Back for more scientific fun, the outrageous DR BUNHEAD talks vegetables

5 words which describe your performance style

Hyperactive. Unhinged. Dangerous. Foolish. Irresponsible.

4 reasons we should come and see your show, Dr Bunhead’s Recipe For Disaster.

You‘ll see exploding underpants. You'll learn something. You could be picked to fire the Guinness World Record-holding spud cannon. You'll redecorate your underwear.

3 fruits or vegetables with the most explosive qualities Watermelon plus 200.000 volts of radio frequency stuffed up its bottom (stand back 20 metres from experiment). 200mph carrot fired from a carrot bazooka through a piece of wood. Tin of fruit salad at 150 degrees Celsius (don't try this experiment).

2 reasons why science is fun

Science gave us bouncy castles, plastic poo. yoyos. bogey slime . . . the list is endless. You get to keep tadpoles in yOur lab coat pocket. 1 thing you love about playing the Fringe

Trying out new experiments on an unsuspecting audience.

I Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 24—28 Aug, 72. 7 5pm, £9 (£7).



‘Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.’ Walt Disney

:2: Nicole et Martin If you haven’t discovered their beautiful white tent in George Square, then off you go. Three separate shows performed with live music. clowning and storytelling. See review. The White Tent, George Square Gardens, 662 8740, until 26 Aug, times vary, £7. 50 (ES—£6). :2: The Snow Dragon Billie the Goat is a selfish little kid, until the mountain wolves teach him a lesson. Fantastic storytelling and catchy tunes from the team behind The Gruffa/o. perfect for ages 3+. C too, 0870 7015705, until 29 Aug, 2pm, £37.50

(2550—26. 50).

:1: Flipped to the Funny Side Puppets, banter and some inventive carpentry from this small but perfectly formed show. See review. The Stand, 558 7272, unti/ 28 Aug. 2.30pm, 24—25 (EB—£4).

:3: Dr Bunhead The man who has single-handedly turned science into the coolest subject in school. Expect explosions. silliness and mess, all perfectly shaped round the primary curriculum. See Q&A, left. P/easance Courtyard, 556 6550, 24—28 Aug, 12. 75pm, £9 (£7).

:1: The Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business As every child knows. you can never have too many poo references in a show. Which is why this fun musical hits the spot. C too, 0870 707 57 05, until 29 Aug, 72pm, £7.50 (25.50—26.50).

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