Seven days of celluloid heaven


Move over Fame, because these kids really are going to live forever. Marilyn Agrelo’s tremendously entertaining documentary about ten and eleven-year- old kids from all levels of the social ladder who sign up for a ten week after- school programme in ballroom dancing and resultant competition is a killer

tango, my friends.

I Cameo, 623 8030, 20 Aug. 70pm and 22 Aug, 5pm, £7. 95 (£5.20).


Natalie Press, the hugely talented actress who played working-class tomboy Mona in last year’s Festival hit My Summer of Love, is in town to promote her new film. This is what she hopes to see while she is here.

4 By Russian enfant terrible llya Khrzhanovsky. I met llya (who is. like me. 24) at the Sofia Film Festival and was blown away by this. Cameo, 623 8030. 24 Aug, 7. 45pm, [7.95 ([520). Film/muse. 623 8030, 26 Aug, 70pm, £77.95 (£5.20).

Mad Hot Ballroom/Police Beat I was at Sundance (ha ha lucky me. in the m0untains) and missed these two. I really can't wait to see them. Cameo, 623 8030. 20 Aug. 10pm and 22 Aug. 5pm, 57.95 (C5.20)/Cameo. 623 8030. 23 Aug, 8pm. Cinewor/d, 6238030. 25 Aug, 5. 75pm, both £37.95 (F520).

Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog. I love stories about outsiders. Fl/ITl/TOUSQ, 623 8030, 22 Aug, 8. 15pm, f 7. 95 ([7520).

Song of Songs Then of course it's got to be my new feature by UK director Josh Appignanesi. Josh called me up and said: ‘I saw you at Edinburgh in the short film Wasp and thOught. “There's my masochist!" Brave. true indie filmmakers like Josh can call me any day. I Film/rouse, 623 8030, 25 Aug, 8pm and 27 Aug. 2.30pm, f‘r".$)5 (£5.20).

Ilit >l<


‘The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder’ Alfred Hitchcock

=l: The Sun The final instalment of Alexander Sokurov's Great Leaders trilogy is a masterpiece which uses Rembrandtesque imagery to tell the story of the decline of Japanese Emperor Hirohito. This is a must see. See review. page 44. Cinewor/d, 623 8030. 23 Aug, 7.45pm, 2 7.95 (£5.20). FI/mnouse. 623 8030, 25 Aug, 5.30pm, E 7. 95 (£5.20).

:3: Gunner Palace Revealing documentary which follows the exploits of a group of US soldiers who now live in one of Saddam Hussein's opulent presidential palaces in Iraq. Reviewed next issue. Cameo, 623 8030. 79 Aug, 9.40pm, £7.95 (£5.20).

:2: Dumplings Chinese filmmaker Fruit Chang's feature length version of his excellent short film about the illegal trade in rejuvenating dumplings is horrific. satirical and gloriously sick. See review. Cameo, 623 8030, 20 Aug. 72.30am. and 27 Aug. 3.30pm, both £7.95 (£5.20).

:2: The President’s Last Bang lm Sang Soo's comic drama recreates the events that led to the assassination of South Korean president Park Chung- heui in 1979. Reminiscent of both Dr Strange/ove and Downfall, this is a gem. See review. Cinewor/d. 623 8030, 22 Aug, 7.45pm and 25 Aug, 70pm, both E 7. 95 (£5.20).

:3: The Beat That My Heart Skipped Jacques Audiard‘s remake of James Toback's 1978 Mean Streets-influenced thriller Fingers is actually an improvement on the original. Viscerally stylish indie flicks don't come much better than this. See review. Fi/mhouse. 623 8030, 20 Aug. 7pm. £7.95 (£5.20).

=E< Mad Hot Ballroom Charming and thrilling documentary about a New York City dancing competition for 10 and 11-year-old girls and boys. See left. Cameo, 623 8030, 20 Aug, 70pm and 22 Aug, 5pm, £7.95 (£5.20).

'8, 25» /\.l(l 2005 THE LIST FESTIVAL MAGAZINE 35