slapstick moments and the grotesque Witch is truly terrifying.

The Musicians of Bremen to... ') allows the performers to demonstrate their incredible musical virtuosity and warm. gentle rapport With their young audience as they conjure up a quartet of animals from the bare minimum of props of costumes. And. The Fisherman and His Wife (0000 ) is a funny. enchanting ver5ion of the magical moral tale. (Allan Radcliffe)

I The White Tent. (562 8740. tinti/26 Aug. times van. :30 (PS—[76).

RUMPELSTILTSKIN Grimm Brothers fairytale goes in

d'fierent d'reCt'ons her two co-perforniers talking purely

through movement. Between them they play a hedonist prince. helpful fox. beautiful horse. and of course a golden bird.

Simple and effective. this is one of four shows presented by the Singing Harp this Fringe. And given the reasonable ticket price. this could be the perfect opportunity to brush up on your fairytales. (Kelly Apter)

I (Quaker Meeting House. 220 6 709. until 27 Aug. 70am 8 l lam, 1‘5 (513.50).


The strange little man With the elusive first name and talent for spinning straw into gold is the subject of two very different theatri :al adaptations. Bums On Seats' Remember Rumpe/sti/tskin (coco ) is the more straightforward verSion. a tale told by a wise magpie. complete with the requisite boastful

Novel jumps from page to stage with style 0000

Sitting by the fire one evening. Joan and Bob are disturbed by a knock at the door. A ragged young boy enters their house and their lives. turning both upside down. Those familiar with Philip Pullman's popular novel will know how the story progresses; others can

miller. greedy king and resourceful queen. The piece really comes alive. however. with the entrance of the titular character, played by Michael Simon as a cross between the Childcatcher from Chitty Chi'tty Bang Bang and a Gestapo agent. Fine as it is. this production doesn't solve the perennial riddle of why the miller's daughter married the oafish king? Well. according to Rumpe/sti/tskin's Daughter (.00 ) she didn't. She wisely plumped for wee Rump himself. who was as Wise as he was kind. and they bore a plucky daughter Hope. This musical adaptation of Diane Stanley's book has turned the grim tale into something altogether sickly sweeter, though still enjoyable and energetically performed. (Allan Radcliffe) I Remember Rumpe/sti/tskin, C too. 0870 707 5 705, until 29 Aug, 4.30pm. £7.50 (£T:3..)0—F.6.50). Rumpe/sti/tskin's Daughter. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. until 29 Aug, 10.50am, F9 (Y7).

THE GOLDEN BIRD Gentle masked storytelling 0000

watch with intrigue as the mystery unfolds in this well crafted production. A team of young actors portray a cornucopia of roles. from an evil freak show boss to a princess. swapping between characters with minimum confusion. The innovative set moulds itself to each situation. be it a c0urtroom_ mental hospital or palace. as the young ‘ratboy' is passed from pillar to post. Pullman's novel is a Subtle blend of fairytale adventure. humour and pathos. and this likeable production manages to capture all three. (Kelly Apter) I C. 0870 70f 5105, until 29 Aug. 1 lam, F760 (£.‘5.5()—f‘()‘.5()).

THE SHELTER World War II drama 00..

If only the Singing Harp could Visit us all at home. bedtime w0u|d be so much sweeter. This small New York company uses mask. storytelling and live harp music to bring this charming Brothers Grimm tale to life. Gentle yet c0nstantly engaging. the show focuses on a young prince sent on a perilous guest to find the eponymous bird. Only the harpist/narrator speaks.

En Masse Theatre's Fringe show should come with its own air raid warning. This piece of site specific

3?” :JL‘E.



Performing a Fringe show involves many things, but carpentry usually isn’t one of them. Mark Pencak has quite clearly been busy with a hammer and nail, building an innovative set in which to house his many props. Small doors open and slide, taking his puppets to another world of storytelling and mayhem.

The tale of a small boy with a naughty streak, who gets “flipped to the funny side’ to cure him of his pesky ways, this show has the audience laughing from start to finish. Comedian Pencak is naturally funny, engaging with his young audience, but also remembering to throw grown-ups a comedic crumb or two. The whole thing takes place in a venue the size of a large living room, giving the show an intimate, friendly feel ideal for the over-fours (and adults tickled by intelligent silliness). :

Paul Lyalls works in a similar space at the Pleasance. The follow-up to last year’s Are We Nearly There Yet? fuses poetry, chat and a slide show to great effect. Involving the whole audience from the outset, his easy style and dynamic rhyme fosters interaction in even reticent children. Stories I from his youth, illustrated with snaps from the family album, get the kids onside while his opening gambit, holding up Bob Dylan-style signs, is ' hilarious. Handing us empty books on arrival, Lyalls invites us to write a poem with the opening line, ‘my life would be so much better if’. To which one young boy replied ‘there were no adults’. A little imagination can be a dangerous thing. (Kelly Apter)

I Flipped to the Funny Side, The Stand, 558 7272. until 28 Aug, 2.30pm, £5 (£4). And What Do We Do When We Get There? 556 6550, until 29 Aug. 7.30pm, [6—8 7 (54.505550).

theatre which recreates a World War ll shelter during an air raid will make you laugh and cry. and will also have you drifting from the space in a state of shock.

The piece revolves around feisty female ARP warden, Angela Trumpet,

fiercely proud of her shelter as well as the wellbeing of her sons. Tom and Malcolm. Angela's spirited independence is challenged by the arrival in the shelter of bereaved parents Colonel and Hilary Piper and a couple of sinister musicians. Events grow darker and more disturbing as the action progresses. Suitable for ages nine and over. this is one of those fantastic productions that draws you in particularly via its engaging central character then neatly whips away your comforting carpet of expectations. Well worth a look.

(Allan Radcliffe)

I Underbelly, 0870 745 3083. until 28 Aug, 3pm, USO—£8.50 (f4—ES).

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