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collections than. V' ' projections and ten—yea . H, e : add a surreal air to an al -. ' concept. How can you resist? (Henry Northmore) I Pod Deco, 0870 755 7705, until 30 Aug (not 7 7 Aug), 3.45pm—4.45pm, £9—£ 70

(£7. 50—£8. 50).


James Mackintosh of musical mavericks SHOOGLENIFTY selects a handful of his must do's this Festival.

Boothby Grafloe and the Following People Boothby‘s jtlSi wen, funny. A couple of us are playing with him this year. and it'll be worth going along to see our bass player Singing harmony falsetto. Pleasar‘rie Courttard. 5:36 (55:30, until 30 Aug lnot 7?). 5.45pm. 5‘l;_’.:’50— iii‘ :57 7—7 7.50).

Songs of Jacques Brel I went to see Mich En Scene last year and it was Just amazing. Areal character and a great band. Assertim C St George '5; l'JEst. 226 2-128. until 30 Aug. 70.30pm. .‘fi'()— 77 ii‘9— 70i.

Fatboy Starring Mike McShane. this is a play that l've read and it should be lC'dH". good. Not the one for you if colourful language is liker to frighten you off. Assembly Rooms, 226 2/12”). until 30 Aug ihc.‘ lTi. 53150177, 5‘72— 73 (£7 7— l2).

Derevo - Tanya Khabarova - Reflection I really like it down at Aurora Nova. There's lots of interesting looking extreme theatre featuring people t-ihose names I can't pronOunce. I saw something of Derevo's last year and they were brilliant. The show opened With a naked man walking on with a huge cow bell hanging off his knackers. clunking. YOu never know what you're gomg to get. Aurora Nova «1‘ St Stephens. 558 3853. will 30 Aug mot 77v. 7.30a'7‘. :7 70 £19». ii‘vi'ark Edmundsoni

I Slioog/ertiftl. Sb/egeltenf. 662 87-10. tl'lUi 25 Aug "of '8— 79 8 4’ 7—35; 9:30;)77. £5 70 l/EBi.


‘Without music life would be a mistake’ Friedrich Nietzsche

ta Music of Morton Feldman Kicking off the excellent Royal Bank Lates series at the International Festival is this concert of two works by New York-born composer Feldman. whose work was influenced by everything from the minimalist magic of John Cage to the art of Mark Rothko. For free tickets to this event see our offers page 12. Usher Hall, 4 73 200.

7 6 Aug, 70.30pm, £5.

El Roots at the Reid It may involve artists performing styles as traditional or as futuristic as you'd find anywhere, but there's a common thread: excellence in live performance. Take a chance on something you won't be disappointed. Field Hall, until 29 Aug various times. various prices. See preview and week planner for more details. El Camut Band - Life is Rhythm The beat goes on with these Spanish masters of the dance'n'drum, using hands. sticks and. of course, feet. An injection of comedy and some truly propulsive dancing make this a quality all rounder. See review. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, until 22 Aug. 7 0.25pm. £72—73 (£7 7—72).

a James Yorkston There‘s a vibe that Yorkston‘s music has - a difficult to define quality. His songs are occasionally spooky, occasionally darkly funny, occasionally intense, but mostly they're just pretty brilliant. and live. there's a chance it'll totally blow you away. The Venue, 0870769 0100, 79 Aug, 7.30pm, £9.

I Best of T-Break The big guns may be packing out the Corn Exchange at T on the Fringe but here you can see the heroes and heroines of the future with a line up of reputable up-and-comers who turned heads at T in the Park. See preview. Liquid Room, 0870 769 0100, 75 Aug, 7pm, £5.