AMERWRECKA Revolution rousing comical drama .0.

What do you do if you'ro ono of tho millions; of frus;tratod Arnoi‘ioans; who didn't voto for (‘iooigo [Jubya and aro dooply (:ovi(:oi‘rio<l about tho (:urront political (:liinatok’ \."./oil in .J[) l oi.-.ris;' (:as;o. you writo and diroot a play about starting a rox'olution.

four hipiiioss. slain by tho National Guard during tho anti Viotnain Kont Stato Ur‘ivorssti. poaoo rally of lth't) aro givon a iiiis;s;ion to rotuin to oarth in 2005) as; apathy ridding. t'(}‘.’()|tlll()ll rot Sing angois; to four Now Y’.)li\()l'f3. A firofightor. a liboral (X)lltll(23;f3‘.'/()lllélll. a los;bian and a s;triopor' aro s;olo<:tod. and thoso ‘oidinai‘y /\iiioi'i<:aiis;. along With thoir ".(EED/(Elll‘y gurdoa. s;ot out to inako an oxtiao'diiiai‘, atand against thoir (:ountrj. E; sstato of;.

llonoat and iiiiiiioious;. this; .s; a l()l)l(l£l| and ongagrrig irooo of tlzoatro. Tho dynarnit; stasst of l? but i'i onorgotitr porforinanoos; ‘.'.'liil oolourful (:hai‘at;t(:~ris;2ition and (:oihi<:a| niornonts; although ()(ZCZifSlOlléll fsltltltllfsll f$'\.'.’|i(2ll(253 botwoon s;(:oiio:; (lib tho paoo. [‘)os;pito tho iéilliélfSilCéll oioinont. at its; hoart. rolovaiit to us; all. is; a f$(?tl()tlt; guoshon about how onoryday llltil‘xltltléllfs (:an hobo to :nako a stand agarnat tho aotiorts; of thoir goxgornn:onts;. ll\/ll(;ll(3'I(E M£i(lllli‘,’l'(,’i I Savor)? {gr}. ()fa’r'tr ;’-11 073(1) ir'iti/ I’t) Aug. (“iiitrbrrx .‘ 1’") if‘r'r.


The dog‘s bollocks (a satirical little ‘tail’) oooo

t vor woiidorod .‘Jlléti your dog would s;ay if givon tho l)()‘.‘.’(:l to talk? Probably littlo llltilt: than a gruff ‘5;aus;agos;'. unloas; of <;ours;o tlioir nothor rogions; hayo boon givon a fitlftllCill niakoovoi. And thori who knows?

Hoguo Stato lhoatro (Loinbany rov-rork Bulgakov's; nightinaris;h s;atrro.


transforring its; ssotting from post THE RACE rovolutionary Hiisssia to modorn day lelllXiiMVO. It's; a comical allogory highlighting political corruption and tho riso of tho powor hungry. A small i’athor outo. fluffy dog. ‘lvlr Sortiffsi. ovolvos; into a loutis;h political rovolutionary aftor a froakis;h oxporiinontal olinio. run by a ronownod profossssor. transplants; tho l)lttlll£il'\, gland and tos3ti(:los; of a doad man into tho inutl.

lhoro's; a touoh of {ho / oaguo of Cont/onion in this; smart piooo of darkly humorous. fasst bacod thoatro dii'ootod with (:roatix'o flair by Ryan MoBrydo. lho (:as;t aro strong and onorgotio. porforniing ‘.'.’llll Vibrant (:harziotor‘isatioii and baoo. lhoio's; plonty to kooi) you \.’|f§tl£l“y ontortainod with inultirnodia. a ESWlll oyor (:hanging s;ot and (:horoograt)hod inovomont. Tho toxt also provos; highly ongaging lll its; originality and V/lti lvlr Soriiffs; loarning to talk puroly through £i(f\.’()l‘tlf;(}lll()lllf3 is; partioularly funny. ilvliohollo Maornlyroi I Ass; )rnb/iv'rr Goo/go Sfroot. J’é’ti 23-128. urn/1'25) Aug «hot for. .”.():'S;)rn. 5‘7 5‘1.” Wit) 5‘] Ir.

doul )ts;.

