I Blaze at |'.j_'o llpiii ‘ain L‘ Li chkl} .laiiicx longxhorth igiiitcx the g.:} Weekend. ‘~'-l|l| plctitx ol Ll diinkx pioiiiox to tucl the lrixoliticx

I Blow Your Head at the \aullx ‘L'ltlL'l h} Nicol l1dv.aidxi lll illpiii 5am Li 2” Aug llcadxpiii'x Ailatt l)unhai' ix the wt) xpccial gticxt ax |.uaii Rohei‘txoii iiiixcx up the lunk. claxxic hip hop. dixco and houxc lot thix eclectic hlock part}

I Do This Do That at llHllL'}cHllll\ Next date 2" Aug

I Dogma at Studio 24 Ill Alll‘lll iam L7 tL5 iiiciiihcixi 2” Aug ||aid ax nailx and ax undcigiotmd ax molcx. techno oi the hljg'llLNl oidci a\ the |)oj_'tii.i truth loiccx \Hllt pictt} much the cnliic l'dinhurgh tcchno coiniiiuiiitx lot l iiilicd Will] lixc actx and Mix lioiii |)ogiiia. .lak-N. React. Axiomx atid l’illhox

I El Barrio at l I Baii'io lllpin iain. l‘l'L't' Weekl} Sec lltll

I Evol at the liquid Room

I“. illpiii 5am t5 \Vcckl}. ladinhtii'gh'x longext iuiiiiing indie night. heading tor itx hig lith hnthdax on 2‘ Aug. W ith the uxual ltIl\ ot the hext current and claxxic alteinatix c. croxxm ct" tuncx. it‘x an inxtitiition ahead) and Will] the recent addition ol the hack i‘ooni tnoxx manned h_\ the \cnciahle (‘hoxx and lloii/ontal on dex and laptopx thlt an ‘anxthing htit indic' iciiiit i. the lutui‘c lookx like a happ} place lot a|l thittgx |'.\ol.

I Globalista at the Bongo (‘luh

llpiii 5am. LN (UH. liAug. |)Jx .lallai‘ (Senegal i. latiritiue tSondcruinhai and /.uppa lnglexe tBogotai tlic lolk heliind Atakatacal ai'c hack \\ ith more Alrican. |.atin. ('ai‘ihhcan. Salxa and .-\i'ahquuc hcatx pltix hell} dancing lroiii /.atirah and |i\c Alto ltixion li‘oiii “man and Sainha Scne, “l‘hc paxt pi'exciit atid lutui'e xound ol tropical dance.

I The 60-60 at (‘octeati lounge tdotxnxtairx at ligoi. midnight 5am. [5 1U). 2U Atig. Sxxiiiging (illx garage. xotil. mod. xotil. Rth and xIcaI} |ixtcning. 'l'he i'igliteotzx 'l'all l’aul Rohinxon and Angux A (io—( io remain t'cxidcnt ioincd h} a pair ol' tip top gucxtx l)a\ ic |ludxon and l’i‘olexxoi' l’laxtic.

I House of Vice at \‘ice Bar.

llpiii 3am. l't'ee. chkl}. Samuel P and the Slea/c mix houxc} xouiidx \xitli |i\c xax and \ocalx.

I Metropolis at the Vaultx tenter h} Nicol lidxxardxi. Itlfitlpiii 5am. U. l} Aug Mangomad and Silxer Stoi'ic tYuminii conihinc turntahlex. xamplerx and l-'.\ to pi'ox idc you Will] the linext in duh. clectt‘o. ht‘cakx and hcatx.

I Mocha Rocka! at Berlin Bierhaux. Next date 27 Aug.

I No Strings Attached at the Venue. Next date 27 Atig.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal lounge.

lllpiii .iain. £5. Weekl}. l-‘unkcd up \ocal houxe and dance claxxicx ll'tlllt Stcx ie (E and ('alluin Murra}.

I Pogo Vogue at the Bongo (‘luh Next date 27 Attg.

