I Mission Jnr at Studio 24. " llipm. £5. chkl}. (ioth. rock. punk and ot coursc all that nu tnctal stull that tltc kids mm c so much. So it sou c\cr \sondcrcd \shcrc all lhosc hlack clad _\ouths lrom tltc top ol (‘ockhurn Strch \scnt altcr dark look no lttrllict 'liltc hcsl and original undcr lh’s mctal gathcring in

to“ It.

I Mission at Studio 2-1. llprn 3am. £5 t£4 incinhcrsi. \Vcckl}. Night ol mctal ma}hcm. goth rock and morc trom thc darksidc a rcal lzdinhurgh institution. Still “till a lo}al lanhasc and an opcn door pttllL‘} tor anymc “ith a low ol' rock and mctal. 'l'liings arc ccrtainl} alool tltmtt Mission “as as their ncxs top floor polic} kicks into gcar \\ ith Void \\ ho spccialisc iii thc morc cxtrcnic cnds ol inctal. Will llaxcn. Brutal Truth. ('arcass. (iod l-'lcsli. that kinda thing t [4 Augi.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Loungc. lllpm 3am. £5. chkl}. l)a\'c Slicddcn “till his mis ot' disco and l'unk} housc tracks.

I Progression at thc Liquid Roottt. Nc\t datc 28 Atig.

I Rewind at tltc Liquid Room. ll)..i()pni 5am. £5. l-i Attg. Monthl). 'l'hc liirc lsland l)Js \\ ill he on hand for somc carup lli-NRU action in thc hackroom lioincd h) tic“ ho} iNR(i-7()) \shilc old skool disco jocks .Mick ('ool and Shugg)‘ licar dish out tlic hcst in 7()s and 80s poptastic tuncs in thc mainroom.

I Sophistitunk at ('it}': lidinhurgh. ll).3()pm 5am. £8. chkly. Rc'sidcnt [)1 John llutchison pl;t)'s lunkcd up R&B rcmixcs and housc ltlltcs to a hcautil'ul crowd.

I Spank! at thc Smirnotl l'ndcrhcll). riiidriiglit 4am. £0 (£8). chkl)‘. Scc 'l’hu. I Stereotype at llcrlin Bicrhaus. cht datc 38 Aug.

I Tease Age at (“in-us (‘Iuh

l lpm 3am. l‘r‘cc hcl‘orc l l..i()pni; £5. chkl}. 'l'his indic stalwart dishcs up cscrything l'rom swinging (ilis hits to hagg} Manclic'stcr laws as \scll as a host ol currcnt Mill-f chart hothcrcrs.

I 2Hot at ligo. 6.45 9.45pm. £5. chkly. Ncss' undcr Ills night of hip hop and urban Rtfili llavas with Richic


Edinburgh’s premiere 'dirt club’ returns

Ruttonc. l)J l)i//lc. la}. Sonn}. .lc/ and liniccc l’rotiscc istrict agc rcstriction ot l3 lat.

I Ultragroove at (‘ahat'cl \nliairt- llpm 5am. £(i hctorc midnight \sith ll}cr; £3 altcr. l4 Aug. l1dmhutgh's pccrICss rcal housc part} \L‘Hcs tip track} gt‘omcs. soullul \ocals and trihal tuncs lroni rcsidcnt (iarcth Soiiinicrx illc taking lull adxantagc ol thc latc opcning hours tltc lcstnal ollcr's \\ itli lour' hours ol ‘.-\lrohoonipt_\souldiscotcchnii moods and gooics' alongsidc Ants Small in tlic main room. \Vliilc litig/ Ill thc Amos Mikcj. Stirton alongsidc tag partncr (’olin ('ook scr\ c up thc l'r‘cshcst ltiiik. hip hop. dccp disco arid hrokcn hcats tn tltc hack room I Whoopee at (‘ ('cntr‘al.

midnight 3am. £9.50 i£H,5ll; £75” tringc

participants). \Vcckl}. Scc 'l'hu.

Chart & Party

I Cavendish/Diva at ("ascridisli/lhxa.

lllpm 3am. l-‘rcc hclorc | lpm; £(i altci'. \Vcckl}. 'l‘hc lull} rclurhishcd spacc hosts a night ol' all thc groox icst hits lrom thc (ills 90s. \\ ith currcnt chart laws on thc top floor. ()\cr 25s only

I Edinburgh’s Biggest Party at Mood. ()pm 3am. l‘rcc hcl'orc | lprn; £3 al’tcr tl'rcc to mcmhcrsi. \Vcckl}. ('hat't. part} and soul hits t'roiii D] Martin.

I Espionage at lispionagc. 7pm 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckl}. Scc 'l‘hu.

I The Subway at Sulma}. 7pm 3am. £l. \Vcckl}. Scc Hi.

I Supernova at cholution.

ll).3()pm 3am. £(i hcl'orc midnight; £7 al'tcr (£4 £5). \VcckI}. ('hai‘t and part} hits all night long.