ALL WEAR BOWLERS Slapstick, absurdism, clowning 0000

For those Fringe binge fans experiencing a wearying dip now that we’re about halfway through the proceedings, here’s a rather reviving special show to tickle the theatrical taste buds. This is a piece in which performers and spectators share a series of moments. And these moments on a Beckett-inspired level are seemingly pointless merely part of an undefined journey. But you don’t really stop to question the meaningless of it all because the two performers, the bowler hat-wearing buffoons resembling Laurel and Hardy, exploit the minutiae of every absurd action, creating a show that’s simplistically hilarious while at the same time packed with visual imagery and existentialist reflection.

Bursting through the silver screen, a couple of lost clowns Earnest (Geoff Sobelle), and Wyatt (Trey Lyford), become stranded from their film ‘selves’ and end up in limbo, with us, the spectators. And with nowhere to go, they entertain and interact with the audience through surreal slapstick, vaudevillian magic tricks and ventriloquism.

On many levels, much of the appeal of this piece will come down to sense of humour; like a silent movie it relies predominantly on the physicality of its performers and there is minimal use of text. But when it

Physical theatre tackles impending parenthood 0000

Baby thoughts; (:an haunt your lifo or rolationsship with (:rooping inoVItability E3()lll()tllll() in your 305; it would ssooni. With thorn (:oino. for many of us. tho ovorwholming foar of rossponssibility for (:roating a now lifo. launching a shown of ariXIotios;. worrios. ins;o(:uritios; and

Physuoal thoatro (:ompany Gooko oxploro a man's; inontal chaos and oniotional (:onfus;ion as; ho's; (:atapultod out of his; (:omfort /ono of work. womon. frionds; and gonoral (:arofroo frivolity and hurtlos; towards; tho inomontous; rnomont ()f fathorhood. Dirootod with innovativo. iinaginativo panaoho by (X) dirootors; and porforinors; /\l Nodiari and Ainit Lahav. s;oguon<:os; flow With athlotir: phys;i(:alit\,r. It's; full of smart. highly ontortaining motaphorioal obsorvation. from a riias;(:ulino rosponso down tho pub in which an inability to articulato foais; about fathorhood dossoonds; into slightly apis;h child's; play. to tho birth of his; "sxako up (:all'. a tolophono With a

(:rying roooivor which roguiros; him to '(;ut tho (:hord'. This; is; s;uporb|y porformod by a charismatic cast. and tho imagos; aro always; strong and a(:(:os;s;iblo; you rooogniso that indos;(:ribablo sonso of tho unknown on a vory Vis;(:oral. alinosst comforting Iovol. and thoro aro s;omo warmly funny momonts too. ilvliohollo Macintyro)

I Aurora Nova «'8! Stop/ions. 558 (38:33. uritr/ 25) Aug (not M. 21. 28/. noon. $12.50 (5‘9).

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is used sparingly and with vocal dynamism it enhances the characterisation with ridiculously amusing results. Directed with meticulous attention to detail by Aleksandra Wolksa with clown direction by David Shiner, creators as well as performers, Sobelle and Lyford have shaped two engaging and endearing personalities (one anxious, one bold) that with polished perfection and deliciously daring comic timing create beautifully funny images.

From the astonishing accuracy and apparent effortlessness in stepping, leaping and creeping into the shoes of their filmed selves on a large projection screen, to creating an invisible, Rene Magritte-inspired man, to an endless manifestation of eggs from pockets, pants and mouths, the skill is very precisely clumsy and clever.

Interacting with the audience is always a risky business but here it works to create an intimate experience. Identities are switched, questioning who is watching whom and we leave wondering whether they’ve had as much fun watching us and our reactions as we’ve had watching them. Although not cutting edge experimentalism in its form or content, this is a superbly entertaining comedy, well worth the exerted effort it may well take to get hold of a ticket.

(Michelle Macintyre) I Aurora Novamt St Stop/ions; {>58 (i’éi’SIJ. Uritr/ 25) Aug rnot lo. :23). (5pm. 5‘12.5()(5‘9i.