I Pop Fiction (formerly Time Tunnel) at Maxxa. lllpm 3am. £5. chklx. ’lt'ciidx Wend} and regular guextx tinc Belt) l'tit'tll |a_\ doxxti a the coolext hlend ol pop. l'unk. xoul. dixco. RAB. hip hop and houxc \\ ith a real xcnxe ol luii. l’lent} ol' di'inkx pi'oinox on ttllL‘t' an' all. I Roadblock at l’o Na Na. ltlpm 3am. l't'cc hct'oi'e l lptn; 5 altci'. Weekly l)J Nikki and l'i'iendx dig up the \ci'_\ hcxt in lllltlx. tllNCU. Rik“. ltttthe. ktlu‘lt elgt\\lc\ atid part} iainx.

I Solescience at the Venue.

llpiii 5am. {X it"). 20 Aug. Dedicated to hringing the hext ol‘ undergrouiul houxe. digital dixco and trackliead xoul \\ ith i'cxidcntx Nick Yuil and Roh Mathic. Joined h) a plethora of local talent. in tact the cream ol. the crop. \\ itli (ieorge 'l‘. (iaretli Soininei'x illc. Craig Smith and Joxcph Malik dropping all thingx liouxe}. xoulttil and funk}.

I Spank! at the Smirnott t'nderhell}. midnight 4am. U) iL'h’i. Weekl}. See lltll. I Stet at l.i,xmore Rugh} (‘luh

8pm lain. Weekl}. A xcaled do\\n \erxion through the text and \xe'll he

honext it'x a hard one to xiiin tip xo \xe’ll haxc to let them do the talking. 'With a ptlt‘poxelttll} erratic aim. a night at 8th \enturex ohiecti\‘e|_\ through xonic lieldx ot xurging haxx. lot'extx ol' micro-xampled clickx and \xhirrx. cx'en drix ing through the marxhland ot cxki-duh and grimef. I Tokyo Underground at the (‘ellar Bar. ‘lpm 3am. £2.09 hel'ore midnight; LINN alter. l3 Atig. A next night hoxted h} the duo hchind 'l‘okxohlu \t ith lixe pct‘cuxxion l'orm l’cpe Santamaria and a xclcction til. local guextx.

I Trouble at the (‘ellar Bar. 9pm 3am. lace hel‘oi'c l lpm'. 299 £4.09 alter. 2|) Atig. The Beat Ja/l Baxement ix rchorn in a \lightl} dil‘lerent tormat ax the 'l‘rouhlc guxx hring their jall inllected dance xclection hack home. Second til their l'extixal datcx \x ith a li\c xet lt'tlttt the claxxicall} trained \ocalixt Scaniing rcnoxxned tor her nork \xith Ninja ‘l‘une'x llomclil‘e.

I VEGAS! at ligo. lt).3l|ptn 3am. £8 tL'5 it ‘ltihtilotixlx drexxed' l. l3 Atig. .\ltllt|l1|_\. llcp dadd_\ xuing. countr} claxxicx and xlca/x lixtening with )out' high-kicking hoxtx: l-tankie Sumatra. Bugx} Seagull. l)ino Martini and the xtuniiing Vegax xlioxxgirlx. And do U} to make an el'l'oi't \\ ith the drcxx code. cli'.’ |.oxt Vegax l‘extixal xpecial ax the} \xelcome the higlil} charged lli-\'o|tagc tor a li\e xet ol \\\ iiigiiig action land \xatch otit tor their huge ()cean 'lcrininal date on 23 Atig t. See prei'ieii‘.

I Whoopee at (‘ ('entral.

midnight 2am. £9.50 (£8.50; £7.50 lt'lttge participantxi. Weekl}. See Thu.

Chart & Party

I The BIG One! at Mood. 0pm -3am. liree hcl'orc l lpin; £3 alter thee to memhcrxi. Weeklx. A tantaxtic xtart to the \xcckend ax )ou caxort to all thoxe pup elaxxie\ trotn the laxt lixc decadex. I Blend @ City at (it): lidinhurgh.

l lpm 5am. £5. Weekl}. l).| Bahex entertainx the inaxxex \\ ith the hext in current and claxxic chart action from


Blondie tt) Beyonce.

I Espionage at lixpionage. 7pm 3am. l-t'ee. Weekl). See 'l‘htl.

