Seven days of celluloid heaven







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. O, , Park Chan Wook is a madman: o Qmpafhy for Hr.Venggance) ., represent the mundane and O extraordinary made flesh. Kidney thieves, extreme revolutiohary groups and border patrols become the stuff of suburban . horror in his hands. Old Boy may . just be his best yet; they got very excited about it in Cannes and now it’s your chance to do the same. A not so IIIer tale of a businessman who is kidnapped on his way home only to be . thrown back in to the world 15 years later is blgdy. brutal'and’ ' quite unforgettable. 'r


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Film critic DEREK MALCOLM chooses his pick of the Film Festival.



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‘Shoot a few scenes out of focus. I want you to win the foreign film award.’

Billy Wilder to a cameraman (Attrib)



I Coffee and Cigarettes Almost ’20 years in the making and Jim .Jarmusch comes up with a timeless work. Vignettes based on the actiVity of partaking in coffee and cigarettes «or in Steve Coogan and Alfred Molina's case. high teal. these are less a feature than a series of shorts strung together. But who cares r~ Jarinusch is a god. See review. UGC. 623 8030. Thu 79 Aug. 7pm.

I Old Boy Park Chan Week. the filmic Wild child of South Korean cinema. follows up his gobsmaking 2002 film Sympathy for Mr Vengeance With this phenomenal story of kidnap. enforced telew5ion watching and revenge. Cannes audiences went mad for it and 80 Will yOu. UGC. 623 8030. Thu lQAug. 8pm.

I The Girls of San Frediano And so it begins, a retrospective from the darkest corners of the obscure and all the better for it. This film is lighter than Valerie Zurlini's later films as it follows the adventures of a suburban self styled Don .Juan. Better Zurlini films are to come but this is a good place to start. Fi/mhouse. 623 8030. Thu 79 Aug, noon.

I Super Size Me One man versus the mighty McDonald burger. Surely one of the big documentary hits of the Festival. UGC. 623 8030. Thu 79 Aug 9.30pm.

I Yasmin Intelligent drama from the director of Gas Attack and the writer of The Full Monty about what happens when innocent people (in this case a British Muslim girl and her arranged marriage husband) get pulled into post 9/1 1 hysteria in the north of England. Both moving and hard edged: a major British movie. 060, 623 8030. Thu 79 Aug, 7.30pm.