This week’s under-age entertainment


Nursery rhyme fun for little ones see 5

This endearing show from the Puppet Lab has to have the most intricate, beautifully crafted and downright cutest set design on the Fringe. There's little in the ay of narrative for older children, but for the 2—55, Each Pe h offers; host of nursery rhyme and fairytale puppet ddights. Featuring Cinderella, Tom Thumb, the Three Bears, Jack and Jill and many more, all hoping for a slice of Mother Hubbard‘s yummy plum pie. (Kelly Apter)

I Assembly Rooms. 1226 2428. until 30 Aug, .0.453m, £6 (£4).


With so much to choose from at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival. children‘s programme director KAREN MOUNTNEY shares her top five kiddie characters with us.

Cat in the Hat Who could not admire this anarchic creator of havoc and mayhem. With hilarious stories. zany pictures and riotOus rhymes. this is a faVOurite for life. 27 Aug. 7.30pm: 28

Aug. 70.30am.

Tilly I instantly fell in love With this angelic lamb. created by Mandy Stanley. Tilly is SliOOZIlig happily in the Sun when someone tickles her nose. but when she looks around. no-one is there. So begins a charming and endearing search for the culprit. 23 Aug. 7.30pm.

Q Pootle 5 Nick Butterworth's adventurOus little alien and his friend. Oopsy. are the perfect companions for intergalactic travel. Out of this world. 28—29 Aug. 10am.

Horrid Henry Francesca Simon’s Henry gets to do the things WOuld all love to sometimes can live Vicariously through him. 29 Aug. 4.30pm.

Little Princess Little Princess may be royalty. but she has tantrums like any other little girl. Cries of ‘l want my mum' and 'l dOn't want to go to bed' res0nate around the castle. something parents of all little treasures can relate to. Meet Tony Ross. 74 Aug. 70.30am and 2pm.



‘Raising kids is part joy, part guerilla warfare’ - Ed Asner

I Flamenco Flow A chance to learn all about Flamenco dance. try on some costumes (see pic) then get up and stage and clap those hands! Great fun for all the family. The 14th August show is also a fundraiser for Water Aid. 7/4rm @ Greens/d9, 557 2724, 74—75. 27—22, 28—29 Aug, 4pm. E 70 (£8); family ticket £30.

I Dr Bunhead’s Recipes For Disaster Proving once again that science can indeed be fun, Dr B puts some vegetables through their paces in his customised kitchen. See review. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428. until 30 Aug (not 76, 23) 70.503m, £9 (£7).

I Dude! Where’s My Teddy Beat? A charmfest from start to finish. this fun musical for little ones as young as two is a real winner. You'll be singing the songs for days afterwards. See review. C, 0870 707 5705, until 30 Aug, 70am, £6.50 ($450—$550).

I Herbie 'l‘reehead’s Dinosaur Circus Great. lumbering dinosaurs stomp across the stage, aerial artists hang from ropes and the clowns run riot in Herbie's good old fashioned extravaganza. See review. Pod Deco, 08707 557 705, until 29 Aug (not 77) 2.30pm, 25-270 (E5—E8).

I The Owl & the Pussycat Tall Stories delivers another helping of wonderful storytelling, performed by character actors who have the grown-ups hooked as much as the kids. See review. C, 0870 707 5705, until 30 Aug (not 75), 3pm, £7.50

(25.50—6. 50).

I Jazz Mouse Learn the piano the funky way, in this imaginative and fun puppet show from Ailie Cohen. See review. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, until 30 Aug (not 76, 23) 77.30am, £6 (£4).