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As they prepare to dazzle audiences at Dance Base With their superb double-bill. SCOTTISH DANCE THEATRES Riccardo (£70). Meneghini and Baptiste Bourgougnon tell us what they'll be watching at this year's Fringe and International Festival.


FONDATION JEAN-PIERRE PERBEAULT: JOE Thundering feet shatter the sound of silence


Dance yourself silly

Every now and then, a show comes along which stays with you long after you’ve left the auditorium. Joe looks set to be one of those performances. A cult hit in its native Canada ever since Perreault created the work back in 1984,.loelspe'rl -£-° foreaminutesstrai - withnomusical 0; «Hi Instead 3 "

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I Joe Canada's Fondalion Jean-Pierre Perroault brings its best—loved work to the International Festival. Don't miss the chance to see. and more importantly hear. the sound of 64 pounding feet in action. See picture. left. Edinburgh Playhouse. 473 2000. Mon 76—Wed 78Aug. 8pm, 56—825. I Pig Iron in Flop The clown Show that has yOu grinning from beginning to end. and the perfect antidote to all that serious physical theatre out there. See review. Pleasance Courtyard. until 30 Aug (not Tue), 4.05pm. 29/270 (USO/£38.50).

I Derevo - Tanya Khabarova Leaving the rest of her Russian company at home. Khabarova delivers Reflect/on, a masterful duet replete With images. See reView. Aurora Nova (a? St Stephens, 558 3853, until 30 Aug (not 77—27, 24) 70.450m. E 70 ($8).

I Rumble Germany‘s Renegade Theatre roll into town with a show that's filled with video trickery. and some of the finest head spinning known to man. See review. Aurora Nova ’69 St Stephens. 558 3853, until 30 Aug (not 77, 24) 8.30pm, £72

I Bellydance Banquet Edinburgh-born Arabic dancer. Lorna Gow (pictured above) fills your eyes. while the chefs of Morocco Walima fill your stomach, in this unique show blending bellydance with a 3- course lunch. Morocco Wa/i'ma. 652 3764, mm 29 Aug. 72. 75pm, £72 (£9). I Dance Base at the Fringe Once again, our National Centre of Dance offers up a diverse programme of shows. all of Freshmess: Triple Bill z. ; ' 2 1' ~ t,» ' which are worthy of your " ' " ' " " " " : " '-: t; attention. See preview. Dance ' Base, 225 5525, 73—22 Aug (not - .- a -, ,.; , 7 6), times vary, £9 (86). Preview ' '- ' r41; 72 Aug. 25.

Protein Dance: Publife z. : ; / i Teatro Delusio: Floez

Teatr Novogo Fronta: Dias de las Noches ’. .'

\ Ririe-Woodbury Dance Co/Nikolais Dance Theatre


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