Edinburgh Sundays Club

I <any excuse> at l’ri\ c ('ouncil. lllpllt 3am. l’i‘cc. \Vcckl); Back 2 Minc stylc scls from a sclcction ol' lidinhurgh lasouritcs. l‘unk)‘. cliillcd. uplifting

\ ihcs. Plus the <an} cscusc> protttolcr‘s arc also ol‘lcr‘ing a l'r‘cc ‘phonc in sick to work schicc' on Mon tjust ask tho [)1 i. not surprising \shcn all drinks arc £ 1.

I Audio Tourism at l’im liar ('Iuh.

“pm 1am l-rcc \M‘ckl} (‘olouts rcsidcnt (ia\ llouston pl.i_\s out a sclcttion ot chillcd and groo\_\ hcats

I BootyLUSHous at \tt-aina

lltpm 5am £3 hctorc midnight. £1 .ittcr \\cckl_\ \lorc ot a Sunda) Social than a lull on glam attair “uh I” l>alc l ush. Simmonc lilack and occasional gucst supasta‘s iSimmonc Black 15 -\ug and 'l‘rcnd} \\cnd_\ 5 Scp on rotationi mising up Rtkli. hip hop. soul and tunk

I Cosmic! at thc (‘cllai liar

lllpiii zam £2. “ct-kl} l)J lom ( )kc pla_\s tunk_\ l'rcnch housc with a tottclt ot Kits kitsch lhougli it docs conic mm a \sarning 'strictl} tor danccis'

I DKY at Studio 34 llpm “.tllt

(l 5” £3. \Vc't'lsl}. l)l'\\' \ltltlcs contidcntl} into its third )cat \sith rcsidcnt l)ls .lordi. (iarcth and l)a\c p|a_\ing rock. goth. Ittclal. industrial and punk. 'l licnic nights and trcc grits comhinc to kccp things intcrcstnig. \scck in. \scck out

I El Barrio at H llar'rio lllpni iani. l'il'L‘C. \Vt‘t'kl}. Scc llttl.

I Finsternis at (It) ('alc \mt dalc 33 Aug

I Kayos at ()piuui. llpm iani l'rcc \Vcckl}. Mctal and rock l).ls (‘lait’c Mollat and John lrom llogslicad kccp thc crouds a moshing.

I Mai-Tai at (it): ladiiihurgh.

llprn 5am. £4. \Vcckl} Sunda} dancing shcnanigans \sith spccials on Mai-lat cocktails and l'rcc tortunc cookics and Rtkli. housc and chart lrotn l)J loll).

I Neo-Gotham at ('It} (‘alc. \c\t datc 3‘) Aug.

I Polysuper at l’o Na Na. llprii 3am. £4 (£3). \Vcckl}. l’ttl}sttpct‘ \ll‘clcltcs tl's \sings and launchcs a nc\\ night at l’o Na .\'a. a ga} tricndl} night dipping into thc 7(ls. h'lls. ‘llls and toda} ‘s hcst music.

I Random Summer Party at Rl-LI) Vodka (‘luh Nc\t datc 33 Atig.

I Soul Sessions at Vicc liar.

9pm 3am. l-‘rcc. \Vcckl}. A hit tttot'c chillcd as hclits a Sunda} as Ral'l'

for GLASGOW CLUBS see non-festival magazine

‘It’s seen as a bit of a leap to get out there and DJ for yourself,’ explains Matt Palmer, co-founder of anarchic punk rock dystopia the Primitive Urge, the only reason to stay out late on a Monday night. ‘You imagine that DJs are special beings and you need some kind of super powers to actually do it. Obviously hip hop turntablists, for example, do need special skills, but the only question at a rock’n’roll club like ours is “are your records good enough? And will people dance to them?” Such is the DIY aesthetic of the club which was formed by Palmer and DJing partner Jonny McRoberts. But it’s got a hell of a lot more going for it. Take Edinburgh cartoonist Malcy Duff’s always inventive flyers, for example, or the fact it’s the only place you can enjoy the excellently atmospheric surroundings of Opium without a nu-metal soundtrack. Not to mention a music policy which Palmer describes thus: ‘We want to play music you don’t hear anywhere else. Other clubs play Sonic Youth or the Fall or the Pixies, but they always go for the obvious track, while we try to play one of the Pixies’ other 60 great songs. Then we might throw in some sheer white noise by Merzbow or Melt Banana, not to be clever just because it genuinely sounds great played loud.’ (David Pollock) I Opium. Mon 76 Aug, 7 7pm—late. free.



