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It’s The Nutcracker, but definitely not as we know it. New Yorkers the Bang Group have taken every little girl’s favourite Christmas show and torn it limb from limb. Mixing Tchaikovsky‘s original score with music by Duke Ellington, Glen Miller and others, the contemporary dance company turn the sugar-coated ballet into a percussive piece of dance theatre. Expect tap dancing, singing and some unusual pointe shoe activity.

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Darren Johnston, creator of one of the most unique shows at this year’s Fringe, opens up 5 words to describe Ren-Sa

Intense. Surreal. Consuming. Emotive. Infectious.

4 people, places or things which have inspired your work

Horror. Beauty. Personal space. Creative film (especially David Lynch and Japanese horror).

3 emotions you hope peeple will feel during the Ren-Sa experience

Fear. Adoration. Bewilderment.

2 other shows you hope to see in Edinburgh this August

Shi-zen at Aurora Nova and I'm on the lookout for some good comedy to lighten the mood.

1 thing which drives you on to create new work

The freedom to explore alternatives to the mainstream and mundane.

I Aurora Nova. 558 3853. until 29 Aug. 7. 30pm <8 70pm, £72.50 (59).


‘Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order’ Samuel Beckett

=i< Venezuela Viva: A Flamenco Fantasy A potted history of Venezuela wrapped up in Latino-style flamenco from this stunning group of dancers and musicians. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 28 Aug (not 23), 5. 70pm, $59—$10 (27.50—28.50).

=E= Dance Base Modern ballet from Ashley Page, hip hop from Freshmess. intense beauty from David Hughes and incredible technique from Colin Poole. Four shows, one venue. Not to be missed. See review. Dance Base, 225 5525, until 20 Aug, times vary, £70 (£6).

>2: Pennsylvania Ballet: Swan Lake Hugely talented choreographer, ChristOpher Wheeldon reworks this timeless classic. Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 473 2000, until 79 Aug, 7.30pm. £74345.

=5: Yin-Yang Korean company Mu Mu harness the power of nature in this exciting new show, combining breathtaking martial arts with graceful dance and live art. See review. George Square Theatre, 662 8740, until 28 Aug, 7.30pm, £77 (£7—L‘9).

>i= Ren-Sa Choreographer Darren Johnston takes you on one of the most memorable journeys of your life. See Q&A and review. Aurora Nova. 558 3853, until 29 Aug, 7. 30pm & 7 0pm, £72. 50 (£9).

For venue addresses, please see the Fringe programme, log on to or call the venue number.