I Office Party at (‘tiu‘iidixh/l)ix'a. 4pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Night ol' alter \x‘ot'k‘ .xilliiiexx and clicex)‘ tun. Bucking hroticox. gamex and more to keep the xuitetl tttaxxex entertained. Bullet ltir pre- hookcd pat'tiex tax well ax a htix pick tip xcrx'icc l.

I The Subway at Subway. 7pm Rant. {1. Week'l}. Nigli on a (‘owgate inxtitution ol‘ commercial dance and chart hitx \\ ith the odd indie claxxic.

I Sweet at ('it}: lidinhurgh.

ll).3l)pin 5am. u). Weekl). l)J (lax p|a_\x onl} the linext in chart. dance aiid R&B.

Edinburgh Saturdays Club

I Audio Tourism at Poo Bar (’luh. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. A xerioux alternative to conventional night cluhhing \xith chunk}. tunk‘y houxe trackx.

I Audio at Berlin Bierhaux. Next date 2| Atig.

I breakitdown at Hone} comh. Next date 23 Aug.

I DEFinition at the ('cllar Bar. Next date 2| Aug.

I Diggity at the lixtahlithent.

|()pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. [)1 lath. Harry 3|). Rico and MC lilo“ get donn \xith their had xelx‘ex. plaxing \xildxtyle RckB. hip hop and xtreet xoul.

I The Egg at Wee Red Bar.

llpiii 3am. £4.50 M35”). Weekl}. Still the hext mix of indie. ()(l\ garage. northern xoul. xka. 70x punk and neu \xax'e _\ou’re likel) to xtagger acroxx. A xxell loved inxtitution that reltixex to change.

Dot Allison

joins Born to be Wide, Thu 19 Aug

I El Barrio at H Barrio. lllpin iaiii. l't'ee. Weeklx. Sec lhtt.

I Fever at ligo. Next date 2| Aug.

I Flaunt at Maxxa. llpiii Attltl.

U) L'll). l4 Atig. l'oi'tnightl}. Moiiexpenn} 'x prexent thix night ol timelexx cluh claxxicx that made houxc iiitixic \\ hat it ix toda). With 'l'omiii} (iallo. Marco Smith and Jon liduardx, I Funkysensual at l’o Na Na.

9pm 3am. l't'ee helore l lpm; £5 alter. Weekly. Mark it pla_\x x“ cct ltlllk) houxe mtixic to the l'lt}|ltltllk‘tl||} adxenturou».

I Give it Some! at the Bongo ('ltih. Next date 2‘< Aug.

I Groove Fidelity at Hone} coiiih. Next date 2| Aug.

I Gusto at the \'atiltx. |ll..illpm 5am. H. H Aug. Speciall} xelectcd electio. axx-jttelx‘llt' atid lunked-up houxc ix ximmered to pert'ection h} Mark Balneax ex tl)iggin' l)eeperi.

I Headspin at the Bongo (’luh. ||pin 5am. £8 (Uri. l4 Aug. 'l‘he hcxt in hip hop. lunk. xoul. houxc and hreakheat ax \\ e xa_V \\ eletittie hack to the rexidetit l)J dixpla} team leaturing Allan. the Rexonance (Dam and ('olin Millari and Steue Spin. The lirxt 0!. their lexthal datex joined by the might} Martin Bren that ('it} Recordxi atid hack again next week 120 Augi with ||erha|ixer‘x ()llic 'lieeha. See preview.

I House of Vice at Vice Bar.

9pm 3am. liree. \Veek’l}: More houxe action trom Sol tmoxhulut.

I Jailhouse Rock at l.‘ Attache.

1 1pm 3am. £5 (£4 memherxi. Weekly 'l'vi'eak'. Steve and cRYl’tineixter xpin old xk'ool rock and metal along the linex oi: A('/|)('. Motorhead. Black Sabbath. Seorpionx. Alice ('ooper. Judax l’riext (you get the pieture'.’i.

I Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at Maxxa. Next date 2| Aug.

I Luvely at the Liquid Room. Next date 2| Aug.

I Messenger Sound System at the Bongo ('luh. Next date 2| Aug.