~ Will?»le

__ my mam/IS. my



Kmm...§u ~ ___ 213:5

—m A I i r. ' '- -_ Reports-CAMfi/tm Cl

"mm/m. Mlle CAPTW'RMS C3 1&4qu BlGBthK

W996: PM“:



‘- MI?” '03

prondcs a lt\ c sct Iollossctl l‘} ('iaig Smith nii\ing up tlic soultul liousc

I Spank! at thc \riiiinott l'ndcrl‘clls midnight -1attt 1".in \M‘ckls \cc lliti

I Step it Up at tlic liongo (‘lul‘ llpiii 5am £5 it-li 15 \ug lolloxs .1‘1' thc hugc succcss ot thc _lul} night tht- Stcp it l p lils rcturn pl.i_\rng const ti‘t:s roots rcggac \\lllt a pcppcring ot ska .il t'. Aliohcal last tliancc this _war to catt la. local Ill \kccU. Mark "I it iotlicnlitirgi and ('cdtic Mincl il-iancci

I Sugar Groove .tl \tassa

lllpni iam Li \\cckl\ \c\\ \undas mghtcr tor tlic Massa ticss as \\c gut-t a sultr) nus ot scss smooth giooxts urhan cuts and ls’t\li

I Tackno .tl Massa \c\t tlatc .“l \tig I Taste at tlic | iquid ls’oorii

llpiii 5am £5 lictoic ll itlpm. t_.\ .ittcr t£o tltt'lttl‘L'tst \M'ckl} llic tapital's intanious Sun night scssion continucs to scxs up Sun night's Ill tlic capital lislit-i & l’ricc suppl} .i piogicssisc nus ot housc and gaiagc in tlic lll.tllt room \Vhilc Martin \alcntinc and film c \Vanclcss \stm thc mi\cd gas cioxsd \\llll lunk} l'.\' liousc gcriis through tlic hack

I Mist at Mcdina II ill .\pm t.‘ \Vcckl). .-\ iicss conccpt lot I dinliurgh ‘da_\ clulilung' \cp tliat‘s clulilung during tlic das light hours tor tliost- \sho rust don't want tlic \scckcnd to stop l'pliltmg tunk} housc liom sonic ot lidinliurgh‘s tiiicst tip and coming |)|s I Whoopee at (‘ (‘t-nual

midnight 3am. £9.50 1 £3 5“; £ ' 5“ lr‘ingc participantsi. \Vcckl}. Scc lliu

Chart & Party

I Devils ‘n’ Angels at (‘ascndish/lhui. lllpm iani £tht \Vcckl}. Sauc} tun at this ncul} rclillctl cluli. \s ith a haunt and hcll thcmc lccl lt‘cc to dt'css to still and lioogic to chart dancc all night long.

I Espionage at lzspionagc. “pm iani l‘rcc. \Vcckl}. Scc illiu.

I Mood Live at Mood. 0pm iani lircc hclor'c llpm; £2 altci tll't‘t‘ to lllL‘llllk‘l'\l. \Vcckl}. Mood opcris its doors to a sclcction ol thc countr} 's top co\ci‘s hands. \\ltllt‘ l).ls spin hits liom across thc _scars.

I The Subway at Sulma}. "pm iani £l. \Vcckl}. Scc In.

Edinburgh Mondays Club

I Audio Tourism at l’i\o liar ( 'luh

Upttt .ittltt. l'rcc. \Vcckl), .\ st'lcclttilt (ll up—l'ront _ia/I and otlict' lunk} choons

lroiu llohhcs t'l‘rouhlc .i.

I The Bongo Cafe Bar at lllt'

Bongo ('luh. llpin 5am. l‘t‘cc. \Vt-ckl}

l.atc nights. good music. lltc odd li\c act

and tricndl} lolk.

I El Barrio at H Barrio, llipm iarn

l'il'L'L‘. \VL'L'l'sl}. Scc 'lilttt.

I (32 at (’itr'us ('luh. Ill. it) iam. l'rcc

hclorc ll..illprti; £3 attci'. \Vcckl}. light altci‘natixc ol indic. cnio. clcctronica and lU-ll. l I Latin Quarter at Mcdina. ; 7pm 3am. £5 (£4i. \Vcckl}. Rclcasc _soui' l.atin part} spirit c\ct'} Mon. With lr‘cc salsa lcsstitts 7pm tor hcginncrs. H pin , tor lc\cl 3 and 9pm lor irnproscr's

lollrm cd h} hot Latin and chart sounds

lt‘otti l)J Janics. I Polysuper at Mood. lllpni iarii. £4

(£2i. chkl}. A gas lricndl} night on art Motttlu} at Altttttllll \Vcll tl's ccrtainl}

doing sonic-thing right as thc ptirttct's arc

losing it. I The Primitive Urge at ()piuirr llprn 5am. l‘rcc. lo Aug. A night troni ‘,

thc tttorc ohscttrc cor‘ttcr‘s ol tltc \sorld \sc likc to call punk. garagc and rock. l'caturing thc likcs ol Mclt Banana. tltc ('ranips. Buttholc Surlcrs. ctc as l’rimitisc l'rgc t ‘lidinhurgh's prcniicr dirt cluh'i rcturns. Sm! [ii-mm.

I Selected Popcorn at Suhxia}. 10.30pm-3am. l-‘rcc before midnight: £2 altcr. to Aug. Fortnightly Night ol'