On course for collaboration

Hot) Hall I“, a lyrical and lll/‘flltldf: Ja// saxophonist and clarinettist who also happens to be a fine Classical fllll‘;|f,|£tll. He has been able to Cultivate both sides of his musir al personality since making the move north from Manchester to Glasgow in 1900. including r,o»leadlng Freewheelers With Australian trombonist Chris Grieve and working on l)l()]()(jtf$ With pianist Chick Lyall. Although his own degrees were classrcal. he is very committed to pushing forward Jax/ education. He teaches at the RSAMD in Glasgow. and has devoted a lot of energy to organising and running well regarded ia/z courses on both sides of the border (wwwla/ As an offshoot of the courses in Glasgow and





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TERRA DIABLO Rock returns home to roost

tn the UK-wrde alternpt to wrestle rock musrr: back from the rapping baggy lrousered brigade. the war is almost won and we couldn't have done it wrthout the efforts of several Scottish acts. Brffy Clyro are one. and Glasgow frvesome Terra Drahlo are another. They formed (‘fetermrned to 'creale flltiSlC that mattered' and have unquestionably succeeded. wrth their recently released eponymously titled


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Il\.'(:, the anilirtrous and unhelremlrl, handsonw: young (thaps haze hurll up a devoted ff)l|()‘.'."llll] from well .'(:(,(:l‘.'(:fi support slots for close frrends Snow Patrol. As a result. then last King Tut's performance provoked emotional responses from sweaty kids crammed down the front singing along to every word and erupting into hysteria at then every utterance. Victory has never sounded so sweet. (Camilla Prat I Underbelly. 0870 7.1:”) 3083. 75) Aug. 10.30pm, Yb.


Far from ordinary folk


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A cappella action gives mixed results 000

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PAUL KELLY Aussie rock legend hits Edinburgh

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BEST OF T-BREAK The right place for a showcase

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The best music doesn’t need to batter you over the head with its brilliance; it just sits there allowing you to absorb its greatness through your pores. So it is with James Yorkston, the modern folk troubadour who has sprung from the bosom of Fife’s esteemed Fence Collective to become a successful solo artist. Yorkston (along with talented backing band, the Athletes) is set to release his second album, Just Beyond the River, and it is a sombre and dark gem, a companion piece to his awesome nu-folk debut, Moving Up Country. ‘This one has got some bleak moments on it,’ he says, laughing incongruously. ‘I don’t know why it came out dark, because I’m feeling pretty happy at the moment. But it is a dark album.‘ Yorkston’s live outings run the full gamut of emotions, ranging from intense personal hymns to rampaging folky hoedowns, in a sound which manages to be both traditional and yet hugely progressive and forward-thinking. ‘A lot of the music is quite dark but when you see us on stage, obviously we take it seriously but we’re not dressed up in black undertaker costumes,’ he says. ‘We’re just normal people playing normal music.’ He’s wrong. James Yorkston’s music is far from normal; it’s extraordinary. (Andrew Gilchrist) I The Venue, 0870 lb‘S) 0700. 79 Aug. 7..)0prn, 50. as part of T on the fringe see our Offers Page fr?! your fer


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