘s for his taxourite tipples: the saum French Merlot. the holshx Srrrrr'noff and the hlatantli. gay Peach Schnapps.

This personable. thoughtful and t‘oirsistei‘tli, tanni, t‘t‘rirt>.li.iri riffs on the r‘ipltrtuae of suhstitutes: \lei‘e. shopping, lone

and. test all. AA. His

.ho tlxrrrk arixtlrr'rii's itll‘ll‘, alter


sirrrre sr‘rakehites It's not. i[)re‘.'.’ lash»

I Urrdwrre/lt, ()r‘l/Y) [-153

(WK-3‘59. until .95) Aug iri‘or‘ for, l(l..l(),r>rrr,

5 530- l ‘6‘}. :50

015.550 l‘/"..'3()r.

ALEX HORNE: EVERY BODY TALKS Tech-happy psycho- seminar .0.

Fringe shows that l'(}l‘, ll(?£l\/Il‘, on trailing ital)les and assorted hits and hohs of teehnology always irrake rrre a rrrrte nervous. But (:orriedran Alex Horne and his hespeetaeled sidekick ’l‘rrrr Key carry off therr' International Body Language Serrrrnar' ~ (torriplete ‘.'.’!lll po\.'.ier' point presentations and ‘.'.’(}l)(2{illl hroadeast ~ \‘Jllll a certain deadpa': aploiirh.

The actual hod‘, psychology is a eorrrplete red herring

Ollt‘ 'lltlt‘ftr'ltl ‘.'.t“,'ll ‘I'NL‘

HOT PINK: .‘.’lil‘ it“: E ’lll‘rlilll"jll to 'r‘. Kern, e'rer'ij, 'rr;issr.i:. lli’llllltllli‘, a. a 7‘ Water“. to

hag. All that despite

gixrng oh the irripression this: 'Yeu're all shut.“

and the resulting spoof

of corporate 'rru'rrho

that he has eohhled this ‘.'.‘Ol8t" than l'i" not ;uiirho with :ts daft Fruity KiWi With ler ‘ll’JtKl’; a ’lréiplllh ecu/x,- w.” utter: xer, shoe. together from a real alcoholic. after all. dullet points and 'YriCS ... at the was? " CU HAW" pr'eueus \ears‘ Cheers, I'i“ off to the ~;‘:t\t£}nt'1o:‘tele )l'lf". ai/r'r‘rirvatirt; ahatwri. it 17. ‘f' re'e", arr

leltmers. Paul Daler puh'. Danie; Pollock -;>r‘.ao"serr‘<‘:r‘rts relies a Exertahle to the point lrrres my to U,- rrr’1r:rrat,i‘e r INA/i!

I P“e.isa'\‘e (Stu/Tiara. I Asse'*‘r>ri. Roars toacl‘ \ . "ea l. or x of hysteria (tl‘fl “after <3“ inter: across a warmth to " e'

550‘ 65:70. .xx' 30 Aug :96 3-138. 80 Ado auderxx; {Silt‘f‘i‘ pants than a sausage ’l;:rrU:ll’/fl set. pertor'irai at; "If mall “703 '7 5‘.-101"“. 'X‘.‘ '7 7L7. '5hrr‘. Oxerair. though. aoad. sandsaci‘, Nes. airirmixvrtel, to the 0.8” 9‘," “Of/’3' {9.5047 '1150 rib—£9. {ti—.970 98—59. SIM late-rmht to" Zealarrd's Pee", "ir'i‘rt/irvjs of Barr, A lar F’r’fll’lr‘”:

rAllan Radcliffe-r Ashton has its; ‘.'.’r>iter. ad a SlfflllétCli' I (Ii/1",“:[fit/0%

I P’easawe Carri. 12.0(;O miles to share tar'rrrg fora, into the Cages. 6&8 ".33. i/rrt/i 550. a"? 30 her pectrlrar brand of norm: of guilt, co”r"/T '15 All”) “I? 7 1- 24/- r‘o? 77. 0403'“. lewd and laSCr'JCUS eating. "2.4'3r0'i'r. 3.8-5.9 5950—37 95—70. pedor'r‘rance ooetr, Asr‘t’rs fu'f‘e’J-o‘b' 7—53-