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‘Do I listen to pop music because I’m miserable or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?’ Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

Klihghoffer, who was thrown overboard in his wheelchair. It was controversial from the outset, and strong opinions are bound to continue with this British stage premiere.

Fest/val Theatre. 4 73 2000, 23. 25, 27 8. 29 Aug, 7. 75pm. 27.504335.

27‘: The Magic Numbers They may have stormed off the set of Top of the Pops when Richard Bacon insinuated they were a tad Chubby last week but the harmonies coming from this quartet (pictured) are by far the biggest thing about them. Liquid Room, 0870 769 0700. 24 Aug, 7pm. SOLD OUT

i=2: Saul Williams Taking rap to new levels with a vocabulary bigger than Wikipedia and beats that would be at home soundtracking Rage Against the Machine as much as Mos Def. See preview. Cabaret Voltaire, 0870 769 07 00. 22 Aug. 7pm. £9. :71? The Death of Klinghoffer See preview. left. Festival Theatre, 473 2000. 23. 25. 27 8. 29 Aug. 7. 75pm. {3760—5335.

f}: Dresden Dolls Panstick daubed piano insanity from this Boston duo who make out like the White Stripes fronted by Marlene Dietrich. See preview. The Exchange. 228 274 7. 24 Aug. 8pm, f. 7 l.

_ ., g. :1 The Ennio Morricone

Experience Taking the music of the great composer's spaghetti Westerns and adding a dash of multimedia drama and humour.

Life is sweet for Glasgow kids Sons and Daughters, as guitarist and See {New Queen's H3”. 558 singer Scott Paterson explains. 20/9. unfi/ 27 Aug. 7 0pm. £772.50—L‘7350 (El ISO—£72.50). “.1: Adelaide di Borgogna Guiliano Carella conducts the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

m.” :1: H; mm -..,.M,,..,.(,..-_ through this rarely performed work

When we started it was weird (l1; "g; "viii Hing. l‘g; l).¢i(l~i?f§ m“: Stew-p " (3 {I§§:;\”.'. by ROSSHZL Usher Hall' 473 2000' .3. . , . . ..._..,,.._ v ,. lQAl/g. /.30pn'7, $750—$135.

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We have good chemistry on stage l;r<:i:;ti:;j, l)(?<i(i..:1-I} .‘i " i?l‘(tti tux: nut/ivy: thr mats What his mammy and f;<;fi<)l“ti7't{itii3{i'f)i."()MIC"()t?‘(3'_Y().."(3l‘()f'(Eii‘.:1iiti'i3’ti“"‘{irx'filéitf.i‘ ennui-fl daddy call himl wrote songs 80

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W don t mind comparisons WIth Franz Ferdinand it'l. wig l m: A, Um” we saw hm‘ that ,3. By God. f'*/,|'7' vI\/«t

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-/’([i1/(}/i)()()/7I, ()J-i/(i WOO/'00, .”()‘/\ug. [fl/7:. 5‘10. I’m: of I i) l {he} / u/rgi); saw ot,’ 9.] Aug 730p,77 £15 50

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