Another week of Festival mirth


‘Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke’ Steve Martin

Demetri Martin Last year he was lost in the space of his notepad but this year he's simply telling lots and lots of jokes. George Square Theatre, 662 y 8740, 79-28 Aug, 9pm, £7 1—813 (870—272). Preview 78 Aug, £6.

Andrew Maxwell Certainly among the two funniest Irishmen in this week's hitlist. There aren’t too many comics who can

transform themselves into a A raging baboon and get away with

MALCOLM HARDEE it. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 When Malcolm Hardee 6550' um” 30 Aug' 8' 75pm plunged to a watery death $950-$705” (88—29)

in the Thames earlier this penny spubb’s Party

yeah the comedy world Sketch comedy will be far from a [nourned' Now. has a art the likes Of Anna chance to say thanks to CrillY and Katy th are hanging the man who made naked around. See preview, page 20. balloon dancing Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, fashionable again. with until 29 Aug, 5.45pm, £8.50— Arthur Smith on compere £9.50 (537—58).

duties and Stewart Lee, Robert Newman The

Chris Lynam and Simon thought of the political comic Munnery paymg suttab'e formerly known as that bloke “‘9‘”?- l‘ t _ . who used to be in the Mary

FY“ Y" " * ' "‘ Whitehouse Experience playing

t ' the ukulele and still being funny is almost too tempting for words. See review. The Bongo Club, 557 2827, until 28 Aug (not 79), 8pm,

5 Clo-E 72.50 (EB-£9). Chris Addison The posh Bringing to our attention a new set called Eroticised Humour, th'” tad JUSt Can't stop bemg RUSSELL BRAND takes time out from chatting on the telly about funny and Atom/CW keeps Wm at Big Brother to be the latest whippersnapper to attack our Q&A. the too Of that "88- See reVIBW. 5 words to describe your comedy show this year Assembly Rooms' 226 2428' until 29 Aug, 7.45pm, £1 7—2 72

It is a comedy show.

4 comedians at this year’s Fringe who will be more tamous in September than they were in July

Colin and Fergus. Danielle Ward and Roisin Conaty [at this point. Russell mentions Matt Blaize which technically took his tally up to 5. and thus, naturally.

(870—27 1).

Tommy Tiernan Having left the pressure of worrying about winning awards well behind him,

made it ineligible for the 4 categow. But we th0ught we'd mention it here the NaVan COmiC can lUSt anyway, just in case Matt is reading. Maybe he‘ll appreCIate it. You never know] concern himsett With being really 3 things that you love about Edinburgh during the golden month of good at comedy. And that's What August he does best. Assembly Hall, 226 The Scots, the tourists, and the opponunity to perpetually change and 2428, 78—27 Aug, 9.05pm, rethent mysett [3 73—8 74 (2 72—2 73); 28 Aug,

2 things that you hate about Edinburgh during August. 9.30pm, £74 (£73),

The Scots and the t0urists

1 thing that you would love to change about the comedy scene, For venue addresses, Please were you to be bestowed with the powers to enforce such see the Fringe programme. changing? log on to Globalise it. I long to play Jongleurs Kabul. or call the venue number.

I Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, until 27 Aug, 70.35pm, E l 7—}:73 (NO—E 72). 18 25 Aug 2005 THE LIST FESYIVAL MAGAZINE 19