The definitive dancefloor directory

HOUSE TIEFSCHWARZ Deep German house as Tiefshwarz join Low Gravity Brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz are the core at the heart of Tiefshwarz, " which literally translates to ‘deep black’, and which sums up their sound surprisingly succinctly. Now more at home playing the international circuit than in their native Stuttgart, they have moved on to remix everyone from Earth, Wind & Fire to Masters at Work. With respected masters such as Ian Pooley and Jazzanova getting in on remixing their own-production work. Quality deep house with a Teutonic edge. (Henry Northmore) I Low Gravity at the LiQL/u? Wain, Wen’ 70 Aug, 10.30p'm-5 ‘1‘“ (332;.


VEGAS has to be one of the best good time parties in town. but just what do the Vegas crew get up to during the Fest when not spinning and swinging to the best in big band jazz. We ask resident Bugsy Seagull.

Born to Be Wide ' i?" «2.. 2..


Sons & Daughters - 1' : "‘. '~ ; F' 1'. n

Caffalic Educashun. ‘,.\lt.,‘ \ m -y.\.._,::

Romeo & Juliet Rf ' :~

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llit '>l< FESTIVAL CLUBS The best clubs in Edinburgh

I Access AVionix take over Access With their tull~on sight and SOund show, inn-ting Video and computer graphics alongsule live sets and DJ skills. All With a techno-electro slant. this collective’record label are involved in everything from film and Video game scores to straight production work so they should be proVIding a night of brain treats. The Honeycomb. 530 5540, Fn 73 Aug.

1 7 pin-5am, {‘7 (£5 members).

I Headspin Manchester seems to be a breeding ground for the best in super funked up beats. hip hop and urban soul. Martin Brew. Fat City and one half of Walk. is the Mancunian of ChOice for the first in a double bill of Headspin Festival parties ('Herbaliser's Ollie Teeba is in the house next week}. The Bongo C/ul). 558 7604, Sat 74 Aug,

7 7pm—5am, E8 (E6).

I Low Gravity Punk house heads Tietschwarz should fit in perfectly at this midweek electro. house. breaks and beats spectacular. German masters of their art who showed us what they were all about at this year's T in the Park. The Liquid Room, 225 2564, Wed 78 Aug. 9pm—5am, F5.

I Affiliate CausedConcern are the mighty fine guests at this drum & bass shindig, dropping by for their only Scottish date of 2004. Picking up best newcomers at the Knowledge Drum <3 Bass Awards this DJ and production squad are Currently on fire with releases on the likes of Virus, True Playaz and Moving Shadow. The Honeycomb, 530 5540, Thu 79 Aug, 77pm—Bam. $5.

I Past The punk night invites Neil's Children to add to the Festival madness. Edgy, angular urban rock rapidly emerging from the London art-rock scene in the wake of bands such as the Libertines and Selfish Cunt. The Bongo C/ub, 558 7604, Thu 79 Aug, 77pm—5am, E5.