Hour by hour recommendations tor the best Festival theatre. See below for booking Information.

Amaluba - Like Doves We Rise The actors tell real-life tales of apartheid South Africa. Assembly Rooms. (not 16 Aug). 11.20am. £12-£13(£10—£li). Mongoose use

A lonely farmer mourns the loss of his best friend. a talking mongoose. Assembly Rooms. 11.50am. £9—£ I 0 (£8—£9).

The Pull of Negative Gravity sees

A moving piece of political theatre exploring the impact of war on a farmer‘s boy. who returns home injured after service in Iraq. Traverse Theatre. (not 16 Aug). times vary. £11 (£4.50—£8).

How to Act Around Cops 0....

Logan Brown creates an ever-expanding puzzle of truth. lies and subjectivity. Pleasance Courtyard. 12.50pm. £9—£10 (£7.50—£8.50).


Theatre Du Marquis turn RL Stevenson‘s tale of a trader‘s life in the Pacific into a stunning theatrical treat. Aurora Nova. (not 17Aug), Times vary, £ 10 (£8). Damaged By Miracles

Falsa Imago presents its prize-winning physical theatre version of DP Schreber‘s memoirs charting his mental illness. Pleasance Courtyard. (not 16 Aug ). 1.40pm. £9.50—£8.50 (£7-£8).

Nikollna eee

Van Badham‘s follows on from last year‘s Camarilla with this tale of a young Croatian refugee. Pleasance Courtyard. 1.40pm. £9—£10 (£7.50—£8.50).

Each . . . And Every inch

The remarkable story of Canadian Elizabeth Smart and her intense relationship with fellow poet George Barker. Scotland's Theatre Gateway. (not 17Aug). 2pm. £12(£10).

Not I by Samuel Beckett eeee Pauline Goldsmith is the isolated ‘mouth' of an old woman finding her voice. Assembly Rooms. (not 16 Aug ). 2.10pm. £5.

Bill Hicks: Slight Return 0”

A new play reviving the life and antics of revered funny man Bill Hicks. Pleasanee Courtyard. (not 18 Aug). 2.45pm. £10L£12(£9~£11).

Cone eee

Glyn Cannon brings Sophocles into the modern era with a tale of spin doctors. TV and security obsession. Pleasanee Courtyard. (not 17Aug). 3pm. £8.50—t9.50 (£7—£8).

Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) .00..

Will Eno‘s Thom Pain is a man standing

Russell Barr is excellent in Sisters, Such Devoted Sisters

on the edge of modem society. holding court with his audience. Pleasanee Courtyard. (not 16 Aug ). 3pm. £9—£10 (£7.50—t‘8.50).

When the Bulbul Stopped Singing eeee

Palestinian activist Raja Shehadeh‘s diary is adapted for the stage by Scottish

playwright David Greig. Traverse Theatre.

228 1404. (not 16 Aug). Times vary. £15 (£4.50—£9).

Chronicles: A Lamentation


A retelling of the epic of Gilgamesh by Poland’s Teatr Piesn Kozla drawing of the European tradition of musical lamentations. Aurora Nova. (not 16 & I 7 Aug). 3.30pm. £10(£8).

Take Me Away

Rough Magic tells the story of a father and his son dealing with their mother‘s illness.

Traverse Theatre. Times vary. £7—£8 (£6—£7).


19SOs-style puppet show for adults about the dark and bloody goings on that follow the arrival of carnival. Aurora Nova. (not 17 Aug). 4pm. £10 (£8).

Pieces of Eight

A step back in time to the golden era of Hollywood. complete with slapstick humour and dance routines. George Square Theatre. 4.15pm. £10 (£7.50). Losing Venice eee

An international production of John Clifford’s exploration of war. conquest and love. Komedia Roman Eagle Lodge. 4.40pm. £7 (£5).

Tempting Providence so

The true story of a nurse who moved from Britain to Canada to help out in rural communities. Traverse Theatre. (not 16 Aug). Times vary. £11 (£4.50—£8).


XXX .0

La Fura dels Baus brings its sexually explicit adaptation of Philosophy in the Boudoir to the Scottish stage. l’leasant‘e ('ourtyard. 12—14 Aug . 8pm. £20 (£18.50).


Four short plays about alienation in relationships by two up and coming Australian writers. Sweet on the Royal Mile. (not 18 Aug). 9pm [7.511([650l Phaedra's Love eeee

Sarah Kane's powerful reworking of the Phaedra myth. Smirnoff Underbelly. (not 16 Aug). 9pm. £7.50—£8.50 (£‘6.5()-7£7.5()).

Tango Apocalypso

A magical love story set in the gently swaying world of railway porters. Traverse Theatre. 12—15 Aug. times vary. [/5 (14.5049). [E311— g The Bridge

A spectacular of war. performed by the innovative Boilerhouse Theatre Company using aerial choreography.

! music and film on a giant screen. ()ld

C ollege Quad. from 18 Aug. 10pm. £12 ([9). Preview 1 7Aug. £8.

Citizen Walken eeee

American actor Peter Loueiro takes Christopher Walken into unusual territory with this hilarious parody show. ('oyvgate (‘entralQ’l‘ Wilkie House. 10pm.

FatBoy CO... The team behind Americana Absurdton returns with this black comedy and pacey political satire. Assembly Rooms. ( not I 7Aug). 5.45pm. £12—£13l£ll—£12).

ESE— 17—18(5). ; Sisters, Such Devoted Sisters Shimmer 0.. Linda McLean's 2 secs

new play following two groups of people stranded in extreme and rather unsettling weather conditions. Traverse Theatre. 228 1404. (not 16 Aug). Times vary. £15 ( £9). Teatro Delusion eeee

German theatre company Floez returns with its inimitable mix of mask and mime for this tale of backstage dreams. Aurora Nova. (not 17Aug). 6.30pm. £12 (£10).

_ '


One man show about growing up in the shadow of the Northern Irish peace process. Gilded Balloon Caves. 7pm. £7.50—£8.5() (£6.50—£7.5()).


This 1499 Spanish tragedy stars Kathryn Hunter as the wily brothel madam of the title. King 's Tlteatre. from 16 Aug. 7.30pm. £6—£23.

Kenneth - What is the Frequency? .000

78th Street Theatre Lab unwinds the mystery surrounding the assault on a New York City newsman. Assembly Rooms. ( not 17Aug). 7.30pm. £10—£11 (£9-£10).

_ I

And in the End “0

A lavish production delving into what went through John Lennon's mind moments after he was shot. C. 8pm. £9.50 (£8.50)


Theatre babel returns to the Fringe with Shakespeare's tale of toil and trouble. Scotland 's Theatre Gateway. ( not 18 Aug). 8pm. £12 (£10).

Dive into Glasgow’s gay underworld in the company of drag queen Bernice Hindley and friends. Traverse Theatre. (not 16 Aug). 10pm. £11 (£4.50-£8). The Tiger Lillies - Punch and Judy

} The folks who created Shoekhemled

Peter are back with this twisted and violent puppet show-come-operetta. Pod Deeo. (not I7Aug). 10.45pm. £10—£13.50 (£8.50).

Hedwig and the Angry inch Stage musical version of the 2001 film about a transsexual punk rocker.

l/4rm @Greenside. 12-14 Aug. 12.05am. £10(£8)