Sossy Mechanics In association wrth Fringe Management present


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‘Fred and Ginger'


Box Office 0131 662 8740

Previews 2 for 1 (7 8r 8 Aug)

Tickets: £10.00 (£7.50) 7-22 August

Venue No.37 Eire—u; 1:?

Sossy Mechanics in association with Fringe Management present

From the creators of V _ f-.. - 2003's 6-star smash hit 'Trick Boxing‘

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The unlikely stary of a 19403 screenwriter forced to act out his dancing- plrato-quoen screenplay for studio bosses with the help of a surprisingly talented secmtary. some rapier- sharp reparteo. and a few Latin-flavored dance numbers

Box Office 0131 662 8740




Tickets: £10.00 (£7.50)

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8-22 Angus .

Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez In aSSOCiation wrth

. Hinge Management J 2 present m


‘Bcst show'

“Best comedy'

Extraordinary characters explode to life in this surreal American comedy about a horse and his man.

‘Best show” “Critics Choice"

9- 'Razor-sharpi' 1

Bar Office “dots: * 01.31 002 8740 £10.00 (£7.00)

“on 0-30 Alt-st Venue No.3aGeorge Squaré‘Theatre

The Cygnet Theatre Company in association with Fringe Management present

“As fine as anything you'd see Off-Broadway or on London's altematlve West End'

Hamilton Spectator 4

Sex. Booze. Bad Catholics. ¥ A Canadian writer remembers her working-class Scots family and the defiant. free-spirited aunt who inspired her to escape.

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Tickets: £10.00 (£7.50)

17.30 1hr 30min

George Square Theatre